30 September 2017

Xiaomi Mi A1 Review (Malaysia) - Dual-Camera & Photo Sample

Review-Xiaomi Mi A1 (Malaysia) Review - Dual-Camera & Photo Quality
【Review】 Xiaomi Mi A1 (Malaysia) Review - Dual-Camera and Photo Quality

Hello guys, as a DSLR photographer myself, I do like to try out new gadget gears especially when smartphone nowadays has better camera and they help us capture good photos in split seconds. Sometimes I don't want to bring along my heavy DSLR too, hence I always try new smartphone with dual-camera and this time. Instead of getting the Xiaomi 6, I have a unit of Xiaomi Mi A1 Smartphone with Dual-Camera to play with. I believe you guys are here, because you are as curious as I am regarding the Mi A1 camera and photos quality and also whether Android One OS is really good without the MIUI. 

What does Android One means?

With software designed by Google, Android One phones have access to Google's premiere security features, applications and innovations on your phone, such as free unlimited high quality storage with Google Photos.

What's inside Xiaomi Mi A1 box - unboxing MiA1
What's inside Xiaomi Mi A1 box - Unboxing MiA1

Let's unbox the Xiaomi Mi A1 that I got recently, it's quite simple inside, got the MiA1 phone on top and charger with cable below. A very simple manual and the SIM pin at the bottom of the innerbox. All this cost you  only RM1099 if you buy from Lazada MY official Xiaomi Store.

29 September 2017

【Professional Contour & Eyebrow Embroidery Course】 by Ivy Brow Design in Malaysia

Professional Contour & Eyebrow Embroidery Course by Ivy Brow Design in Malaysia

【Professional Contour & Eyebrow Embroidery Course】 by Ivy Brow Design in Malaysia

Searching for place to learn Eyebrow Embroidery Courses in Malaysia? Last year I did the natural eyebrow embroidery for men (and woman) at Ivy Brow Design. This year, BON SENS Beauty AestheticsIvy Brow Design has officially launched their 'Professional Contour & Eyebrow Embroidery Course'. Instead of  just sharing the curriculum of what Ivy is going to teach, I will share with you the experience of one of her graduated student from the academy. 

19 September 2017

【Review】Samsung Galaxy Note8 Dual-Cam Live Focus in Studio Photoshoot

As a photographer, dual-camera smartphone is already a must especially if you don't want to carry your DSLR around. Any new and upcoming smartphone with just one camera might find it hard to compare to phone with two 'eyes'. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is the first Samsung phones with two cameras (dual cameras) hence it will able to create the blur background image (we call it bokeh) with the combination of Wide Angle Lens and Zoom Lens. Just like the iPhone 7 Plus and certain Huawei smartphone.

Now the question is, "Is Samsung Note 8 Dual Camera better than other dual-cam smartphone out there?" Just recently I was invited for Samsung Note 8 Mobile Photography Workshop by Michael Yeoh. That's where I got my first hand experience on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 even before it launch in Malaysia.  

 PS: Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is going to launch in Malaysia on 21 Sep 2017 with Song JiHyo making special appearance at Pavilion KL!

15 September 2017

【HIPPIE CAFE】 - The Hidden Gem In Kepong Jinjang Utara

Hippie Cafe - The Hidden Gem @ Jinjang Utara

【Hippie Cafe】 - The Hidden Gem @ Jinjang Utara

Other than the beautiful FRIM Kepong, I seldom go there. But there's this nice hipster cafe hidden in Kepong township that I would like to share with you, it's called the "Hippie Cafe". It was well hidden on top of the mini Tesco Express Jinjang Utara.  Initially I didn't see the cafe because the entrance was at the side of Tesco Express.

However, the moment I went upstair, it shows a different view. There are wall-arts all around the corner and what attracted me are the lighting and wheels-shape clocks installed at the interior. Since I was hungry, I went to the counter and ordered their Curry Spaghetti and a green tea. 

HIPPIE CAFE Kepong Jinjang Utara Curry Spaghetti

There was only me in the cafe with a few youngsters at the kitchen.  It took them a while to prepare my meal but I understand why when I saw my Curry Spaghetti. It looks very neat and my usual photography habit tell me to photograph it.

14 September 2017

Running Man Song Ji Hyo 송지효 is Coming to Malaysia Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Launch!! #송지효 #SongJiHyo #宋智孝

Running Man Song Ji Hyo 宋智孝 송지효 Coming to Malaysia Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Launch!!

Running Man Song Ji Hyo 宋智孝 송지효 Coming to Malaysia Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Launch!!

YESH!! As you all know, the most beautiful Running Man star Song Ji Hyo 宋智孝송지효 is coming to Malaysia for Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Launch!! Who's excited?🎉 I will be there to cover the Note 8 launch in coming week so thought of sharing with all running-fans  too (especially JiHyo's awesome fans). According to Samsung Malaysia, you can stand a chance to get an exclusive poster. If you don't believe scroll down to see the video of JiHyo doing the announcement of she coming to Malaysia.

