31 December 2015

[Sponsored Video] It's Time For Windows 10

It's Time For Windows 10
It's Time For Windows 10
I've been a Windows user since ages ago. My first Windows was Windows 98 and I still remember that time it was the floppy disk era and I have spent my time to learn how to format my PC all by my own. It was not easy but you will feel satisfied when you manage to do it all by yourself haha. I was very happy when I manage to format and reinstall the Windows on my PC.

I remember last time I reformat and install Windows for a friend because it could cost you RM50 if you ask someone else to do it in the Shop. Now I wonder how much does it cost right now. Internet Explorer was the only browser I use until Firefox and Google Chrome came out. Now in Windows 10, you can have the brand new Internet Browser called Microsoft Edge.

I do miss the Start Menu when it disappear in Windows 8. I even go and find a patch just to retrieve back the Start Menu on my Windows. With the latest Windows 10, the Start Menu is back and you can do more things with it now. As the blog title shown, I am here to share with you a video bout Windows 10.

30 December 2015

[Sponsored Video] 2-in-1 That Mixes Work with Play

Acer Aspire Switch 10 E Blue

2-in-1 That Mixes Work with Play

Are you more to a desktop, a laptop or a tablet person? Other than having a smartphone, I use both tablet and laptop depends on my work requirement. Some laptop with keyboard is heavy and bulky while tablet is easy to bring around (but you lack of keyboard to do the typing). Thankfully nowadays we have a new category of gadget which is 2-in 1, a device where you can attach/detach the keyboard whenever you need it by transforming it between a tablet and laptop. I would call it a clever hybrid.

Now the question would be, "Which 2-in-1 laptop and tablet should I get?"

29 December 2015

[Sponsored Video] LOUIS XIII '100 Years' - The Movie You Will Never See

LOUIS XIII '100 YEARS' - The Movie You Will Never See

LOUIS XIII '100 YEARS' - The Movie You Will Never See

Have you ever wonder create something that can only be revealed after 100 years?? I know that there are wines and brandy that can only be tasted after 20 years or more but not a movie. Oh well, I guess someone took one step further and create a movie that will only be premiere on November 18, 2115. Yeap, that means only my descendants will have the chance to watch this movie (provided that they are on the invited list haha).

LOUIS XIII Cognac, one of the most luxurious spirits in the world, announced an original film, starring actor John Malkovich, which envisions Earth one hundred years from now and will not be released until 2115. Directed by Robert Rodriguez ‘100 Years – The Movie You Will Never See’ was inspired by the century of careful craftsmanship and patience it takes to create each decanter of LOUIS XIII Cognac. 

LOUIS XIII '100 Years' - The Movie You Will Never See - behind the scenes
[Behind The Scenes] LOUIS XIII '100 Years' - The Movie You Will Never See

To ensure that ‘100 Years’ remains secure until its official premiere on November 18, 2115, one century from now, the film was placed in a state-of-the-art safe which will open automatically in 100 years when the timing is complete. One thousand guests from around the world received an exclusive invitation to give to their descendants to attend the premiere of ‘100 Years’, on November 18, 2115, at the House of LOUIS XIII in Cognac, France.

26 December 2015

How to Drag & Select Multiple Photos at once on Android Phones

How to drag and select multiple images  at once on Android Phones

How to drag and select multiple images at once on Android Phones

Happy Christmas and happy holiday to everyone!! As a smartphone user, I always hope my smartphone can get smarter and improve its function from time to time. I am a heavy user in photography application (For example VSCOCAM, Snapseed and Instagram) so there are tons of photos that took major space in my Samsung GALAXY Note 5 with limited built-in memory. Therefore I will need to delete unwanted/unnecessary photos from time to time after backup the photos to my external drive. 

In my situation, I still want to keep certain photos in my phone but not delete all at once, and it is very time-consuming to select multiple photos by tapping on the image one by one (imagine you have 2000++ pictures in one gallery) instead of drag-select like what we usually do on the desktop. 

In case there are someone else who need this info, I've decided to blog about this today. The Drag and Select function for multiple photos at once is already available on the latest iOS but it seems like my phone is lacking of this function. I was searching for solution on Google and seems like no one was sharing about it  (do correct me if I am wrong). Thanks to my friend Kevin who shared a tip to enable the drag and select function in my phone. All you need is this apps, it could be built-in apps in your phone.

