27 January 2017

CNY Decoration Here Is So Beautiful That You Should Take Your Family Photo Here

CNY Decoration Here Is So Beautiful That You Should Take Family Photo Here

CNY Decoration Here Is So Beautiful That You Should Take Your Family Photo Here

'Dong dong qiang~ dong dong qiang~' It is Chinese New Year season again!! This year I've checked out a few shopping malls for their CNY decoration and I am kinda impressed and in love with the one in The Gardens Shopping Mall. 

So today I'm gonna share with you some photos that I took over there during my visit. I personally think that it is suitable for you guys to take this opportunity to reunite with your friends and family, and of course to take a group photo with these beautiful backdrops.

24 January 2017

7 Things To Do In FRIM Kepong - Canopy Walkway, Jogging & Nature Trekking

7 Things To Do In FRIM Kepong, Kuala Lumpur

7 Things To Do In FRIM Kepong, Kuala Lumpur

As a person who spent his childhood in an estate, I love exploring the nature and doing variety of outdoor activities during my free time. Rich variety of flora and fauna that I can find in the jungle is just amazing. I've been exploring new places and share things that I did at this blog. So today, I would like to bring you to a road trip to Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM) @ Kepong with a photo story.

Let's check out adventurous things that I did in FRIM shall we??

16 January 2017

MARC JACOBS #PATCHMARC - Customize Your Belonging with Exclusive Patches & Pins

Noticed that I am not that active in blogging since I've been busy for photoshoot. While thinking of content to share, I was like 'Why don't I just share some photos taken from the event and make it as a post?' So here it is!! Photos taken during Marc Jacobs #PatchMarc fashion event at Marc Jacobs Suria KLCC outlet

I was heading to KLCC 1 hour earlier before the event start and thankfully Waze brought me the fastest way. (Be early and use technology to help you reach on time) If you want to avoid the traffic, go to the parking entrance near Traders Hotel as that's the quickest access to parking in KLCC and hotel itself. You will need to walk a bit from the Aquaria KLCC but it is so much better than getting stuck in the traffic waiting for traffic police that hold you for like 15-20 minutes every time they try to ease the traffic going out from the city.

I am not sure if you've noticed my style of photography, I like candid photography because the photos gonna look more natural and surprisingly good sometime. Some people will look 'kekok' when we ask them to pose, so it is important to learn how to make them feel comfortable at first place. Giving them some compliments while taking the photos will help. 

What's Marc Jacobs #PatchMarc event about? 
It is about mix, match and Marc your tee, outerwear or bag with Marc Jacobs exclusive customization shop featuring pins, patches and bag straps to personalize your look and make it your own. Nowadays everything must have the ability for customization to make that product special, and representing you.

Many local personalities were invited to this event and I am happy to see Baki Zainal, Wayne Chua , Amber Chia and all beautiful faces that I've photographed during the event too. Let me know who's your favourite person from the photos below ya!!

[Download] How to Save Document/Excel Sheet as PDF with Microsoft Office 2007?

How to create PDF using Microsoft Excel 2007. Download the Add-in Here

How to create PDF using Microsoft Excel 2007. Download the Add-in originally from Microsoft Website

How to save Microsoft Document or Microsoft Excel in PDF Format? One would ask including myself. I was installing the Microsoft Office 2007 version to my new laptop and found the 'Create PDF' Add-On function missing. After Googling for the right add-on to install, finally found the right one to install this '2007 Microsoft Office Add-in: Microsoft Save as PDF or XPS' in order for you to save your Excel in PDF format.

So here's a simple post as reminder to myself and to help others who might need it. Download '2007 Microsoft Office Add-in: Microsoft Save as PDF or XPS' here:

This download allows you to export and save to the PDF and XPS formats in eight 2007 Microsoft Office programs. It also allows you to send as e-mail attachment in the PDF and XPS formats in a subset of these programs. Specific features vary by program. 

This Microsoft Save as PDF or XPS Add-in for 2007 Microsoft Office programs supplements and is subject to the license terms for the 2007 Microsoft Office system software. You may not use this supplement if you do not have a license for the software.

14 January 2017

EXO LIVE IN KL 2017 'PLANET #3 The EXO’rDIUM' @ Stadium Merdeka

EXO PLANET #3 The EXO’rDIUM 2017 Stadium Merdeka on March, 18th, 2017 at 8pm
Stadium Merdeka on March, 18th, 2017 at 8pm

Due to popular demand, the hottest South-Korea Boy group EXO officially took off their brand new Tour EXO PLANET #3 The EXO'rDIUM with 6 dates in Seoul last July, setting a new record as the first K-pop group in history to have the longest solo concert ever run, at Seoul's Olympic Gymnastic Arena, with over 84,000 spectators. This new tour marked EXO's third solo concert tour since their debut in 2012. Touring cities also include Bangkok, Taipei, Hong Kong and more with tickets fully grabbed up in minutes, which has again proven its immense popularity!