Save the date: 21 Sep 2017 @ Pavilion KL  (10am)

Tag and share with your Running Man friends!!  #송지효 #SongJiHyo #宋智孝 #마이컴퍼니 #myGalaxyNote8 #DoWhatYouCant

PS:  To those of you who got class on that day, don't skip it okay? Study first, read my coverage and see the photos later!!

Takumi Saitoh 斎藤工 at Japanese Film Festival 2017 #JFF2017

Takumi Saitoh  斎藤工 at Japanese Film Festival 2017

Takumi Saitoh 斎藤工 at Japanese Film Festival 2017

"Matinée idol SAITOH Takumi 斎藤工 set hearts aflutter as he graced the launch of the 14th Japanese Film Festival at GSC Pavilion KL on 5th September 2017. Highly in demand with 40 movies and 28 television shows to his credit, the former model-turned-actor was in town for a meet-and-greet session with fans as well as to present a special preview of his directorial debut, 映画『blank13』2018.2.3公開. Takumi also attended the opening ceremony later the same evening, with him back in front of the camera for a supporting role in festival curtain-raiser 'The Projects' (映画『団地』)." - The Japan Foundation, Kuala Lumpur

Courtesy of Golden Screen Cinemas, I was there to capture and document down the happening moments during Japanese Film Festival 2017 Opening Ceremony at Pavilion KL. There were lots of fans who were early and queuing up for "Blank13" screening. I can see why because major of them were there to meet the handsome Taukumi Saitoh in person. Undeniable Takumi Saitoh has that attractive charisma that not only attract girls. I am impressed with how Takumi keep his youth and he is really tall in person.  All right I shall talk lesser and let the pictures speak for itself. Hope you guys like it. Especially Saitoh Takumi's fans =)

PS: Let me know if you guys have Takumi Saitoh official FB Page or other social media page so I can link it here. I only found Takumi Saitoh's official webpage.

12 September 2017

How To Get The Best Memory Card For Your Camera & Save Money

How To Get The Best Memory Card For Your Camera & SAVE MONEY

How To Get The Best Memory Card For Your Camera and Save Money

Hey guys, today I am sharing a quick tips on how to get the right memory card for your camera and drone, and how to save money by purchasing it online at the same time! As you can see from above, there are many different types of memory card for your camera. Different camera has different memory card requirement hence you really need to get the right memory card or else it will slow down your shooting experience.

I was once using a slow card (slow writing and reading speed lower than Class 10) on my DSLR and the buffering time affect the amount of thing I can capture in that limited time. Hence I missed capturing some precious moment that time and I regret that...

How To Get The Right Memory Card For Your Camera gopro drone and save money

Get the Sandisk Ultra Class 10 SDHC Memory Card  (Silver color) If...

To make it simple, if your camera device can't capture 4K video, it is enough to get a memory card with Class 10 (C10) written on it. You will able to see the number "10" on it. Usually 32GB is enough for daily usage for your camera. Unless if you want to save more videos then you may go for the 64GB version.

How To Get The Right Memory Card For Your Camera gopro drone and save money

Get the Sandisk Extreme SDXC UHS-I Memory Card (Gold color) If...

If your camera device can capture 4k image/video. You should really have this gold color Sandisk Extreme Memory Card to prevent slow performance of your device. GoPro Action Cam, DJI drone and of course mirrorless camera that can shoot 4K video, they all should use this gold color memory card to make sure the device can operate up to their original standard.

What if I got the slower card for 4K Recording Device?

You can still use the card, just that it might slow down your capturing action, longer buffering and waiting time before you can view the image especially when you are shooting RAW or high-resolution images. Even when you use slower card on GoPro that record 4K, you can notice the major difference in video start-up time and sometimes will occur error in recording.

So in conclusion, get the higher speed card if your device can record 4K images/video footage. It could be more expensive but definitely worth it in long run.

07 September 2017

14 Reasons to get Volkswagen Tiguan 1.4 TSI Highline [Review]

14 Reasons to get Volkswagen Tiguan 1.4 TSI Highline - Car Review

Hey guys, today I would like to introduce you my new girlfriend called 'Atlantis'. First of all, I am not a professional car reviewer and I am just sharing my viewpoint and feedback as a user who test drive it throughout a weekend trip to Melaka. This brand new Volkswagen Tiguan 1.4TSI comes in two different model: Comfortline Package and Highline Package

I was driving the VW Tiguan 1.4 TSI Highline with  more features like Active Info Display (AID), Daytime Running Lights (DRL), Leather Seats, Powered Seats, 8" touch screen display with navigation and 18" alloy wheels,

All right, here's TEN reasons why you should get the all-new VW Tiguan 1.4 TSI Highline:

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