24 December 2015

Jeju Island 4D3N Itinerary (Day 1) - Aewol Coastal Road, Monsant Cafe, Play KPOP & Neulbom Black Pork

Rainbowish beautiful korean dishes served at Hwa Mok Won 화목원 - Jeju Island

Rainbowish beautiful korean dishes served at Hwa Mok Won 화목원 - Jeju Island

After all the delay and exhausted working weeks, I am finally settling down and blogging about my recent FAM trip to Jeju Island courtesy of Jeju  Tourism Organisation (JTO). We travelled to Jeju Island from 5 Nov to 8 Nov 2015 using Korean Air. There was no direct flight to Jeju Island hence we first landed at Incheon International Airport, took an Airport Express Bus (around 40 minutes) to Gimpo International Airport. We then took Korean Air again to Jeju Island, the flight took us around 1 hour plus to reach this beautiful island.

After 4D3N here in Jeju Island, my overall impression on Jeju Island is that this is a place that's suitable for people who love outdoor activities especially like mount climbing, waterfall, sightseeing of the beautiful scenery and most importantly you love nature. It is really relaxing to travel in this place where you can basically enjoy the beautiful view along the journey. Well it is not all perfect as sometimes there will be traffic jam in certain area. But I will still recommend this place to you guys especially couple to have honey moon here haha! Cold weather and beautiful scenery, perfect place for dating couple!

22 December 2015

[REVIEW] Sony 4K Action Cam FDR-X1000V (with videos)

Review: Sony FDR-X1000V/W 4K Action Cam

Review: Sony 4K Action Cam FDR-X1000V/W

Few months back I got this new Sony Action Cam FDR-X1000V to play with and use to record my adventures during my travels. It looks really different from the action cam that I used before and I always enjoy exploring new gadgets that ease my life. Especially when they are related to photography and videography =D

I am going to share the pros and cons of Sony Action Cam FDR-X1000V with you and some photos/videos that I've captured using it. Overall I am satisfied with the performance, especially the 170° ultra-wide field of view and super stabilized footage when I shoot videos using it.

21 December 2015

Win A Trip To Watch Bruno Mars Live In Las Vegas

Win A Trip To Watch Bruno Mars Live In Las Vegas with Yonder Music

Win A Trip To Watch Bruno Mars Live In Las Vegas with Yonder Music

Love music in your hand? Then you will love Yonder Music. Yonder Music is the new mobile digital music service in town that provides you with ad-free access to millions of tracks to download, play and share. It was launched in Malaysia on November 19 in an exclusive partnership with Celcom Axiata Berhad, which will provide unlimited music to all of its subscribers. Want to know how to win a trip to Las Vegas with a plus one? Please continue reading!

18 December 2015

Dreams Come True For Maxis Employees - Free Trip to Bali!

Maxis staff who won the surprise 3 days / 2 nights trip to Bali.

Maxis staffs who won the surprise 3 days / 2 nights trip to Bali.

Some things are just so random at Maxis. Just three days ago, Maxis CEO, Morten Lundal, made an internal announcement that a surprise awaited all employees. All they needed to do was to come to work on Thursday, 17 December, prepared to travel for a beach holiday, which meant dressing up in beach wear, have their valid passports in hand, and a packed suitcase!

Maxis staff all dressed up in their best beach wear, all hoping to win the 3 days / 2 nights trip to Bali.
Maxis staff all dressed up in their best beach wear, all hoping to win the 3 days / 2 nights trip to Bali.

When the day came, staff at Menara Maxis gathered outside KLCC for the much awaited announcement. With seven boxes containing names of all Maxis employees from the various regions – Menara Maxis, Central, Northern, Southern, East Coast and East Malaysia – the crowd cheered on as Morten randomly picked out winners to an all-expense paid trip for two to Bali. Altogether there were 13 lucky winners.

16 December 2015

8TV 我要做MODEL I Wanna Be A Model 2016 Audition on 19-20th Dec @ NSTP Balai Berita, Bangsar

8TV 我要做MODEL I Wanna Be A Model 2016 returns with Shir Chong and Sean Feng as mentors

8TV 我要做MODEL I Wanna Be A Model 2016 returns with Shir Chong and Sean Feng as mentors

Strutting down the runaway parading the latest designer ensembles and appearing as talents in television commercials has long been the dream of aspiring models. But not everyone knows how and where to kick-start their career in this field. This is the very reason Media Prima’s Primeworks Studios created the modelling reality TV show, I Wanna Be A Model 2016, on 8TV which aims at giving these wannabe models a golden opportunity to take their dreams to the next level.

