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This Is How I see Japan #TCTravel

Hello guys, it has been a while since my last post again. I gotta admit that my brain got rusty somehow after abandon this space for quite sometime as I am spending more time in crafting my Instagram feed and YouTube channel. Been wondering which color theme I should stick to for my Instagram photos, and whether it should be travel photo stories++ What about wedding and precious moments? Should I still post #TCSelfie and so on?? Afterall, the attention of social media has move towards motion pictures (a.k.a.YouTube) and less people read blog nowadays. *comment down below if you still read blog lol*
Last week I processed a series of travel photos taken during trip to Japan in 2015 so that I can post it on Instagram to join some sort of travel photo contest. Well, I went to Hong Kong and schedule was so packed till I didn't have time to post all of it on my Instagram. *what an excuse hahaha*
Hence here's a photo post solely to describe my first trip to Japan in year 2015 (and f…

Samsung x MODA Malaysia 26th Anniversary 2016 @ Publika KL

Harlo guys, today I would like to share bout the photos we took for Samsung and MODA (Malaysia Official Designers' Association) Malaysia 26th Anniversary. This fashion event happened in Publika KL in last September. It was a fun photoshoot I did together with buddy Gary Ng =)

Revolving Heart《心门》电视剧 - 心中枷锁 谁能开启? 2月14日启播

随着《我的星光大道》的落幕,ntv7将从2017年2月14日起,每逢星期一至四,晚上9点30分,7势如虹时段播出ntv7本地中文电视剧——《心门》(REVOLVING HEART)。值得一提的是,观众只要成为VIP会员,即可透过马来西亚第一网络电视tonton(抢先观赏《心门》全套剧集。


Revolving Heart《心门》电视剧讲述著名女艺人李嘉(吴天瑜饰)以凶残的手段杀了情夫Michael袁瑞华(叶良财饰)后精神崩溃,法庭暂判精神错乱,送入了精神病院观察。精神病院主诊医生兼Michael的弟弟Louis袁瑞扬(李洺中饰)和李嘉在大学时曾是情侣,Louis想为李嘉进行治疗恢复精神正常,并找出李嘉杀死Michael的主要原因。私家侦探Jimmy(王竣饰)受人委托侦查此案,Jimmy认为李嘉装疯卖傻是为了逃过刑法,势要找出证据。不料。在查案过程中,Jimmy却爱上了李嘉的妹妹Belle李敏(林绿饰)
Revolving Heart《心门》3分钟预告抢先看
当天记者会演员们分享了拍摄心得,第一次与众多实力演员拍摄,加上来自香港的黄浩然一起演出,会是擦出了什么火花呢?在这之前,不如聆听Jyin Poh 傅健演唱这首歌 "幸福枷锁"?

【LIVE】Jyin Poh 傅健颖- 幸福枷锁 | NTV7 Revolving Heart 《心门》 片尾曲 
"幸福枷锁"是 NTV7 Revolving…

[Concert] MEGADETH LIVE IN MALAYSIA 2017 @ Stadium Negara

[Update] Congratulations to Megadeth for winning the “Best Metal Performance” at the 59th Grammy Awards!
One of the world’s top heavy metal bands credited with popularizing the genre, Megadeth, is finally coming to Malaysia! After a much-anticipated wait, Megadeth’s debut performance in Kuala Lumpur - organised by IME Malaysia - will see the band rock Stadium Negara on Thursday, 4th May 2017 at 8pm.
Founded in 1983, Megadeth virtually gave birth to a genre when their debut release became recognized as the Greatest Thrash Metal Debut Album of All Time. 
“Kuala Lumpur is somewhere I've always wanted to hit when we've been trekking through Asia,” co-founder and front man Dave Mustaine was quoted saying in an interview recently. “They're going to let us bring our brand of metal music, it's really rewarding,” he added.
Dystopia - Megadeth Live On Spotify
The tour is in support of their latest album Dystopia, t…

My Shopping Haul in Suria KLCC & Sunway Pyramid ft Starwars Rogue One (Christmas Edition)

Harlo guys, how's your Chinese New Year holiday so far? I've been eating eating and eating and confirm already gained weight. If you are like me want to 'jaga badan', make sure to use myfitnesspal app to track your daily calories intake. (However I do find it difficult to track what I eat during CNY because they are all not in the database hahaha, so use your mind to roughly justify it )

Just recently I learnt that as long you keep your calories intake lower than your calories outtake (body usual metabolism requirement), you won't get fatter easily. Remember, you are what you eat.

My Shopping Haul in Suria KLCC & Sunway Pyramid ft Starwars Rogue One (Christmas Edition) 
Today's blogpost is actually to share a video I did for AsiaShoppingChannel. It was a shopping haul video featuring three different brands - Topshop (Topman), H&M, and Havaianas. Since I always up for challenge and love shopping, I've decided to do a vlog style shopping dairy with my…

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