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Health & Environment Showcase @ Segi College

Was there to support Redbuttockz and Su Ling for their Health & Environment showcase @ Segi College. Unfortunately I overslept and missed the singing performance. Huhu... But anyway, went to the college and glad to see lots of youth in the hall. Lots of healthy organic food booth like NHF, Herbalife etc. Because of Malaysian's not so healthy eating lifestyle, they are doing better day by day here. Besides those healthy topic issue, there are some IT booth too. People Prefer Nokia & Sony Ericsson than China phone. Exotic Pets is one of the booth and didn't try to hold the scorpion that time. A bit regret haha This tiny little snake is very friendly I suppose. At least not poisonous as the green viper la Since not all the time the booth have crowd, card games is one of the healthy game to play and spend the time? Jenga is nice too. I personally think Wooden Jenga is better than Uno stacks. Because more solid? Jenga, a game for you to find the loosen