Lynn Lim 林佩盈 (@fabulouslynnlim) - The host for I Wanna Be A Model 2016 

The programme which received overwhelming response from viewers, the media and fashion industries will now be returning in a fourth season after six years with Lynn Lim as the host and Shir Chong张嘉汶and Sean Feng 冯翔 as mentors. The last three seasons has seen the series coaching and producing a number of talented young models for the commercial and fashion industries both locally and internationally.

15 December 2015

5 Ways to Explore FRIM in a Day

5 Ways to Explore FRIM in a Day

5 Ways to Explore FRIM in a Day

I spent my childhood in an estate so naturally I love being in the great outdoors. The rich variety of flora and fauna in the jungle never ceases to amaze. So when I had the chance to drive the Honda Civic 2.0 over the weekend, I decided to make a trip to the Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM) in Kepong for  a little nature excursion.

13 December 2015

SPAO Malaysia Grand Opening with Super Junior Lee Teuk & Kang In @ Parkson Pavilion KL #SPAOMY

SPAO Malaysia Grand Opening with Super Junior Lee Teuk & Kang In @ Parkson Pavilion KL #SPAOMY

SPAO Malaysia Grand Opening with Super Junior Lee Teuk & Kang In @ Parkson Pavilion KL #SPAOMY

On 11th December two members of Super Junior - Lee Teuk and Kang In came to Malaysia for Grand Opening of SPAO, MIXXO and WHO.A.U at Parkson, Pavilion KL. Thanks Parkson for having us again to capture the precious moments of their grand launching after CNBLUE's Visit to Mid Valley for The Class Malaysia Grand Opening.

So I am here to share some photos of the official event especially photos of Lee Teuk and Kang In. Thanks to Selangor holiday, there weren't major traffic jam while on the way to PavilionKL. I reached Pavilion KL around 8.45am and went in the mall through their staff entrance. Saw big group of SJ fans who have already queued up outside the mall while waiting for it to open at 10am. You girls are really awesome SJ fans yo.

Early birds queuing up to enter the mall to meet Super Junior members LeeTeuk and KangIn
Early birds queuing up to enter the mall to meet Super Junior members LeeTeuk and KangIn

10 December 2015

Hong Kong Ocean Park Halloween Fest 2015

Hong Kong Ocean Park Halloween Fest 2015

Hong Kong Ocean Park Halloween Fest 2015

Hello guys, it has been a while since my last post and I've decided to do a simple blog post about my trip to Hong Kong Ocean Park Halloween Festival 2015. Instead of showing you just photos, I've decided to show you motion pictures of what we did in the Ocean Park.

Another reason that I want to keep this short is because yesterday I was down with diarrhoea and vomited then slept throughout the day... Today I feel better now but I have yet fully recovered =( I think I ate contaminated food at TPM Food Court ...

03 December 2015

4FINGERS Crispy Chicken Now In Malaysia - Mid Valley Megamall #GIMME4FINGERSMY

4FINGERS Crispy Chicken Now In Malaysia - Mid Valley Megamall #GIMME4FINGERSMY

Ever heard of 4FINGERS Crispy Chicken? Well, if you haven't, this new delicious Korean style chicken wings has come to Malaysia! First branch in Malaysia has now opened at Mid Valley Megamall. I've heard the hype about this new Crispy Chicken in Singapore where people been queuing up for it. 

Well, good news for Malaysian as you have ample space to dine in instead of need to takeaway. If you want to 'dapao' they still have this nice paper box to wrap your chicken wings perfectly. I was invited to the launch event and get to be the first few to try out 4FINGERS. So thank you for the free flow of crispy chickens! *burp* 

So... how does it tasted like? Let's continue reading~

27 November 2015

[Video] Underwater & Scuba Diving At Mabul Island, Sabah #ProveYourself

Let's throwback to my trip at Mabul Island
Let's throwback to my trip at Mabul Island
[Prove Yourself: Enjoy New Journeys] Here's my 2nd travel video recorded at Mabul Island. Mainly are underwater footage recorded using FDR-X1000V Action Cam with the AKA-DDX1K dive door (up to 60m) #Sony #ActionCam #ProveYourself #TravelwithActionCam

Scuba Diving @ Mabul Island, Malaysia #ProveYourself 

Hope you start to fall in love with diving or love it even more after watch this video! Below will have some photos captured solely using FDR-X1000V Action Cam and simple edit using Adobe Lightroom. I love the 170 degrees wide photos and you will definitely able to see it from pictures below.

26 November 2015

Tourism Malaysia x Seeties: Share Malaysia Wonders with Thailand. Black Widow won!!

