Unriddle 2 最火搭档 Popular Crime Investigation Series @ NTV7

Unriddle 最火搭档 2 @ NTV7 Snap Shot & Press Conference
Unriddle 最火搭档 2 - Popular crime investigation series back with a darker sequel
Have you watched the first episode just now on NTV7? I've watch it and it is really full of action. Thanks to NTV7 I have a chance to meet a few of the cast in Malaysia in conjunction with the premier of Unriddle 2 on 16th May 2012 (yesterday). Check out the photos taken by me my watermark ya, hope you able to see the right and happy moment I've captured instead of what's going to show in the drama.

Unriddle 最火搭档 2 @ NTV7 Snap Shot & Press Conference
Pretty and handsome who appear @ Unriddle 2 Press Con in Malaysia
Tay Ping Hui, Chen Li Ping, Rebecca Lim, Elvin Ng and Huang Qi Ming

Fans of popular Singaporean drama series, Unriddle, is expected to rejoice as the highly addictive crime investigative drama series is back with its sequel which is noted for its much darker tone as compared to the first series. “Unriddle 2” which airs every Monday to Thursday at 10 p.m. on ntv7, starting 16 May, traces the lives of crime-fighting duo Lin Zheng Yi or more affectionately known as Da Bao (Chen Li Ping) and Hu Xiao Man (Rui En), as they work together to solve a variety of complex and mysterious criminal cases.

Unriddle 最火搭档 2 @ NTV7 Snap Shot & Press Conference
Rui En 瑞恩 fighting scene since Episode 1
Unriddle 最火搭档 2 @ NTV7 Snap Shot & Press Conference
Chen Li Ping 陈莉萍 need to choose who to be sacrificed to safe other people life

The hit 2010 drama which received four nominations in Star Awards 2011 including a nomination for Best Drama Serial, also stars Singapore actor Tay Ping Hui who was recently crowned as Best Actor in Star Awards 2012. Tay takes on the role of a police officer, Zhang Yu Ze who works with Xiao Man at the Criminal Investigation Department. New additions include heartthrob Elvin Ng as Rui En's competitive teammate and Rebecca Lim as a mysterious psychiatrist.

Unriddle 最火搭档 2 @ NTV7 Snap Shot & Press Conference
Tay Ping Hui 郑斌辉 will disappear after Episode 7. Why? Watch Unriddle 2 to find out!

Unriddle 最火搭档 2 @ NTV7 Snap Shot & Press Conference
Elvin Ng 黄俊雄 with his macho look
Tay who was present for the press conference held in Malaysia today said that viewers will definitely have a compassionate heart towards his character. “My character may not be a perfect character. In fact, not one is perfect. All characters have their weaknesses, and when you know it, you will emphatise with them,” said Tay who flew to Malaysia with three of his other co-stars, Chen Li Ping, Elvin Ng, and Rebecca Lim.

The actor also revealed a tragic ending to his character in the show. When asked about his feelings toward such treatment to his character, Tay responded firmly and said: “It is not about me, it’s about the show.”

Unriddle 最火搭档 2 @ NTV7 Snap Shot & Press Conference
Huang Qi Ming 黄启铭

Meanwhile, homegrown actor cum singer from Malaysia, Huang Qi Ming, also known as Ming, will reprise his role as a witty lawyer who has evil plans up his sleeve. Wee made his debut appearance in the last few episodes of the first series where he tries to woo Xiao Man.

“I am very thankful to be able to be involved in this big production. I have learnt so much from my co-stars and I definitely look forward to more working opportunities with them,” said Huang who also attended the press conference today. Unriddle 2 also marks Huang’s second appearance in a Singaporean drama series.

Scripted by famous Hollywood scriptwriter known as Tom, Unriddle 2 is replete with twists and turns. As things get more intense and darker in the filming of this high-octane cop drama, the usually cool and composed Rui En has been pushed to her limits and was revealed to have suicidal thoughts at one point.

In one scene, she stumbles around, dazed and bleary-eyed, while in another, she points a gun at herself. It was also revealed that the actress spouted profanities on set, which shocked her co-stars and the crew. Thanks to co-star, Chen, Rui En eventually managed to snap out of her character. Rui En was also said to get along well with Chen during the filming of both series and have often shared her problems and concerns with her co-star.

“Rui En and I really got along very well in the show. We are also currently filming a new series, whereby I’ll be starring as her mother,” said Chen with a laugh.

Unriddle 最火搭档 2 @ NTV7 Snap Shot & Press Conference
Ping Hui trying to explain, Li Ping pointing, Rebecca and Elvin smiling
When asked how they cope after an intense 3-months filming of this emotionally drenched series, Tay said that they would often help each other to overcome it. “For me, I have no problem to snap out from my character in the show but it may be tougher for others and that’s when we’ll help each other to cope,” he said.

Premiering for the first time on Malaysian TV, viewers can definitely look forward to the compelling plot together with an outstanding line-up of casts. Each case in the series leads to another, taking on a darker and edgier tone, with many friends and loved ones getting killed and pushing the duo to their limits. As the story progressed, they realised that there is yet another mastermind behind these events and that the reasons for their own Linkinvolvements in these cases may be more than simply being part of their work.

Unriddle 最火搭档 2 @ NTV7 Snap Shot & Press Conference
Romeo Tan 陈罗密欧 pointing a gun at Rebecca Lim 林慧玲
What is in stored for Xiao Man in this sequel? Will she be swayed away to the darker side despite being the main protagonist in the show? Don’t forget to catch Unriddle 2, every Monday to Thursday at 10 p.m. only on ntv7, the Home of Feel Good.

For more information on the show, log on to www.ntv7.com.my and www.tonton.com.my, or follow the ntv7 Facebook and Twitter.

Photos taken during Unriddle 2 press conference:

Unriddle 最火搭档 2 @ NTV7 Snap Shot & Press Conference
Ping Hui was sharing he hope that there is another season of Unriddle whereby he can somehow revive haha

Unriddle 最火搭档 2 @ NTV7 Snap Shot & Press Conference
Ever want to see Ping Hui act as a more feminine guy? He act it instantly haha

Unriddle 最火搭档 2 @ NTV7 Snap Shot & Press Conference
With handsome Elvin Ng and pretty Rebecca Lim with her perfect smile

Unriddle 最火搭档 2 @ NTV7 Snap Shot & Press Conference
With Tay Ping Hui + Feel Good pose hahaha

Unriddle 最火搭档 2 @ NTV7 Snap Shot & Press Conference
With Chen Li Ping, my favourite idol since young because of her show as' 哎哟哟'老师 in 《早安老师》

Remember to catch Unriddle 2 every Monday to Thursday at 10 p.m. only on ntv7, the Home of Feel Good!

PS: I hope you guys like the photo as I do especially their happy sharing moments =)

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