Fresh To Go Contest 2016 #7ElevenMY

"Fresh to Go, and we are good to go!" #7ElevenMY #FreshToGoContest2016

If I can only choose one photo to represent #7ElevenMY new Fresh To Go food range, above would be my final choice. So there's this #FreshToGoContest2016 that can win GoPro Hero 4, Polaroid Camera and iPod Shuffle, I went to a few 7-Eleven convenient stores to purchase my desired food as it seems they ran out fast on certain outlets. Luckily all the 7-Eleven are just nearby.

I did my photoshoot at a swimming pool and thankfully weather was sunny to give that positive vibes. Below are some more photos that I've been finalized for submission, but since #7ElevenMY asked us to choose just one, the photo above is what I got after numerous try. You have no idea how many times I try to dip it into the pool for that perfect splash haha

After the photoshoot I still finish the sandwich, yeah it is perfectly sealed and still in good condition after the photoshoot haha!!

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"Fresh to Go, and we are good to go!" #7ElevenMY #FreshToGoContest2016

My concept for this product photoshoot is for people who are planning for a roadtrip/adventure outdoor. Instead of spending time prepping your meal, you can actually grab it straightaway from nearby 7-Eleven Convenient Store for both breakfast and lunch. Not only they have sandwiches, they also have sausage bun, salad and even cookies too. That's a wide range of food choice =)

Here's a video about the making of my underwater 7-Eleven Fresh To Go Product shoot =)

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
The Making of 7- Eleven Fresh To Go Underwater Product Shoot 

I was basically using the timelapse mode on the camera to capture image from time to time and all I did was to dip the safely sealed sandwiches into the pool. Obviously I pushed it into the water too much until you can only see half of it. But that's how to create the bubbles around the product naturally and no photoshop involved in it haha. I guess this is how it represent "Fresh To Go". Just pick it up from the water and you are ready to eat it.

"Fresh to Go, and we are good to go!" #7ElevenMY #FreshToGoContest2016

"Fresh to Go, and we are good to go!" #7ElevenMY #FreshToGoContest2016

"Fresh to Go, and we are good to go!" #7ElevenMY #FreshToGoContest2016
Above are some of the Fresh To Go food that I bought for the photoshoot. If you like these photos, feel free to share it out or give it a thumbs up kay??  Since 20% is by voting and I guess Facebook like will be considered.

Hopefully I can bring a GoPro Hero 4 Back for more adventurous roadtrip ahead! Fresh to go, and we are good to go!!

"Fresh to Go, and we are good to go!" #7ElevenMY #FreshToGoContest2016
For more information about 7-Eleven Fresh To Go Food Range, visit 7-Eleven Facebook Page ya!

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