Happy moment at Grand Millennium KL when our drinks got chosen as the best mocktail =D
Happy moment at Grand Millennium KL when our drinks got chosen as the best mocktail =D
As I blogged about it earlier this month, I was out there together with 9 bloggers from Thailand and 9 bloggers from Malaysia for a challenge in exploring the city together during Malaysia Wonders challenge. It was a fun but short trip to get to know new blogger friends but I am glad I did came for this challenge. It definitely reminds me my previous blogging challenge few years back.

In short, there were total three challenges for us to complete at the end of the day and I am quite happy when our team won the Best Mocktail Design Category in Grand Millennium KL Hotel. Let me try to make short story of what we did that day kay??

22 November 2015

Chicken Spaghetti??

Autumn Leaves In Japan
Autumn Leaves In Japan

So after a long week travel to Japan, I was tired but happy that I was lucky enough to experience my first autumn in Shinjuku and a few more beautiful places. Thanks The Wedding Notebook and Hilton Tokyo for the sponsored stay and air tickets. (I won it from their Instagram contest) Can you imagine that you can easily walked up to 17km a day in Disneysea itself?? My legs were tired like hell at the end of the day. Luckily the place I stay have instant hot water so I can dip my legs in the tub for a quick recovery.

Today I wanna rant bout something that I encounter on the flight during my way back to Malaysia. So far I was satisfied with the services given by the airline but I was really disappointed when I met a male stewardess that looks professional but act the other way round.

LOVE N MUSIC CONCERT ft Geraldine Gan, Nicole Lai and Uriah See - 19th December @ KL Live

Love N Music Concert featuring Geraldine Gan, Nicole Lai Uriah See
Astro Presents a Spectacular Evening of LOVE N MUSIC featuring Geraldine Gan, Nicole Lai and Uriah See
Redeem tickets to the star-studded LOVE N MUSIC concert on 19 December 2015

As William Shakespeare once said, “If Music be the food of Love, play on!” In line with this famous saying, Astro today announced a star-studded evening of LOVE N MUSIC, featuring a LIVE performance from its Astro Star Quest winners;Geraldine Gan (2011), Nicole Lai (2012) and Uriah See (2014)at KL Live, Life Centre on Saturday 19th December 2015 at 8.30pm.

The “LOVE N MUSIC” concert promises to be a spectacular event as renowned local artistes will perform heartwarming and classic hits from different eras accompanied by a live band in conjunction with the year-end festivities.The audience can expect to be serenaded by familiar tunes, grand classics includingthe latest songs in English, Chinese, Malay and even Italian.

13 November 2015

My Trip To Mabul Island #ProveYourself

Mabul Island - The place I found the love for diving

Mabul Island - The place I found the love for diving 

Hey guys, I've been busy travelling without my laptop for the past few weeks hence I didn't draft any post until today! Finally I got something nice to share with you guys and this is just the beginning of me sharing my travel journeys through my new action cam!!

Few weeks back I've been engaged by Sony for their Action Cam campaign – ‘Prove Yourself: Enjoy New Journeys’ and throughout my travels I will be using FDR-X1000V Action Cam to record my travels and share out the visual stories. 

This is actually my first travel video recorded and created solely by using FDR-X100V Action Cam and the Highlight Movie Maker for a their quick 2 minutes highlight video feature.  All I need to do was choosing desired videos of the day, set the video length to 2 minutes, and choose background music for the video. Although the Highlight Movie Maker was not perfect in doing what I desired, the video below was completed within 3 minutes and I think the editing was kinda cool. Especially when it can save you so much time in editing the videos yet sharing some highlight of the day =D

My Journey To Mabul Island with Sony FDR-X1000V Action Cam #ProveYourself 

To travel to Mabul Island you will need to take three types of transport (airplane, van and speedboat). In my case, it was four types as I took the train to KLIA2. So as the warm up and welcome video of my travel journey with this action cam, I am here to show you a little sneak peek of what we saw underwater of Mabul Island.

Now follow me on my exciting adventures in Mabul Island! Stay tuned for more videos coming you way on my Facebook page!!

11 November 2015

Tourism Malaysia x Seeties: Malaysia Wonders Bloggers Challenge In KL

Tourism Malaysia x Seeties - Malaysia Wonders 9 bloggers 9 missions

Tourism Malaysia x Seeties - Malaysia Wonders
9 bloggers 9 missions

Yo guys, here's a quick announcement. In conjunction with collaboration between Tourism Malaysia and Seeties, there will be bloggers missions that will be happen in Kuala Lumpur and I will be one of the Malaysia blogger being there to assist Thai blogger for their missions in town.

