Kapas Turtle Valley Beach Resort - Peter & Sylvia [Photoshoot]

All right guys, here's a quick post before I prepare to go for another short getaway to the highlands =D Let me introduce you the super couple in Kapas Turtle Valley Beach Resort - Peter and Sylvia that I've snapped during my trip to Pulau Kapas.

It was a nice resort to stay and with awesome home-cook dish prepared by both Sylvia and Pete. I was really surprised when Sylvia approached me while we have dinner. She say she saw the photos I took yesterday and she really like it =D Then she asked whether I could snap some photos for them.

I say,"Why not?!" =D =D

So here you go, some photos and precious moments of Peter & Sylvia being captured down =)

Kapas Turtle Valley Beach Resort - Peter & Sylvia
The house they stay

Sylvia has 4-5 adorable cats hanging around the resorts. You can easily approach them and pat them whenever you want!
This is one of the naughty cat lying on the sand waiting to be massaged haha

Kapas Turtle Valley Beach Resort - Peter & Sylvia
A stretch of resorts just for you to stay. Make sure you book them early!

Kapas Turtle Valley Beach Resort - Peter & Sylvia
Under the sunshine~

Kapas Turtle Valley Beach Resort - Peter & Sylvia
This is a tough shoot for me as I need a strong light to illuminate the sunshine couple ;p
Thanks Jian for assisting me with the remote flash!

Kapas Turtle Valley Beach Resort - Peter & Sylvia
The night we had an awesome smoked Salmon together with great wine =D

A group photo before we leave this relaxing beach. Gonna get better underwater camera to capture the precious moments in the sea too. How I wish I could share photos of thousand jellyfish wandering around you hahaha

Kapas Turtle Valley Beach Resort's night scenery

If you plan to visit, contact KTV for further information:

Website      http://www.kapasturtlevalley.com

Mail: info@kapasturtlevalley.com
Phone: +00 60 13 35 43 650
Phone: +00 60 14 80 93 083

Between, some of these picture will appear in one of the publication in Holland! Featuring Kapas Turtle Valley Beach Resort together with the lovely couple =D I can't wait to see a hard copy of it~ =D

Till then, take care all!

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