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I won a 4D3N Trip to Tokyo from The Wedding Notebook and Hilton KL

Getting married is a stage in life that loving couple would go through, and I love to capture their precious moments Do you guys still remember last time when I post quite a lot of wedding related photos on my Instagram? It was because I was trying my luck to win a honeymoon trip from  @thewednotebook  contest. The Wedding Notebook and @HiltonKualaLumpur collaborated together to giveaway a 4D3N Trip to Tokyo and I was like... "I shall give it a try~" when my girlfriend told me about this contest. #weddingfete2014 Since I can't join their grand event during Sunday, I pull out some time and purposely drive all the way to Hilton KL and do some photoshoot of the wedding showcase. It was not a huge one but if you pay attention there are many details that you will find it meaningful and beautiful.  I took quite some time to find interesting angle and things to capture down. It was a tough choice to choose which photo to upload because I took quite a lot photos th

I Won S3 @ GSC Media Night 2013 #lucky

Just to share a little bit bout what happened at GSC Media Night =) Been in touch with GSC since year 2010 especially the treasure hunt event . Time just passed so fast and it is GSC Media Night again!! Golden Screen Cinemas Sdn Bhd (GSC) hosted this media night to mark the start of another year of great movies, at GSC Signatures in The Gardens. Me and girlfriend went there just to hangout with friends and enjoy the nice buffet dinner provided at GSC Signature, Mid Valley Garden. Here's the fish eye view of Mid Valley Garden from GSC Signature top floor: Fish eye view of Mid Valley Garden from GSC Signature top floor Rachel and Brian =) Besides having good dinner, it was time for us to mingle with friends loo. Long time never meet Rabiatul Adawiyah and Saiful, Bernard Chung , Tony Teh , Iris Loong and of course GaikLian and Rachel from GSC =) Bernard, Iris and Tony =D Gaik Lian with Rachel and Brian the lovely couple at behind Mr Irving Chee (GM

Astro CNY Dinner 2013 @ Oversea Restaurant [Jaya One]: I Won RM300!

Happy Ulala 2013 - Before you continue reading, I would like to wish you all (especially you who keep dropping by to this space for new updates) have an awesome Ulala year ahead, if SPM this year get all As, if working become richer this year and stay healthy+happy as always. Hopefully you like my blog+photos and support Sky Arts Production - My Photography Page. Thank you Astro for inviting me to their annual Chinese New Year Dinner at Oversea Restaurant @ Jaya One . It was fun to be here again, better traffic compared to last year. If you wonder how was the food in Oversea Restaurant, it was all taste good, just that the waiter and waitress act a bit slow while serving the food. I guess they were all exhaousted during the CNY season~  Astro 2013 CNY Dinner Menu  I like the chicken dish and sea cucumber with broccoli dishes the most. Other bloggers who attended the dinner that night includes KY, Haze Long, SaiMatKong and MsXeroz =D KY and Haz

Samsung Global Blogger Malaysia Top 20 Revealed! SUPPORT!!

72 days left to London Olympic Games 2012!! Today is a surprise+happy day once I woke up saw the tweet from @BonjourGlow . "Hey I think you qualify for the Samsung Global Blogger finalist challenge...isit true? congratz^^"" Without further hesitation, I jump out from the bed to check Samsung Global Bloggers London 2012 website and Top 20 Samsung Global Blogger finalists from 14 different countries have been selected and revealed! Woohoo =D Check out who are selected in Malaysia: Malaysia Top 20 Finalist for Samsung Global Blogger Olympic Game 2012! Congratz to Justin, Janice, Su Choon, Ibtisem, ZE!, Santa, Samuel, Jude, Liting, Amirah, Frederick, Jilian, Sharifah, Proudduck, Kim, Su Lim, Sandra, Petra & Gloria! Wait, I am also the chosen one?! Woohoo! I am glad to see familiar faces like Kim , Proudduck , ZE! , Samuel and Gloria being selected as finalist too. Let's cheers! Yesh TianChad you made it to the next round! Thank you Samsung especially the j

Golden Palm Tree 1st Anniversary Bash WINNERS!

Hurray! Picture taken at Sepang Gold Coast helped me win a 2 Days/1 Night Travellers Palm Villa stay with Breakfast for 2 pax at Golden Palm Tree!! Another reason to visit this relaxing place after Carlsberg Private Beach Party =) I really like Vincy's winning photo especially the sunset. let see if I able to capture it during my next visit! Thanks Golden Palm Tree and looking forward for your 2nd anniversary!! THANK YOU ALL FOR SENDING IN FANTASTIC HOLIDAY STORIES FROM YOUR VACATION AT GOLDEN PALM TREE ICONIC RESORT & SPA AND THE WINNERS ARE! FIRST PRIZE (2 Days/1 Night Canary Palm Villa with Breakfast for 4 pax) Tee Wen Xin (Vincy Xin) The sunset at here is really breath taking. I had a relaxing walk around the resort under the dazzling colour of sunset and the sparkling sea. I do some simple yoga posture and enjoy peaceful moment I ever had in my life. The wind blows gently, tenderly carrying away my worries, awaken my spirit. Here is the place where I