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The Funny 'Niaseng'

Pure and White I would like to share a funny conversation between a tomboy style waitress, me and my 2 other friends when we visited a Chinese Restaurant. Let's name the manly waitress "Cowboy" and my two other friends "Fifi" and "Nini" . On first note, Cowboy is a very hard-working person as she explain about all the dishes we've asked. Besides that, Fifi looks like a mixed ethnic and always misrecognized as a Malay instead of Chinese (because of her long eye lashes).  *below conversation was in Cantonese and Chinese while Fifi was quiet* Cowboy: Lai lai lai, yew 'Giu choi' deng hai 'Dan Zho' ? (Come come come want to eat what? Individual or share dishes?)  *We ordered a dish of vegetables, steam fish and Claypot Toufu. Cowboy asked if pork slice is okay for the Claypot Toufu. Then Nini ask Fifi in English whether it is okay with her* Comboy: Mm hou yi xi ar, yew mun xin hou dit  (Sorry ar, to be sec