Malaysia EXO-Ls shall wait no more! Organized by Star Planet, supported by Malaysia Major Events, Spritzer Mineral Water, KIODA, Bonuslink, Atria Shopping Mall, Lotte Pepero and Stabilo, the 9-member EXO is set to return to Kuala Lumpur, to thrill fans with a 1-night concert at the Stadium Merdeka on March, 18th, 2017 at 8pm.
EXO LIVE IN KL 2017 at Stadium Merdeka, 18th March 8pm

13 January 2017

Sony Experience 2017 featuring A6500, RX100 V and A99 @ InterContinental KL

Sony Experience 2017 featuring A6500 A99 II and RX100 V @ InterContinental KL

With the advance of technology, mirrorless camera can perform better nowadays and that's why I went to Sony Experience 2017 which was held at InterContinental Kuala Lumpur the other day. I've always a fan of Sony RX100 since their first generation and now it has evolved to the fifth version with much improvement and the ability to shoot slow-mo video in 1000 fps. What's 1000fps video looks like? Check out the video I recorded below for an idea. It's just a random vlog that I've decided to do instead of writing a lengthy blogpost. Video recorded using my S7 Edge and RX100 V. You are always welcome to comment about the video quality. 

The other two camera featured during the event is Sony A99 II and Sony A6500. If you ask me, I will definitely consider getting smaller camera body if I want to bring a camera for travel. Hence I was checking out the A7R series, A6500 and RX100 V. There were three different experience booth for you to shoot photos with Sony Camera, so that you can try out the slow-motion video shooting, fast pace sport photoshoot of the kick boxers and gymnastics.

Get FREE Movie Ticket When Register with TrumerX

Sign up with TrumerX mobile app and get a free movie ticket OR RM10 off the first purchase

Sign up with TrumerX mobile app and get a free movie ticket OR RM10 off the first purchase

Harloo guys, today I would like to share some free perks for you guys. TrumerX is a new online marketplace that allows you to buy or sell your products and services. Thanks to the TrumerX unique sign up process, both sellers and buyers can trade confidently with one another from anywhere in the world, on the go.  

By just registering with TrumerX (Apple Store/ Google Store), you can get a free movie ticket from TGV or RM10 off your first purchase in TrumerX. As shown above, you can buy an array of products from personal care to automobile care.

11 January 2017

LoKhaba Bangsar - Classic Malaysian Cuisine in Town #lokhababangsar

LoKhaba Bangsar - Classic Malaysian Cuisine in Town #lokhababangsar

"LoKhaba Bangsar - Hello, Apa Khabar!" - LoKhaba Bangsar is a place that serve Malaysia heritage dishes from yesteryear with today's contemporary settings. 

It was a wonderful night to catch up with buddies who traveled to Philippines together and get to know Samantha here. If you are coming in a group, do order their Signature Satays with rich-taste peanut sauce, Hot Claypot of Lobster Seafood Curry with huge claws, lontong, kerutup daging and my personal favourite, Fried Peanuts with Ikan Bilis and Fragrant Onions.

LoKhaba dining ambiance is relaxing with fresh flower deco on the table. Another highlight of the restaurant is that they don't serve pork here and there is a bar area with bartenders that can surprise you with their customized drinks. I've tried many of them and the one with teh-o was refreshingly new.

If you love desserts, try out their Pandan Creme Brulee and Ais Kacang~

LoKhaba Bangsar - Classic Malaysian Cuisine in Town Hot Claypot of Lobster Seafood Curry

09 January 2017

DJI OSMO Mobile LED Light Status & Indicator. What do they mean?

Have you ever wonder what does the LED lights on DJI OSMO/Osmo Mobile means?? The DJI Osmo and DJI Osmo Mobile has two LED lights that convey different messages. The below images describe what the different lights mean.

If you are facing trouble charging up your DJI OSMO Mobile using the original 3.55mm audio-jack charging cable, get the portable charger head as you can definitely charge better. Other than that, take good care of the original charging cable as that's the only thing that connect your DJI Osmo Mobile to PC and update firmware.

DJI OSMO Mobile LED Light Camera Status Indicator
DJI OSMO Mobile LED Light Camera Status Indicator

06 January 2017

Mickey黄子佼《我还在》分享会 - 怎么度过人生低潮,从新站起来呢?

黄子佼《我还在》分享会 - 怎么度过人生低潮,从新站起来呢? #MelodyFM
黄子佼《我还在》分享会 - 怎么度过人生低潮,从新站起来呢? #MelodyFM


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我呢,当然做我最擅长的,把活动的一些点点滴滴拍下来与大家分享,也算是报答佼佼哥那么好的分享咯~ 希望各位喜欢,把好的东西分享出去,直到帮到更多更多的“知音人”。感谢啦!!

PS: Melody FM 的 DJ Jentzen Lim 林震前还有FeiBi菲比 你们好! 希望照片好看啦

黄子佼《我还在》分享会 Video一定要看

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