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Adidas Action3 Road Show @ Mid Valley

Adidas launched their new deodorant called Action 3 and had a roadshow at Mid Valley Megamall from Sept 2 till Sept 6. I was late but still manage to meet up with bloggers featured in Project Alpha.

The first season of Project Alpha will feature Sixthseal, Redmummy, Beautiful Nara, Fourfeetnine, Kennysia, Nicolekiss and Budiey. Set to go live on Nuffnang.com.my and hitz.fm radio station website daily for 7 weeks, from September 18th, 2009 onwards, it will cover the lives of these top bloggers in depth.

So I was late, arrived at Centre Court of Midvalley not seeing the Adidas roadshow
But I saw this
The Raya House Decoration @ Mid Valley Ground Floor

I forgot the "LG" [lower ground] so I thought I was at the wrong place and wondering around.
*stupid me*

But when I was about to give up
I saw the Adidas Road Show in front of me!!
A machine with light rating

It was actually a huge Adidas A3
All I know is you can do something with it.

As usual picture with the Alpha blogger
The first guy I met Huai Bin =)

Second, Kenny Sia the Adidas Guy

Third, the Princess Audrey @ fourfeetnine.com
Mimic her pose =D

Didn't take photo with Tim as he is really busy talking with the crews

4th, back to back posed with Jojo Struys XD
The host of Alpha Project
She is really friendly to teach me this pose

5th, NicoleKiss that famous with her travel blog =)

and 6th, Redmummy that are really red ~!

Yeap she is the "Devil" that bring back the 42" LG TV =)
Taken during LG BLog Launch @ Metropol

I met with Julian too
The guy who study blogsphere as his Master

And Shaz the BIG Tallll guy
Radio Announcer of XFM

Since I missed what happened during the event
Playing with some little photography skill
Is there any bowling ball shining like this?

Below are the Mystery Gifts that you will have by mention the password "Drymax System"
An Adidas Shoes KeyChain and a Adidas Perfume for woman
*Watch is for decoration purpose*

Why will they give a guy a female perfume?
Doesn't Adidas have Male perfume as well??

Sigh, look at the brightside!!
I can make it as a small gift for my female friends

However, this is the Mystery Gift I hope to get la =)

I guess all Alpha Bloggers were given a Cash Voucher for this roadshow =)

Thanks jloi and Serge for helping me to take photo!

Last but not least, please stay tune @ http://www.nuffnang.com.my/projectalpha for the Project Alpha show starting from 18th Sept 2009

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Look at the brightside!! You are going to speak out! Thanks for dropping by :)