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Astro 10 New Channels Available Now!! - The Walking Dead and HKTV in HD & Free Preview till 28 Feb 2015

10 New Astro Channels now!! - 8 HD Channels and 2 SD Channels On 11 Nov 2014, Astro announced the launch of 10 new channels . The 10 new channels which will be available on 16 November 2014 will comprise 8 High Definition (HD) channels and 2 Standard Definition (SD) channels . If you are currently an Astro HD subscriber , you can have FREE preview of all these new channels from 16 Nov 2014 till 28 Feb 2015 . That's great! The number of HD channels on Astro started with 4 in 2009 has now grown to 40. Today, with 8 new HD channels, the total number of HD channels on Astro is 48.  Astro New HD channels are: Fox Family Movies HD (CH 434) Fox Action Movies HD (CH 430) HITS HD (CH 720) FYI HD (CH 736) Astro AEC HD (CH 306) Astro Shuang Xing HD (CH 307) DIVA HD (CH 723) FOX HD (CH 724) Astro New SD channels: ZooMoo (CH 619) Celestial Classic Movies (CH 321).