2nd Mid-Autumn Festival In Selangor

I am having my 2nd year Mid-autumn Festival /Moon Festival / MoonCake Festival / Lantern Festival without my families again.

Just now morning went to the park for some fresh air and found the "evidence" of people playing fire/lantern
I guess yesterday night the candles are lighten up all around the park and a Tang-Lung @ lantern left

Do you prefer the plastic battery-powered lantern? Or the traditional paper-made lantern?
I prefer the paper one as I can BURN it. Bwoahaha!!

Now I feel lucky as my grandma was fast enough to found out I am doing that *evil* /*innocent* thing and the bed didn't caught fire.
*Pssst don't tell my parents I used to play fire everywhere, including under the bed *

However, I gotta tell ya, playing fire is fun ;p

I've live in Puchong for more than one year and getting closer with the family members here.
The "initial-shy-shy-neighbour kid" has now start to find me to chat when he is back from school ;p

So I have been working for 1 year++ and gained the so called "1 year working experience".
Now I asking myself, am I satisfied with my current job? Dealing with microbes @ bacteria, buying/selling of equipment and consumable chemicals, produce the company corporate video, and a lot more R&D project that was given by the boss. It is interesting to try new stuff especially doing something that you know nothing when you start.

Seriously, I would love it more if my salary is not below average...There are pros and cons working in the company and looking at the brightsite does help me overcome the cons. I've thought of alternative job as I don't really like the fixed 9-5 routine working time. But I still not sure what job I prefer the most.

I am looking for a job that is related to the internet, especially the one that can combined with my blogging hobby. I like the internet because the barrier between different countries has been largely reduced and I know lots of friends from the net. Being able to blog at LG Blog is really one of the BIG achievement that I've got through this new hobby and I really appreciate all of that =D

I would like to thanks Ms. Seow for giving me this opportunity by very first and others who somehow helped me in achieving many other things XD

Hmm...Now it sounds like a "looking-for-job" post + diary.

I only know a few Malaysia's Full Time bloggers including Cheeserland, Nicole Kiss , LiewCF and etc.

I am wondering why and how they made a decision to become a full-time blogger =)

Dear all blog readers, before I stop here I would like to throw out a question:
"What are the other jobs that you think I can do?"

Although I, myself might be the one who know the right answer but I hope I can get some suggestions from you guys too =)

Your opinions count and I really like to hear it!

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