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WIN Astro 20 Exclusive Travel Experiences This 20th Anniversary!

Time flies and it is already Astro's 20th Anniversary this year. So many things have changed over the years especially since the invention of PVR that lets you watch your favourite show anytime. On this festive day 10th of Oct 2016, Astro announced its grand celebration with 20 Exclusive Ónce-In-A-Lifetime' Experience for all Astro subscribers. Free preview of new Astro Channels until year end and free access to Astro Fest to be held at Sunway Lagoon Theme Park soon.
Let's just see what was in store during the celebration shall we? Since I arrived early at Astro office, there were many booths opened at the lobby where everyone including Astro staff can play the games, take photos to win exclusive merchandises. It was like mini funfair for us and I gotta say I love the MTV's 360 Video, Cartoon Sketching at Disneyland booth and being able to meet all the mascots from my favourite cartoon!! (Especially Mickey)
It was a great day to meet Astro artists in one same place to…


Having photography as one of my hobby and profession has been always fruitful for me as I can capture precious moments that I noticed when I am with my camera. Most of the time, you will see me with my huge camera bag on the street or when I am attending event. Practice makes perfect, that's how to improve your photography skill too.

However, after carrying this huge and heavy DSLR along for years, it has constantly putting pressure on my shoulder and back and eventually developed into unpleasing back pain. Other than that, spending massive time in front of the PC editing photos is the main cause for stiff shoulder too. For me, having a healthy and fit body is very important as you can't do a photoshoot properly with your injured back. 

[MUST READ] If Your Parents Are New on Facebook, Share This Or It Could Cost You RM60,500

Hello guys, with the growth of online technology and social media. Social media and online banking has made our life easier but if never use properly it could makes your life miserable too. Actually this online Facebook scam and online investment fraud is not something new, but for newbies of social media (especially parents and lonely person), they are more prone to fall into this internet fraud (or love trap) and eventually lead to monetary lost. Usually it started with a "mutual benefits investment" and then your money or "promised return" in USD stuck at custom, and you need to bank transfer extra money to redeem it. Worst would be you gave them all your personal details with IC, Passport and all other banking details. [MUST READ] If Your Parents Are New on Facebook, Share This Or It Could Cost You RM60,500 So I have a friend who shared her family's unfortunate experience about this typical FB Fraud that could happen to anyone. I've included the persona…

《中国新歌声》李佩玲媒体见面会演唱《翅膀》 | 8TV Sing! China Malaysia Lee Pei Ling Media Meet & Greet

八度空间《中国新歌声》李佩玲媒体见面会 | 8TV Sing! China Malaysia Contestant Lee Pei Ling Media Meet and Greet Invitation The other day it was a meet and greet session with Jeryl 李佩玲 after she came back from Sing! China 《中国新歌声》 2016 final.  Jeryl 李佩玲 performed the song 《翅膀 》(she actually prepared this song for the final if she get into 2nd round). There was an interview session with Jeryl 李佩玲 together with 8TV host Natalie 小玉 and you will know more of her future plan after watch the interview video below =)

The Undiscovered Swimming Pool & Restaurant @ Genting Highlands 云顶高级水上餐厅,你去过了吗?

Have you heard or seen this swimming pool in Genting Highlands? I don't believe it until I saw this magical place hidden so well on one of Malaysia's mountain top. That's what I am going to share this time! I've experienced special arranged limousine services from my house all the way up to Genting, hotel stay in Maxim Hotel Premier Room and of course able to enjoy fine dining breakfast at 18th floor with the magnificent view. Check out more photos below, you won't wan't to miss out this pool and fine dining place in Genting:

Family Timeless Picnic @ Taman Tasik Shah Alam

Last weekend was the first time I visit Taman Tasik Shah Alam and I gotta admit that's a really huge and nice park that I never know it exist until I went to this event. On that sunny weekend (24 Sep), OLDTOWN White Coffee had this Timeless Picnic on at Taman Tasik Shah Alam
Not only the admission was FREE, you get to have free popcorns, cotton candy and of course play timeless Malaysian games to reminiscence the good old time. In the morning there were Hot FM and One FM DJs (Deen Hotfm, Real Fizie Hot FM, OneFM William, One FM Yin盈盈) and cruiser teams doing a live radio broadcast crossover. Well, I enjoyed taking photos of people having fun together as that's the quality family time that one should spend together =)
The first 200 picnic-goers received a complimentary Timeless Picnic Bag that contain a limited picnic mat and some snacks that you'll love since the 90's. There were FREE white coffee by the cute OLDTOWN Gopitiam van and there are also various games for…

《回盼》科幻和侦探元素大马电视剧 - “灵力”破解离奇凶杀案

八度空间全力打造、Clover Sky倾力制作、One FM为指定电台的《回盼》将于2016年10月7日起,每逢星期五,晚上8时30分,原创强档时段播出。日前,导演吴昇儿Teddy陈立谦带领一众演员Jack陈泽耀Lenna林家冰Rickman谢承伟Allan杜尉纶Agnes王柔霖Rabbit陈沛兴曾潍山出席放映记者会。


8 Tips For Mobile Levitation Photography By Just Using Smartphone #TCLevitate

Since I rarely update my blog these day (too many photoshoot and processing to attend to), I guess I shall give it a try by including some of my instapost as part of the blog?? Just recently I noticed that my phone can actually do more that what I know it could. Hence that's why I started #TCLevitate focusing on levitation photography done using just your mobile smartphone. Caption for above Instagram photo @tianchad: Here's the new addition to my #TCLevitate collection. All done using #myGalaxyS7edge with a stylus. (photo taken using its built-in camera) Just want to say that smartphone nowadays getting smarter and you won't know how powerful it is until you try it out. If you are interested, I've shared some behind the scene on my insta-story =) Featuring my first @danielwellington with the beautiful #sunset. You can get your fav DW watch or other apparels from Zalora Malaysia with this code "ZBAPX8H" for 15% discount. This could save you up to RM180++ if y…

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