40 Photos To Describe The Underwater Beauty of Bob's Island, Padang Indonesia

I am still new to diving sport but it has been great to explore beautiful underwater heaven in the sea of Mabul Island (my first diving trip) and Pulau Sinjaru, Padang, Indonesia (my second diving trip). Some people might call this island as Bob's Island or Pulau Sinjaru/Pulau Sinyaru. Based on the limited Google search result, I believe this place is still considered a hidden gem for divers in Padang, Indonesia.

We stayed at Renaza Resort, which is the only resort in Bob's Island. Bob's Island is not that huge and you can have a morning walk around the beach. It will only takes you around 15-20 minutes walk to make a full round of the island.

Instead of showing you what I saw on the land, I will show you what I saw under the sea. Below are some photos captured during my diving trip. Since my underwater camera light wasn't strong enough, most of the captured photos are fishes and sea creature in close distance. There were tons of big fishes swimming freely while keeping a distance between us. I really wish that I can show you the next time I am visiting this place again.

There were suppose some nice GoPro video footage of the underwater but unfortunately we lost it during one of our dive... You can read more about my lost GoPro here

Now let's see more underwater photos as below ya!!

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Spotted a group of dolphins swimming  in the sea while on the way to our dive site

Hermit crab can be spotted easily walking on the beach. More of them during sunrise and sunset moment

Tiny fishes swimming at the coral side

Lion Fish is abundant here

String Ray spotted

The real underwater site looks even more beautiful, sorry for bad lighting that can't justify the beauty now

Lobsters under the sea

Big flat clam

Orange-yellowish fishes swimming in group
One of my favourite site with soft coral cover the whole area

A close up photo of the soft coral

Soft coral bed


Big 'S' Clam

Lion fishes and sea urchin hiding beneath the corals

Ran into a sea turtle - Captured this for our awesome dive master Benjamin Choong

They looks beautiful but they can have strong hooks on your skin
Nice to see, not good to touch ya

Blueish purple Crown-of-Thorn Starfish that will crumble into ball shape
Blueish purple Crown-of-Thorn Starfish that will crumble into ball shape 

Nemo hiding in huge anemone

Anemone bed at different dive site

Black feather-like sea creature

Starfish with pink and white dots

A mini sea urchin hiding in the stone

Striking color fishes swimming in group

A crab hiding in sea anemone

Striking orange colored starfish

Electric Flame Scallop!! 
 One of the most beautiful sea creature I spotted at the sea of Bob's Island, Padang, Indonesia. You can see blue light/electric wave that playing between the lips.

Yellow colored coral

Red fan shape coral

Spiky corals

I always thought Nudibranch will be very huge in size, but apparently they are really small in size haha.

Rainbow colored fish

A special shape coral?

Young Grouper

Spiky coral again

Is this a grouper too? 

Lion Fish hiding beneath the coral stone

Yellow lips with black stripes fish

Gigantic eel that I didn't notice earlier, almost got bitten by it

Colorful and cute clown like eel

Starfish that looks like a rock

Tiny little nudibranch that can't be seen without dive master showing us

Big flock of fishes swimming behind 
If you love diving sport, do consider to pay a visit to Renaza Resort at Bob's Island. They bring along an aunty that can cook so well like a 'Master Chef' and you will love all your meals everyday on the island.

For reservation of future diving trip in Padang Indonesia, please contact Benjamin Choong or Bob Tjoa.

I will share more photos of Renaza Resort and Bob's Island in future post. Can't wait to be there again next year!!

Olympus PT-EP13 Waterproof housing for Olympus EM5 Mark II
Olympus PT-EP13 Waterproof housing for Olympus EM5 Mark II

All above underwater photos are captured using Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II with the underwater casing (Model PT-EP13). There is a diffuser that can be attached to the built-in flash area to create better ambient light underwater, best used when you are shooting close up.

An important tips when using this Olympus underwater-waterproof housing (Model PT-EP13) for Olympus EM5 Mark2, make sure you lift up the shutter button after each press as the water pressure might somehow press and hold your shutter button that makes you think your camera malfunction. I only manage to figure it out during my last few dive. Anyway, you can buy mentioned camera gear as below:

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