Astro On-The-Go: My New Way to Enjoy Korean Drama!

Have you seen the new BIGBANG MV - Monster? Imagine 'Monster' is a sci-fi movie that you enjoy watching and you will know how the story end in 30 minutes, suddenly you need to leave to do something else....Potong stim right? Don't you wish you can take the whole screen with you and know what's the ending?

Or when you are watching the latest block buster on HBO at home then your friend arrives to pick you up and you have to be on your way. Don't you feel frustrated and want to know the ending of the movie? Now with Astro On-The-Go, it is possible that you can catch your favourite show until the end!

Watch Astro with your iPad now!
From now on, you can watch the best of Astro on smartphones, tablets or laptops with Astro On-The-Go—an innovative service which delivers non-stop entertainment anytime, anywhere. With Astro On-The-Go, customers can enjoy immediate access to Astro TV Channels, LIVE Events, Video-On-Demand (VOD) and Catch Up TV (eg. EURO 2012 & UEFA) across multiple online and mobile devices, starting with the iPad.

From Left - Mr. Brian Lenz, Chief Innovation Officer of Astro and Dato’ Rohana Rozhan, Chief Executive Officer of Astro launched Astro On-The-Go together on 30th May 2012

Astro On-The-Go applications screenshoot on iPhone

Following the successful launch of Astro On-The-Go last week, the Astro On-The-Go App now available for FREE on iPhones!

Astro On-The-Go launch in a few phases

Astro On-The-Go will be available in three phases. In the first phase, all Astro customers will be able to experience free preview of Astro On-The-Go from today until 31 August 2012. After that in Phase 2, it will be available to Astro B.yond IPTV subscribers and customers with more than one decoder =)

This free preview includes 11 TV channels, Catch Up Titles, Video On Demand Titles and LIVE events. In addition all Astro customers will be able to catch all 31 LIVE matches of UEFA EURO 2012,*awesome!* exclusive UEFA Catch Up videos, and UEFA VOD titles via Astro On-The-Go on their device of choice. 

Now all Astro customers will be able to catch all 31 LIVE matches of UEFA EURO 2012 with Astro On-The-Go
Anywhere, amytime!

It is all about mobile technology now, where you can do things you like wherever you want
To all Apple fans, Astro On-The-Go is now available for iPad. For Android and iPhone user? You'll need to wait till September =) I can't wait to get it on my Samsung GALAXY S3!! Astro please faster get the application ready on Android!

Get Astro On-The-Go now @Apple App Store now

3 simple steps to enjoy Astro On-TheGo for FREE now! Free Trial from now until 31 Aug 2012
Start now @

Here's the preview of the apps. You can try out the preview here. Programmes on the app will stream without buffering. You can always watch your favourite show through just a tablet without need to stick to the TV =)

'Pay per view VOD' vs 'Catch Up TV'
There's a VOD service that allows you to select and watch videos as and when you want to, without the need to follow a pre-determined TV schedule. For example, if you watch 'MONSTER' half-way, you can continue watch it anytime with Astro On-The-Go on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop

More titles will soon be added into the VOD librabry, including exciting box office titles such as "Black Swan", "Dorian Gray", "California Solo" as well as Astro First Movie "Nongkrong"

To make it simple, just watch this video to understand what is Astro On-The-Go =)

With Astro On-The-Go and VOD, I can catch the movie "Monster" anytime!
*Hope BIGBANG will act in a movie/drama like this MV*
"Take Astro with you, wherever you go"

For more information about Astro On-The-Go, visit Enjoy it for free from today until 31 August 2012!

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