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Hello ladies and guys perhaps, this post is specially dedicate to all Kris Allen fans around the world and I hope you enjoy tons of photos posted up here. For previous photo posted on TianChad.com, please click here "Kris-Allen-Music-Show-KL-Malaysia".

If you saw photo with 21 x 9 ratio it means it is most suitable to be LG Chocolate BL40's wallpaper.

Do comments on photo below and again hereby I wanna thanks NigelSia for the DSLR advice =D

One of the handsome band member

Kris Allen interact with the fans, how nice?

Some advice to DSLR user, take off the BIG flash gun if you are not using it =S

Kris Allen took a rest drinking Water

Continue rocks with the fans and sing along!

Music with the band!

One night only~! One night only!

Kris Allen - "To be a better man"

It is good to see the crowd smiling

Not usual to see Kris with this face expression

At the end of a song, a swing of the guitar

The 70's hairstyle guitarist "Curry-puff hairstyle"
*Which I used to have it*

"I'm sorry to tell you that this is my last song.... Hope you guys enjoy"

I should focus on the screen behind

If you saw photo with 21 x 9 ratio it means it is most suitable to be LG Chocolate BL40's wallpaper.

Dear all fans, this is the most surprising moment that I manage to caught and snapped down~!
Kris Allen trusted we Malaysian and just lie back like going to the pool

I am sure the fans would never forget that moment, right?

However it is just for a while as I think somebody touch the part which are not suppose to be touched ;p

The last picture before the song end

Kris Allen wave to everyone in the stage and promise will come back again

There are people with happy face and also a "i-dont-wannt-leave" face
Please don't cry girl. There still will be next time.

Okay here are some photo of me with friends la. I am not as talented + handsome as Kris Allen, but I appreciate I am not a melody noob ;p

Nicole Chua, Simon and me

Nicole got to snap photo with Ean from hitz.Fm
*He seems busy all the time*

While me consider myself a lucky bastard to able to snap photo with Marion Caunter again~! Yay, new photo into "TianChad with Marion" collection wei [Thanks Marcus in certain way =D]

Finally I am done with Kris Allen photo blog post! Hope to attend more event like this especially music concert and fashion show~! Thanks LG Blog for the passes! If you don't wanna miss the next chance, start follow and read LG Blog from today!

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