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台灣创作暖男-周興哲 大馬【愛,教會我們的事】签唱會 Taiwanese Singer Eric Chou 《What Love Has Taught us》 Promo Tour in Malaysia

台灣创作小暖男-周興哲 大馬【愛,教會我們的事】签唱會Young Talented Taiwanese Singer Eric Chou 《What Love Has Taught us》 Promo Tour @ Sunway Putra Mall 周興哲 (ERIC CHOU)  前年因爲 电视剧【十六個夏天】 片尾曲 《以後别做朋友》 而爆红,獲奬無數成爲新一代人气新人王。第二张专辑 【愛,教會我們的事】 里的新歌 《妳,好不好》   再創热點,接棒 《以後别做朋友》 成爲最新無敵 K 歌。这两首个都是我的挚爱,每天都在歌单不停循环!

Marine Iguana vs SnakeS - 2016 Best Documentary Video You'll Ever See

Marine Iguana vs SnakeSSS - The Best BBC Planet Earth Documentary Video I've Ever Seen OMG! Salute to all the brave videographers. Trust me, you'll definitely watch this again!! Hatchling marine iguana chased by snakes: After emerging from their nests, hatchling marine iguanas must make their way to the sea. But racer snakes are waiting. This is the best feeding opportunity they will get all year. For more great videos, check out BBC Planet Earth 2 - #iguanavssnake #bbcearth #PlanetEarth2 Below are the SNAKES VS IGUANA BEHIND THE SCENE VIDEOS :

The Best Place to Find Perfect Orchids in Malaysia. They're REAL!

Orchids Flower Heaven in Malaysia That You Wouldn't Want To Miss! Long time never write blog as I was busy learning video editing and process/edit photos for client. Anyway today I would liek to share with you the prettiest Orchids Showroom I've ever seen in this World of Phalaenopsis. This orchid heaven is in Malaysia!!