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I’m Addicted to Olay Game. Very Indeed!

"Is your skin hungry for fairness??" You can get both fair skin and a chance to win many great prizes by playing this flash game OLAY Find Fairness Game Since I was tagged by StevenBoy and I am interested to win prize There I go!! I am now at the City of Paris Notice the lady on the bottom right? She is the Avatar I created as only female character are available Big eye small mouth and a short hair. Looks unique enough? =) There is always a helpful OLAY Lady that will serve you She help me enjoy and get used to the game very fast =) When you go to Paris, there are 6 different mission that you need to go through "Shopping Mall" - Specially for Shopaholic. Need to have good sense of direction on where to go "Restaurant" - Find what are the ingredients to cook a dish and must have eagle eye when playing this game. "Party House" - For night life lover. In the club it is very colourful with the lighting and drinks and you need to match them