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[Sneak Peek] Johnnie Walker's Black Circuit Lounge 2010

Thanks to friendS [Nuffies and Charles from JW] who invited me to join Black Circuit Lounge 2010 @ Swedish Marque,KL =)

Australia’s hottest DJ, Havana Brown was one of the DJ playing good music at the Black Circuit Lounge =)

This photo or the previous one looks better?~

Sarah Lian the emcee of the night for BCL 2010

Okie, there are lots of hot girl inside the lounge and here is just part of it~!

Will try my best to get all the photos taken yesterday[JW Pit Crew Experience] and today to be completely processed and share on Facebook! Give me some time if you are waiting for my photos kay? Cos I have lots more other event pictures waiting to be processed too =D

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