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Taiwan Travel Fair 2016 @ Sunway Pyramid [13-15 May]

Taiwan Tourism Bureau Kuala Lumpur Office (TTBKL) will once again be hosting Taiwan Travel Fair, one of the most anticipated travel fairs in the country. The second edition of the travel fair will be held at LG2 Orange Concourse, Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall from 13 May 2016 to 15 May 2016 and will offer travel enthusiasts the attractive holiday packages to Taiwan. 
Visitor who purchased travel package at the Fair will receive a Scratch Card with attractive prizes to be won including Star Cruise packages, air tickets sponsored by Air Asia, Cathay Pacific, China Airlines and EVA Air; free accommodations by hotel and resort partners; as well as entrance tickets to theme parks.  In addition, a Free Gift will be given out to those who purchase tour packages at the Fair. 
A Special Gift will also be given to the first 500 Sunway Pals who present their membership card each day.  
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Clash Royale - Best Battle Deck for Arena 6/Arena 7

Ever since I started playing Clash Royale on my phone, I have somehow abandoned my Clash of Clan base which I built for years. Why? Because Clash Royale is so much easier and straight forward but still challenging at the same time. The cards that you choose for your battle deck is the most crucial part to win the battle. I am here today to share my TOP THREE BEST BATTLE DECK to help you conquer Clash Royale Arena 6/Arena 7.
Let'shave a look at my winning battle deck for Arena 6/Arena 7.

Laser Teeth Whitening @ M Dental Clinic Damansara Utama

Ever dream of having sparkling white teeth shown on your face when you smile?? I do, I always do, it was just that I didn't get the courage to do so because I was worried about the side effects and I heard the cost for dentist work won't be cheap. However in order to improve my personal grooming and presentation, having a big smile with bright teeth is as important as how you take care of your skin.
I gotta admit my tooth is not on its perfect state yet but having a professional doctor to do the whitening has actually makes me feel more confident when I meet someone and I like to smile more often now. I found M Dental Clinic through Dental Departure website and they were having promotion for various dental treatments. Now I gotta share my experience about doing Laser Teeth Whitening for the first time. Both the fun and mild uneasy experience during the treatment =)

New Chapter by The Owls Cafe @ Calvary Convention Centre

If you recognize this waffle, I guess you've been to The Owls Cafe Bukit Jalil. But have you been to the New Chapter by The Owls Cafe? It is the new cafe that built in Calvary Convention Centre with the gigantic glass house interior. Hence the ambient day light enhance the overall interior and gave the new cafe a sunny look. On a side note, the Calvary Convention Centre has a beautiful architecture too, especially that rainbowish rooftop that give you that different kind of feeling.

Now let's check out the New Chapter by The Owls Cafe shall we?? We ordered a breakfast set with coffee and of course their signature waffle. This time it was a matcha flavoured waffles with coconut and black sesame seed topping.

Watch all 51 UEFA EURO 2016 matches in HD with Astro #AstroEURO2016

Long story short, here's a good news to share with all football fans out there especially if you are anticipating for the upcoming UEFA EURO 2016!! Now with Astro, you get the most comprehensive coverage of UEFA EURO 2016 on TV, online, mobile and radio. All 51 matches of UEFA EURO 2016 will be LIVE in HD on Astro TV and Astro on the Go via two dedicated Astro SuperSport channels (HD: Channel 841 and 842 and SD: Channel 821 and 822).

During the UEFA EURO 2016 Kick Off event at Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall, not only did I get to catch up with media friends, I also got to meet Fernando Morientes as he was here for a fans meet and greet session with the awesome crowd.

Maxis Users Now Get Up To 5x More Data. Enough ONE?

Today, over a million customers received SMSes from Maxis informing them their data quotas has been automatically and permanently upgraded at no extra charge, covering MaxisONE plan, Surfmore50 and MaxisONE Business customers.
As a result, customers on the MOP98 will receive 5x more data than their previous allocation. Customers on higher value plans such as MOP188 will receive extra 13GB in data quota every month.
Maxis upgrades over a million customers overnight with up to 5x more data, introduces new ways to use extra data 
•Launches significantly upgraded MaxisONE Plan and adds an extra 5GB monthly for video streaming apps •Along with lots more data, new shareable DataPool allows MaxisONE customers to share data with anyone and across all their other phones and tablets – locally and even overseas •MaxisONE customers get additional 5GB for just RM48/month and a free MaxisONE line with Unlimited Calls & SMS

CJ WOW SHOP - TV & Online Shopping Debuts in Malaysia | Cantaloupe @ Troika Sky Dining

CJ WOW SHOP, Malaysia’s innovative home shopping network integrating television, online and mobile platforms, was launched on March 31st in what is seen to be an industry revolution. Providing people with the convenience to shop at their own comfort, Malaysians can enjoy a whole new home shopping experience starting 1 April 2016. 
CJ WOW SHOP features comprehensive on-air demonstrations across top media channels i.e. TV3, ntv7, 8TV, TV9 and tonton. Shoppers can purchase by calling the toll free number, or accessing its online shopping site and mobile app options, whether it is at home, or anytime anywhere.

