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ORIKAMI TAR UC 3 DAY BAZAAR #原制原创 | 6-8 Jan 2017

ORIKAMI TAR UC 3 DAY BAZAAR #原制原创 | 6-8 Jan 2017

ORIKAMI TAR UC 3 DAY BAZAAR #原制原创 | 6-8 Jan 2017

《拉曼原制》(ORIKAMI TAR UC) 是一个为期3天的市集活动,将于来临的1月6日至8日在文良港,拉曼大学学院 (吉隆坡总院) 举办。活动目的于携手合作伙伴——首要媒体一同全力支持“Original Kami”“原制原创”活动,并主要于推广本地优质原创如“艺术著作、音乐作品、手工艺品、影视制作和该领域的成就等。


《拉曼原制》 也将作为一个起始平台,让更多的大马人民欣赏以及了解来自我们国内创意人才丰富的原创作品,并鼓励更多崭露头角的人才能继续努力不懈地创造出更多优质原创内容。

拉曼原制 ORIKAMI TAR UC 6-8 Jan 2017 文良港拉曼大学学院大礼堂
【《拉曼原制》 | ORIKAMI TAR UC】\\ 入场免费 //日期:2017年1月6日至8日 (星期五至星期日)
时间:上午10点 至 傍晚6点
地点:Dewan Utama TAR UC, Setapak 文良港拉曼大学学院大礼堂

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TAR UC Celebrates An Endless Pool of Local Talents Under One Roof
Three day ORIKAMI TAR UC Bazaar to rally support for local productions and TAR UC’s many achievements and accomplishments in various fields.

Setapak, Kuala Lumpur - Tunku Abdul Rahman University College (TAR UC) has always been devoted in bringing a face and voice for originality. Educating students both academically and vocationally, TAR UC has nurtured young and brilliant minds for over 48 years of excellence.

This time around, Year 3 students of Bachelor of Public Relations (Honours) in collaboration with Media Prima, and in support of the ‘Original Kami’ movement will hold a three-day themed Bazaar to recognise and uplift our many local creative talents and their quality works; be it content, art, musical compositions, film productions, and accomplishments. The Bazaar will be held from the 6th to 8th of January 2017 at Dewan Utama, Tunku Abdul Rahman University College Kuala Lumpur (Setapak) Main Campus.

The Event is aimed to encourage students, families and communities in the surrounding Setapak, Wangsa Maju and Taman Melawati areas to recognise the many local creative breakthroughs in the arts and production industry. The ‘ORIKAMI’ acronym originates from the words ‘Original’ and ‘Kami’; and through the movement, the Bazaar serves as a platform to appreciate the abundance of stunning talents who are making a mark in various industries, both from TAR UC itself and beyond.

If you wan't to know what's the programme arrangement for the day, please refer below:
ORIKAMI TAR UC 3 DAY BAZAAR #原制原创 Itinerary Day 1
ORIKAMI TAR UC 3 DAY BAZAAR #原制原创 Itinerary Day 1

ORIKAMI TAR UC 3 DAY BAZAAR #原制原创 Itinerary Day 2
ORIKAMI TAR UC 3 DAY BAZAAR #原制原创 Itinerary Day 2

ORIKAMI TAR UC 3 DAY BAZAAR #原制原创 Itinerary Day 3
ORIKAMI TAR UC 3 DAY BAZAAR #原制原创 Itinerary Day 3

One of the greatest things that binds us together is our authenticity and originality, as a nation. This is why TAR UC, home to over 100,000 Alumnus and dozens of local celebrities, talented individuals and success stories in Malaysia, has taken the initiative to be the first tertiary educational institution to support the ‘ORIKAMI’ movement and rally support for Malaysian productions.

Through the Bazaar, a line up of various activities and exhibitions that highlights local brands, local vendors and local works under the theme of ‘Original Kami’ will be featured. Exhibitions will consist of original Malaysian comic works by local authors such as the widely popular Ge Mei Lia, a selection of widely popular Malaysian brands as well as local entrepreneurs selling ‘Ori’ handicrafts, handiworks, souvenirs, accessories and handmade merchandise.


