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Genting Palace @ Maxims Genting Hotel [Review]

Restoran Genting Palace @ 2nd Floor, Maxims Genting Hotel After our succulent lunch at Ming Ren Restaurant , we then check in to our room at Theme Park Hotel to have a short-rest. Didn't do much thing except going around Genting Highlands to check out the crowd. Time passed really fast and we were at Restoran Genting Palace for dinner already! Check out all the dishes below that will cost you around RM2,500 . Thank you Genting for the treat! Genting Palace is the place to head to for authentic Cantonese cuisines . Located at maxims Genting, the restaurant has long been a favourite of visitors to Genting Highlands Resort for its wide selection of dishes, comfortable dining area and friendly service. Apart from the tantalizing selection of dishes that are available in the menu, the restaurant also offers Dim Sum and Monthly Specialties . This restaurant is an ideal venue for dinner gathering with family and friends and corporate functions. You should try Genting pala

Ming Ren Restaurant Lamb Specialties @ Highlands Hotel

Harlo people, I hope you have already eaten before continue to read my post =) Courtesy of Genting and Nuffnang , a few Highlanders (including me) were given a chance to experience the delicious Chinese Cuisine available at Genting Highlands, including a 2 days 1 night stay at Theme Park Hotel too! Thanks to Genting, we took a bus from Wisma Genting all the way up to Genting Highlands. It was a safe and comfortable ride. We head to Ming Ren Restaurant immediately after we arrived! Ming Ren Chinese Cuisine food tasting together with Wendy, Max and Daniel "Ming Ren is a gourmet restaurant that specializes in authentic Xinjiang-style cuisine and Chinese fine dining . Xinjiang literally translates into "New Frontier" or "New Boundary"; likewise, Ming Ren Restaurant is dedicated to opening up new frontiers in exquisite culinary experiences while pushing the boundaries of taste and luxury." A little sneak peek of the interior, that ca

Fine Dining @ The Olive Restaurant & Bar Lounge | Genting Highlands

After had a tour to Maxims Genting's various room and suit e, we head to The Olive @ Maxims Genting for a great fine dining again after the lunch at Imperial Rama . I still remember the tasty Durian Tempura made of D24. Yummy =D The Olive’s modern cozy furnishing together with the comfortable warm olive ambiance truly welcomes its guests to taste its exquisite fine-dining Continental cuisine, prepared by its award-winning chefs . The textures, flavours and styles of its food are a blend of classical recipes with contemporary interpretation. There are a variety of dishes to choose from - the best cut of meat, fresh seafood, healthy salads, delicious pizzas, tantalizing desserts, fine wines and more. After the meal, guests are invited to retreat to The Olive Lounge which overlooks the hotel frontage. Luxuriate in this the elegant setting with your favourite cocktail or drink of choice. The seating capacity for the restaurant is 75 guests while the lounge seats 64 guests .