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12 June 2010

Taking 2 Days Off from Blogging~!

Today I will go to Melaka Homestay with some of the bloggers and friends =) So won't be able to blog at night as I don't have a laptop (yet) to carry around. So, take one day off blogging for Saturday night and probably Sunday too! Unless I manage to hijack somebody's laptop there for a short update ;p

Oh ya, you can follow me @TianChad on Twitter so can get some nice update? My phone is not smart enough but still can tweet one~!=D

"Stop blogging"

One thing to share, manage to raise 10,000 GoldCoin to buy a new Klaymore. If you like to play Facebook cute game. Go visit TuckyTucky ~!

Random pict for today and tomorrow:

"Kasut Cinderella Tanah Malaysia"
Found this pair of shoes abandon by someone. Saw a thick layer of soil under the Cinderella's shoes?

"Look at the brighsite"

As usual, look at the brightsite (my site) when you encounter something not so good or makes you unhappy. Be positive and I am sure you will live happier too~! Do check out my other blogpost when you are free, mine post won't make you depress one =D

Till then, happy a happy weekend everyone~!

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