In remembering and uplifting our own ‘TAR UC Originals’ the Bazaar will also feature a live studio segment for local artists and celebrities to showcase their musical talents. Other than that, MP3 music-stand stations will be featuring original compositions of student talents from TAR UC’s Red Bricks Society (红砖音乐), TAR UC Choir Society as well as from TAR UC Lin Xi Dream Theatre. Local artists and celebrities that have made international waves will also be making an appearance to compliment the Event and show their support towards creativity and originality in local productions, by engaging the attendees of the Event in various staged performances.

In order to encompass the many areas that ORIKAMI aims to highlight, our programmes will also include the ORIKAMI Mini Theatre - which will showcase short films produced by TAR UC Broadcasting students and also ORIKAMI Fashion Showcase, in which selected designs from the creative minds of the Fashion Design students will be paraded, as well as the display of TAR UC Alumnus' clothing brands.

For all our Event guests, fun and nostalgic traditional Malaysian games with an ‘ORIKAMI’ twist such as ORI-U & I, ORI Shooter, ORI-Impian, ORI-Comic are meaningful activities and booths that will not only will bring a lively atmosphere but will surely bring both the younger attendees and adults alike to the games of their childhood. There will also be a handful of interesting workshops for Event attendees to choose from; while food trucks will also be parked at the side foyer of the College Hall for guests to have their pick of scrumptious delicacies throughout the three-day Event.

In conjunction with the 2017 Chinese New Year spirit in the month of January, the second day (7th January) of the Bazaar will also be graced with Chinese New Year activation programmes for attendees to take part in and win awesome prizes. Attractions include a mega-sized Chinese New Year themed Games Truck and the introduction for upcoming CNY movie titles such as ‘Little Lion Dance’, ‘Into the Phoenix’, ‘Star Avenue’ and ‘Revolving Heart’ will all be organised by Media Prima for the entertainment and delight of the public.

ORIKAMI 张顺源导演 《小舞狮》 新春短剧制作分享会
ORIKAMI 张顺源导演 《小舞狮》 新春短剧制作分享会

[ORI-Sharing & Learning Session] #oriSnL

We are inviting you to have a meaningful sharing session together with Ernest 张顺源 !
FREE ENTRY & stand a chance to win GOLDEN AWARDS 2017 tickets

Date: 6 January 2017 (Friday)
Time: 1.30 p.m. -3.30 p.m.
Venue: TAR UC @ Function Room, Club House

Don't miss out this great opportunity! :D Register now by clicking the link below *Limited space only*:

#orikamitaruc #orikami #原制原创 #yuanzhiyuanchuang #taruc

[张顺源导演 《小舞狮》 新春短剧制作分享会]#oriSnL


免费入场以及有机会赢取《金视奖 2017》 入场票!

日期:2017年1月6日 (星期五)
地点:拉曼大学学院总院 Function Room, Club House

别错过这难得的机会!快点击以下网址报名吧 *位子有限*:
#orikamitaruc #orikami #原制原创 #yuanzhiyuanchuang #taruc

The Bazaar will serve as a reminder for every Malaysian to take pride in their origins through their support towards locally produced artworks and productions; and for TAR UCians to be proud of their very own alumnus who have made a mark in various industries such as technology, business, mass media and film. It is hoped that ORIKAMI TAR UC, to be held in the month of January will bring audiences and attendees back to the good ol’ days, in appreciating raw Malaysian talents all under one roof.

For local SMEs, interested sponsors and Malaysian entrepreneurs retailing locally made or innovated products, should you be interested to support our cause monetarily or in any manner to aid ORIKAMI TAR UC in rallying awareness for local productions, do contact Ms Lim Shen Yin at 016- 3011836.

‘Inilah Original Kami, Jom Support!’

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