[Sponsored Video] They Can't Walk But They Can Dive

Do you know what people say about the sea? The sea is dangerous but beautiful at the same time with all the sea creatures that you can only see when you do scuba diving or underwater sport. What people didn't say before is, the sea does not discriminate. Why say so? Because when disabled friends go under the sea together, we are all the same, not only we can't walk or stand, we all use sign language to communicate to each other. Today I would like to share a video of what and Society of PSP (People Support People) Malaysia did to make their dream comes true - They Can't Walk But They Can Dive.

Fresh To Go Contest 2016 #7ElevenMY

If I can only choose one photo to represent #7ElevenMY new Fresh To Go food range, above would be my final choice. So there's this #FreshToGoContest2016 that can win GoPro Hero 4, Polaroid Camera and iPod Shuffle, I went to a few 7-Eleven convenient stores to purchase my desired food as it seems they ran out fast on certain outlets. Luckily all the 7-Eleven are just nearby.

I did my photoshoot at a swimming pool and thankfully weather was sunny to give that positive vibes. Below are some more photos that I've been finalized for submission, but since #7ElevenMY asked us to choose just one, the photo above is what I got after numerous try. You have no idea how many times I try to dip it into the pool for that perfect splash haha
After the photoshoot I still finish the sandwich, yeah it is perfectly sealed and still in good condition after the photoshoot haha!!

[Sponsored Video] Hennessy Artistry - Rita Ora, Lucky J, Tim Omaji

It has been a while since my last Hennessy Artistry event and I still remember when it first came to Malaysia featuring a few talented artists who did great performance on stage. That's how I know Caprice, Da Mouth, Mizz Nina and many more. It was a really fun and hangout session with blogger friends too! I always like the idea of H-Artistry featuring some of the top talents and emerging artistes as that's how I get to know some good music too.

Like the recent Hennessy Artistry, it features Rita Ora, Lucky J and Tim Omaji. I've know about Rita Ora for quite some time and it was great to know Lucky J and Tim Omaji for the first time. Lucky J has this more mature Korean music with rap going on and some good vocal.

8TV鍏害绌洪棿7鏈堟柊鍓《褰撴嫵澶撮亣涓婃灂澶 Punch & Jude》 浜戦晛閼椂闅斿崄骞村啀鎴樻紨鎶 棣栨惌璁镐寒瀹囧仛鍐ゅ

鐢卞叓搴︾┖闂存墦閫、纾愮煶鍒朵綔鍏徃鐢ㄥ績鍒朵綔鐨勫叏鏂扮數瑙嗗墽《褰撴嫵澶撮亣涓婃灂澶》 Punch & Jude鐩墠宸插鐏鑽兼媿鎽勫綋涓,骞朵笖鍗冲皢浜2016骞7鏈8鏃ヨ捣,姣忛㈡槦鏈熶簲,鏅氫笂8鏃30鍒嗗叏鏂版椂娈垫挱鍑。姝ゅ墽閭鏉ヤ簡韬潗鍋ョ鍙堝竻姘旂殑Henley璁镐寒瀹Mei Sim浜戦晛閼Fabian鍚曞織鍕Daphne鍒樺╁鍏卞悓涓绘紨;鏂伴矞鐨勯樀瀹,鎼炵瑧鍙堝甫鐐规氮婕殑鍓ф儏,涓哄墽杩蜂滑甯︽潵浜嗘湡寰。

A • Toast - Breakfast & Juice Bar 鏃╅搴 @ Jalan Pudu, KL

A • Toast - Breakfast & Juice Bar - "A humble breakfast bar serving variety choices of fresh handmade sandwiches and fresh mixed juices before the dawn! :) The alphabet "A"actually means A class a.k.a. quality toast.  鏈皬灏忔棭椁愬簵浠ュ悇绋柊楫墜浣滀笁鏂囨不浠ュ強楫Θ姘存灉姹佺埐涓,涔熸彁渚涘鍏冨寲椤炲瀷鐨勬棭椁愯畵椤у鍊戦枊鍟撶編濂界殑鏂颁竴澶!"
I stumble upon this humble shop when the breakfast shop we decided to visit earlier was under maintenance. It was an eye-opening experience (good for your taste-buds too) because this shop is located at the busy stretch of Jalan Pudu, Kuala Lumpur.  To beat the traffic jam, we planned a meet up to have breakfast at A • Toast - Breakfast & Juice Bar around 8am before the traffic jam chaos hunt me down. Unfortunately it caught my friend in it.
All right, this post is dedicated to people who work in the KL City and consider their first meal of the day is as important as a cup of good coffee to wake you up. If you are as what I described, you would love this place.

Power Flow Yoga Session at Under Armour Pavilion KL Brand House

In conjunction with International Women’s Day, Under Armour in collaboration with Biotherm Malaysia has successfully organised an event aimed at encouraging healthy living among the community and to educate the public on the importance of overall wellness. The event was held at the Under Armour brand house in Pavilion Shopping Centre. 

Registered participants were given the opportunity to practice yoga with Under Armour’s Brand Influencer, Robyn Lau and Brand Athlete, Atilia Haron. They were also treated to a special Facial Yoga session conducted by Michelle Tay, Biotherm Malaysia’s Education Manager, specially curated to help participants achieve the post workout glow.

I was there to learn more Yoga steps from Robyn and Atilia. However since it was International Woman's Day and with limited space, I've decided to learn from the side and document the event with photos. Below writing are from the press release hence I save some time to process this photo album. Hope you guys AN…

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