Meet & Greet with Lee Kwang Soo in Malaysia was... #KwangSoo

Meet & Greet with Lee Kwang Soo in Malaysia @ Hilton KL Hotel
Since there are some readers curious on what happened during the private Meet and Greet Session with Kwang Soo. I am gonna share my story here. I arrived at Hilton KL prior the event start and everything was great until one of the organizer personnel said "No photography during the interview session, you are only allowed to take group photo after the interview and fans meet and greet session." That moment I was like... WHAT?!

Selected media and radio station given chance to interview Lee Kwang Soo in person
I understand that if flash photography is not allowed during the interview session. However we were really forbidden to take any photo during the interview.  Above photo was taken quietly but I was sounded again not to do it again. Phew!! The hardest time as a photographer is when you need to take photo but you are not allowed to do so.

I was impressed with the English-Korean translator (Yumi) who did really well in helping Kwang Soo and media communicate with each other. Kwang Soo was friendly all the way during the interview session as well and I spotted some funny face expression of him during that. Too bad I can only capture using my eyes and memory but not able to share with you guys...

Kwang Soo lower down himself to receive a personalized gift from Malaysia major events
Isn't Kwang Soo so considerate??

That one split moment when Kwang Soo smiling and looking at my camera
*Precious moment captured*
Kwang Soo is really tall in person and you will really need to hold your head up to talk to him, especially when you are just standing beside him.

A group photo of Kwang Soo with media friends
It seems that only a few media friends were given a chance to interview Kwang Soo due to his tight schedule. Although individual photo with Kwang Soo was forbidden, the lucky and brave one will manage to get a selfie/photo with Girin himself. Of course, everyone who did that was sounded angrily.

That moment when fans saw Kwang Soo in such close distance!!
After the media interview, here comes the chance for the lucky winners who won Meet and Greet passes to meet Kwang Soo in person. There were two group of fans and I really love the photo taken above. Check out all their happy faces when they saw their idol in person!! I am glad that you guys (especially you in this picture) love it as much as I do!

A not-so-proper- group photo because someone was rushing us and being strict =(

Group 2 came in and if you are fast enough you get to sit just beside Kwang Soo and take a selfie. Didn't saw that photo on instagram but glad you girls grabbed that opportunity 

I was shooting from side because my photog friend snapping the group photo
The meet and greet session for lucky fans was really short. Glad that some of you guys manage to get a selfie with Kwang Soo or even signature from him. After the fans from group 2 were ushered away, I, of course risking myself being scold, took a selfie with Kwang Soo too. Glad he is okay with it =')

Glad that I manage to take group photos for team member as well. Phew!!

First picture with Kwang Soo. The Korean girl at side was amazed with what we were doing hahaha

Another better photo with Kwang Soo together with my girlfriend aka assistant-of-the-day
Don't he look very tall in this photo? ;p

Smile is always better
That's all what happened during the meet and greet session with Kwang Soo. It was short but exciting for me. I would like to say sorry if I made anyone feeling mad and become Adele setting fire to the rain. But how can I skip the chance of taking selfie with awesome Kwang Soo right?! If you were me, won't you do it as well? ;p More photos will be uploaded at TianChad @ 永遇乐.

PS: I would like to thanks everyone who dropped by and leave a comment compliment the photos. Really thank you guys for your support!! Hope that I can capture more awesome moments when other RunningMan member come to Malaysia!! (or I was hire to shoot in Korea haha *dream big*)

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