My Smirnoff Vodka & Man U Merchandise

Hello to all my dear readers, sorry for having less blog post these days as my broadband will only "recover" after next month [being throttled because hit the monthly 3GB quota]. Seriously, I am now blogging in a cyber-cafe and just done my blogpost for LG Blog too. Please don't forget to visit ya.

Last month, I won myself a Smirnoff Vodka and some merchandise from CLIVE Magazine

First time won a Vodka
specially from Clive Magazine.

This is my lucky winning as I only send one SMS for this competition =)

Honestly I like to join contest as much as I can =)

Man U Shirts + Smirnoff Cap

The back of the Shirt

Since I am not a football fans I guess I will give it out to one of my lucky MU friend? =D
I won't know you are interested unless you tell me.


PS: Vodka will stay with me la ^@^"


KY said…
woohoo i have the same shirt!
MsXeRoZ Nicole said…
Erm..*knock knock*

I know u only want the bottle rite? So, if the Vodka stays Nicole stays too..haha..i help u finish the vodka then u can fill ur bottle with water and keep. XD
♥ Renise said…
limited edition vodka? i likey the bottle xD
TianChad田七 said…
You do? =D
*High 5*

Vodka stay with me =)
I will give it to someone having his/her birthday soon ;p

[Wo Shi Nicole aka MsXeRoZ]
Nicole go drink the fermented drink at ZJ house. More healthy ar! ;p

[♥ Renise]
Not sure about that, but I like the bottle too!! XD
__livingonadrenaline said…
ooo this is sick as
definitely would love to own this.
since you are giving it away i thought i'd just leave a comment to let you know i'm interested.
christmas is coming up and my boyfriend and i are doing a pressent a day thing.
and i know he wants a smirnoff shirt. and you have no idea how unbelievably hard they are to find..and just to add i know how much he'd love this, see as though he is a huuuuuuuuge soccer fan.
so yeah, just let me know.
would help alot.
TianChad田七 said…
Hi there, the shirt has been given to one of my friend as birthday gift ar.
Now left with the Smirnoff cap, if you want =)

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