Ruumz Most Wanted Ruumates Winners Is Here!

Ruumz Most Wanted Ruumates Finale
Have you watch the videos from my previous post??
Some talents can't be show in picture ya =)
Continue from this post >> Ruumz Happy MWR Judges

MWR finalists did some catwalk and you can see some potential models among them =)
Ripcurl and Mooks

What happen when it comes to Acer Notebooks?
The relationship between two people become closer or more intimate?
The MWR Bed look nice actually~

Here come the pose by the models
Which one is your favourite Most Wanted Ruumate?
*I like the RipCurl Shirt wore by Kingston*

I can see the effort of Kingston putting on geek glasses to promote Acer ;p
And Big Arm to promote RipCurl
Can see he train really hard for that big arm

In the mean time manage to take photo with Joey G
Impressed with his talents in both emcee and music

Judges were invited to up on stage and share some thought before start to announce who were the winners

The Mooks and RipCurl Most Stylist Ruumate
Raessa and Reuben *Double R*

As for Acer Most Wanted Ruumate
Pearlyn in the house

And the Time Travel Dancer Dicky Oscar
You can see his dance here
He looks really happy with the laptop, really =)

Come up with the second runner up for MWR
Jing Cong and Raessa ~
Both are sweet and cute right?

When Niki Cheong and Sarah Lian was invited to announce the winner.
Niki let Sarah do all the talking and being very polite

So is Niki a gentlemen?? You know the answer =)

Without Lilian and other ruumz crew I don't think this event will end so well =)
So presenting you Lilian from ruumz~

1st runner up for ruumz MWR contest
Amanda Choe and Kingston Liu

Kingston Liu, Jing Cong, Amanda Choe and Raessa Sya
*Notice the picture quality is better? =)*

So who are the BIG winner for ruumz MWR ??
Male - Derek Yap

He rocks with happiness

"Yes I am the No. 1!"

Somehow manage to capture this picture
Does the MWR Awards shine now? =)

As for female MWR
create avatar

We all know who she is as she has the loudest cheers
Most Wanted Ruumate female - Rachel Beh

James Chong's expression? Priceless~

Congratz again to all the winners of ruumz MWR
Even for those who didn't win
I bet you gain some experience that not all people can have
So be cherish~ It made you a better person!

Last but not least show you some photos of me taken with the ruumates!
Red and black - It is the colour of ruumz isn't it? haha

I would like to thanks Nicole as I borrow her camera once mine battery run out
She wrote a post about MWR too~
*Click Here*

So Most Wanted Ruumate Contest has called an end
But still need to continue life right?
My advice to all ruumates finalist, stay humble no matter you getting popular or not
Or else, you won't able to reach higher top of the hill

And if you saw this picture
I am just holding the Ciggy for James
I don't smoke kay? XD

Since recently I have always going out for night event.
A better camera with fast flash response would be my choice~
In all I hope I can get a better camera soon enough to have more nice photo of night event =)


Jing Jing said…
Wahhh... O.O
is... is... is sooo ...soo NICE !!!

I'm all stunned with the way u blog.
reli reli reli reli....

WOW !!!!~

u make me look so wow and wow as well...

TianChad田七 said…
[Jing Jing]
So "kua jiong" ar?
As long as you feel happy then it will be good =)


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