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Cadbury Eyebrows Ads, How They Did It?

If you do watch TV recently sure you've seen this Cadbury Eyebrow advertisement right? This is actually a TV ads that has been broadcasted in other countries early 2009, but now only it appear on Malaysia's TV Channel. Let's have a look if you haven't seen it before.

Wonder how the ads was made? Is it the advertiser manage to find two kids that know how to move their eyebrow by following the music tempo. Or using some technology?

Here is the clue for you. Some people suggested they used the minor electric shock on the eyebrow muscle. It can be done in reality, but I hope it is the talent gift to the two children instead of using technologies.

However, here is the proof that electric shock can makes your body muscle contract and show different facial expression. Tested by Japanese on the above video. If you are given RM50k to do the ads with possibility of getting over shock, would you do it? RM50k is not a small amount you know =)

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