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Samsung Global Blogger Malaysia Top 20 Revealed! SUPPORT!!

72 days left to London Olympic Games 2012!!
Today is a surprise+happy day once I woke up saw the tweet from @BonjourGlow.

"Hey I think you qualify for the Samsung Global Blogger finalist challenge...isit true? congratz^^""

Without further hesitation, I jump out from the bed to check Samsung Global Bloggers London 2012 website and Top 20 Samsung Global Blogger finalists from 14 different countries have been selected and revealed! Woohoo =D Check out who are selected in Malaysia:
Malaysia Top 20 Finalist for Samsung Global Blogger Olympic Game 2012!

Congratz to Justin, Janice, Su Choon, Ibtisem, ZE!, Santa, Samuel, Jude, Liting, Amirah, Frederick, Jilian, Sharifah, Proudduck, Kim, Su Lim, Sandra, Petra & Gloria! Wait, I am also the chosen one?! Woohoo! I am glad to see familiar faces like Kim, Proudduck, ZE!, Samuel and Gloria being selected as finalist too. Let's cheers!

Yesh TianChad you made it to the next round!

Thank you Samsung especially the judges for choosing us and I am ready for the next challenge! Please support your favourite blogger by watch their video and press the "SUPPORT" button! Check out other awesome finalists from Samsung Global Blogger official website now!

PS: Really appreciate you for reading this and support us =D Feel free to FB Share and Tweet for us!!

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