08 June 2010

I Like "KFC Tucky Tucky" Facebook Game!

Today would like to share a cute game on Facebook. I do like cute stuff especially something like Patapon =D Good to see that Malaysia KFC manage to create this such cute game:

KFC Tucky Tucky (Tucky2)

Now I can go hunt Onions

And kill some chicken to cook a nice Ginger Chicken Soup

I can even kill a Crocodile with just a snap~! Lol


Woohoo really addicted to this game now. If I am not wrong the Gold Coin that I earn through this Facebook Game can exchanged to Snax Point. Which eventually can change to real KFC meals~!

Will share more about this adorable flash game after I manage to get a Snack Plate to eat ya! If you are interested, please go and play this game now~!

Click me: KFC Tucky2

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