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CRUNCH! Sushivid Influencer Workshop @ The Bee Publika #SushiVidCrunch

CRUNCH! Sushivid Influencer Workshop @ The Bee Publika " CRUNCH is SushiVid 's first Influencer workshop to gather young creators and let them have a first taste of getting sponsorships by Brands. SushiVid invited representative from Lazada to come and speak about influencer marketing and their efforts in working with young creators. On that day itself, they also have YouTubers Vikarworld, Adam Shamil and Taneshh to share their journey as content creators and inspire budding YouTubers to make their dreams come true. This Sushivid's first Influencer Workshop was to inspire more people to create content with this event and grow the local influencer space." CRUNCH - Content Creators, let's have Brunch!! Why is it called CRUNCH? "CRUNCH because we're getting a room full of content creators to come together and have brunch"