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Bangi Kopitiam @ Wangsa Maju

After we leaved Springfield Town Cafe, went to Bangi Kopitiam because we haven't try that before and Marccus love Kopi O!

There are alot of old stuff decoration :)
The thermos bottle that I used to have at home, the old fashion camera

P. Ramli
and the Cap Kapak, Tiger Balm

Old Style Antique Iron

And this lovely "DSLR" Camera ;p
Anyone older than him??

I ordered
Mee Hailam(HaiNam) and it tasted so so only.
First time tasted different favor on mee

Noodles in my mouth and Yeng Yeng

Another shoot after I swallowed it XD

Wifi service is available there and you can see the interior from this picture

Some musical instruments were hanged on the wall too

We were sitting on the No. 14 Table

Have you tasted their Unique Recipe? Going to try next time :)

Last but not least, let you have a peep on
Marccus eating his noodle ;p

Argh, I wished I have a laptop with faster bandwidth >.<
Any recommendation?
DIGI Broadband
haven't come to my area yet~
DIGI Yellowman, would you follow me to Puchong?

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Look at the brightside!! You are going to speak out! Thanks for dropping by :)