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Actual Day Wedding Photoshoot @ Sg. Siput: CK & ZiNing

Congratz to Dr. CK and Dr. ZiNing!! =D So yeah, today I just came back from Sg Siput after shooting actual wedding photos for my good friend CK and ZiNing. I've known CK since uni time and he has been one good friend that I am glad I know. I still remember that good old time when I meet up with him in London during Olympic 2012. It was fun!! Last Saturday was his big day and I am more than happy to capture their precious moments. CK did a very good job in planning for my accommodation and information regarding his wedding. So far he is one of the guy who is so attentive and helpful to his buddies and me as the photographer of the day. While waiting for me to process the whole album for both day and night photoshoot at MH Hotel (Sg Siput), I would like to share a few photos that I captured and edited for same-day-edit-slideshow. After all, a blog won't be considered as a blog if it lost its personal touch ;p