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My fur gone!

Yesterday noon, I was doing experiment in lab.
I want to do Gram-Stain and need to use Bunsen Burner.
My colleague is doing experiment too and she is using the Bunsen Burner
So I use another one but the gas tank is finished so I had to change.
So I get a new gas tank and changed it.

Just in seconds, something happened.
First, I heard the gas is leaking from the new gas tank and I quickly turn it tightly.
I thought it will be just some leaking gas but...
Yeah, the leaked gas was ignited...
The flame formed is double of that size showed in the picture
My colleague was shocked and stunt when she saw the big flame
Luckily there wasn't much leaking gas...If not sure I won't blogging at here right now...

After I put off the fire I quickly drench my hands with a lot of cold water.
Initially I didn't feel anything but I start feel pain after a while...

Why would the gas ignited?
Because without precaution I didn't notice there is a lighted up Bunsen burner beside me!

As a result I got a "Bunsen Burn" but not Sun Burn...

My right hand is injured

Here is a closer look

The side of my fingertips also injured.
Hope my fingerprint wont disappeared la...

Besides that, I smelled something burned...
Almost all the fur on both of my hands have gone
If you see clearly there is certain area of fur survived.
That is because I was wearing a watch there...
*You can click for larger picture*
Somehow I still smelled something burnt and go to check on the mirror.
That time only I noticed my hair was slightly burned too...
Really lucky it wasn't a big leak that time!!

I went to see a doctor because I feel pain at my burned wound.
On the way driving to clinic, I notice something that somehow can relief my pain
When I put my hand near the car's air-con
I feel relieved
But when I removed from it, I feel pain again...
So on the way I keep doing this.
Put my hand near the air-con, then remove from it, then put near it, then remove...
So I feel pain, not pain, pain again, not pain again...

I guess I like torturing myself ...
Just kidding!

Luckily doctor said: "It is not a serious wound.So, don't worry."
He gave me an ointment to apply twice per day.

I pray that the red marks on my wrist and fingertips will disappear and my hand fur will grow back la...

Look at the brightside, it is not bad to have accidentally removed my hand furs compared to others people who intentionally torturing themselves by waxing off their hand fur, chest hair, leg hair, underarm hair or even pubic hair!

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Look at the brightside!! You are going to speak out! Thanks for dropping by :)