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Marion Caunter ++

I currently working with my aunt in her souvenir shop besides Jonker Street. Therefore I can see many people from different countries. Most of them are from Europe and they are generous.

The best moment when working in a souvenir shop is when there are people visiting the shop and we able to serve them. If not, you will be very boring when there is no one. But, it also not good to see too much people in the shop as there are not enough assistant to provide what they need. Some more Malacca has become one of the World's historic heritage.

What special today is I saw Marion Caunter in the noon. She is really pretty and ... pretty! ;p
The recorder man asking for the permission to do recording around the shop but our boss doesn't allow it (business confidential stuff*). I think Marion is doing her job as a VJ for Channel [V]

Sigh...that's why I wasn't able to see her for a long time...

Hope to see her again~

Cryocord currently recruiting 20 "Sales Executives" and I'm interested in it.
Hope my blog readers might give me some advices on what an "Sales Executives" need to have and what need to do.

Wish us good luck andlook at the brightsite! (again)

Oppsz, almost forgot...Happy Olympic~!!!

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Look at the brightside!! You are going to speak out! Thanks for dropping by :)