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My Wiggy Design (Design your ideal Wiggy)

If I am able to design my own Wiggy, this is how it could looks like. The original shape of Wiggy looks okay for me just that to make it standout with my own characteristic, I can paste a partially permeable sticker of my favourite photo and cover the Wiggy without needs to modify it much. For an example, a photo of myself taken at Genting Highland Themepark =) Ever since I am travelling at Phuket, I have missed few episode of Project Alpha Season 2. But now I have already chase back and would like to share a few episodes with you guys! Ninie Ahmad is really good at Yoga~! That's how Jojo maintain her good looking body and especially youth too. Project Alpha is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS.

RedNinja Wiki Lee with AIDSaware by ruumz

Just now attended a wedding photography seminar RedNinja by WikiLee and before that we were introduced with Ruumz's AIDSAware Campaign . Choose one message to share Then take photo together to create awareness. Jojo Struys done that in her recent blog post too. Woot we have the same message =D Had fun listening to Wiki's talk as he taught us to be special, unique, stand out and be ahead of something. Most important is you must know what's your passion and get your own style. Can this be one of my style? You need to be unique to be easily recognized like the BIG Guy above in ruumz . I would like to thanks CK and ruumz for the invite and hope for more event~! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Was suppose to share about Gatsby Deodorant event but there are too many photo to be posted up. So wait for next post~! Sleepzzzz.....

No Strings Attached

When ever you signed up a telco or even internet package, there is always something to bind you down before you can fully enjoy their special offer or promotion. It would be great if their service is good at all time and without any complaints. But what if it isn't? You won't able to forget about the 1 year contract [which is called string attached] and close down the account as easy as that. For example you've just signed up with a wireless internet service provider, then you were provided with their look superb wireless modem. During first week the connection is still okay(7-days trial), but then after that it become slower than dial-up speed. What can you do when you are tied up with their contract? You will have to suffer until the bond end. BUT HEY guess what, the big guy down here is offering a different package: P1W1max W1ggy With the new Wiggy(W1ggy) Plan, you can get affordable speed with higher usage quota. And the best part is with no contracts and no

My Favourite Surfing Spot

Talking about surfing, it would be either surfing on the sea or surfing the internet. When we talking about surfing on the sea, people will choose to go to a beach which can provide the most big good waves for them to stand on it. Jack Johnson a surfing celebrity Same rules applied, people will like to surf the internet at their favourite spot. Without any hesitation, I always like to surf internet at home but now I wanna surf the net anytime anywhere as long it give me high speed performance. I still remember when it is Dial-Up Internet age [which is 56kbps only], I used to online all the time at home and it cost me a bomb because it charge by bytes. But now technologies evolve, not only we can have internet broadband at home, we can also travel around almost everywhere with a portable laptop to online. Imagine myself travel around the world and blog about my story at anytime, anywhere. Fwah, I like it. With the availability of wireless broadband, my favourite spot is not limite

I Just Love Good Smelling People

Just a question, anyone like people with bad smell? I guess not. I have met a few people with bad smell especially on the LRT. This happen when I use the LRT during after working hour. When I was sitting enjoying the view and LRT reached the next station, suddenly a swarm of people came in and a guy standing in front of me with his hand holding the handle. He was sweating and not to mention the air-conditioner is blowing straight to him. I am sure during that time he was enjoying the cooling air but he didn't know that people sitting in front of him start sensing weird smell and were being tortured. Yes, we all know that it was him who emitting the smell. Not to mention he was using his both hand to hold the handles. Fuh! Double attack! I moved away from him to escape the smell which torturing my nose and mind.He should at least use a deodorant. For example, Adidas Action Absorbent Anti-perspirant Deo Spray Not only you will smell fresh, but also you will smell good too!

P1 Social Media Night @ TwentyOne Tables + Terrace

Let's go back to 17th Dec 09, the time where P1 W1max organized a social media evening @ Twentyone Tables +Terrace . Thanks Nadia and Andrew from P1 inviting me to this event =) First time invited to an event as a blogger and also a Potong winner too! Potong King and Queen get a 1 year FREE Wiggy P1 W1max Since it said start at 6pm, so I rushed to there after work Passed through P1 GreenPacket in a traffic jam. That's why I manage to take photo of that "sun-ray" moment. The environment in TwentyOne Tables + Terrace Spotted Paul Moss in this photo? I was surprised to see the Project Alpha people there too =) Seems like P1 is sponsoring their new season? Bloggers that I saw: RedMummy and Sirman , HuaiBin , Fourfeetnine + TimothyTiah , Budiey , BeautifulNara , kyspeaks , YapThomas, Nuffie David +++ Not forgetting NikiCheong as recently know he was going to be featured in Project Alpha too. That time he was rushing for the StarBuck Facebook launch.