"Tourism Malaysia together with Seeties - a mobile application to look for local places and experience to see, eat and play - are bringing together nine bloggers from Thailand to experience true, local Malaysia and collect joyful moments of this journey back to Thailand. 
This campaign highlights Malaysia's hidden gems through the eyes of locals from chowing down at the street food stalls of Penang, letting loose at the hot spring of Ipoh and experiencing true wonders of Kuala Lumpur."
The Thai bloggers will partner with nine Malaysian bloggers to go through a series of cultural exchange, challenges and share their collections of experiences in Seeties."
It has been a while for blogging challenge like this and I believe this time it is more on using the smartphone and Seeties apps to win the challenge. I am not sure how the challenges gonna be like but you may check out our live updates at and my Seeties Profile.

10 November 2015

Stay Healthy & Get Rewarded

TianChad does go to the gym - stay healthy and get rewarded

Since many years ago, I've been telling myself that I need to keep fit since my baby belly is getting bigger after consuming so many good foods. However, I only manage to 'motivate' myself to go to the gym more frequently starting June 2015.  All thanks to my close friends who were being straightforward and told me, "Wah TianChad you fat liao". That arrow just stroked my heart and that's when I made a decision. *I do appreciate having friends who giving tough advice although sometimes they are just too straightforward haha*

Knowing that my tummy will continue get bigger if I don't start to do something, I started small by swimming, visit the gym more often and playing with dumbbells. Now is the era where people tend to have a healthier lifestyle in order to stay fit and healthy. Not only you will look better and more confident in person, that's the main motivation for us to continue enjoy Malaysia's authentic and delicious food!!

09 November 2015

《Astro国际华裔小姐竞选2015》决赛: Janice钟素敏面面俱到摘冠 #MACIP2015

《Astro国际华裔小姐竞选2015》三强美丽出炉,友谊第一比赛第二。左起季军Suk Nee陈赐倪、冠军Janice钟素敏、亚军Kathryn魏欣宜。
《Astro国际华裔小姐竞选2015》三强美丽出炉,友谊第一比赛第二。左起季军Suk Nee陈赐倪、冠军Janice钟素敏、亚军Kathryn魏欣宜



《Astro国际华裔小姐竞选2015》圆满落幕。左起Tebby张紫燕、Gisele李俞频、Winnie叶唯君、殿军Yuth颜韵芝、季军Suk Nee陈赐倪、冠军Janice钟素敏、亚军Kathryn魏欣宜、第五名Siok Yee林淑裕、“全民女神” Jany李星仪、Jane陈怡静

《Astro国际华裔小姐竞选2015》圆满落幕。左起Tebby张紫燕、Gisele李俞频、Winnie叶唯君、殿军Yuth颜韵芝、季军Suk Nee陈赐倪、冠军Janice钟素敏、亚军Kathryn魏欣宜、第五名Siok Yee林淑裕、“全民女神” Jany李星仪、Jane陈怡静

来自柔佛的25岁稽查员Kathryn魏欣宜以微差分数坐亚望冠,同时她也是本届最上镜小姐;21岁的大专生Suk Nee陈赐倪(来自雪兰莪)当晚状态大勇,顺利抱走季军。

殿军和第五名分别由甜美的Yuth颜韵芝(23岁,雪兰莪)和口才备受肯定的Siok Yee林淑裕(23岁,吉打)获得。Jany李星仪(22岁,雪兰莪)虽无缘进入五强,但人气甚高的她成功获得由全民投选的“全民女神”附属奖。


30 October 2015

Victoria Harbour @ Hong Kong

Harlow guys, since hotel providing free WiFi I have decided to post up a photo of Victoria Harbour @ Hong Kong which was taken just now.

Tomorrow we are going to Ocean Park in conjunction of Halloween festival. Definitely gonna check out The Walking Dead zone in the park tmr 😈😈😈

29 October 2015

冰淇淋狂想曲:Inside Scoop @ Jonker Street

Inside Scoop @ Jonker Street Melaka

Inside Scoop @ Jonker Street Melaka

我並不嗜甜品,卻對冰淇淋毫無招架之力。光是一隻McD的Sundae Cone都能讓我開心一整個下午,更何況是其它冰淇淋呢。

如此說來,近來除了咖啡館到處林立外,冰淇淋似乎也開始成為城市人在炎炎夏日中舒緩暑氣的新聖品。當然,每一家冰淇淋所主打的大不相同,正如Inside Scoop正是以100%純手工製作的Gelato冰淇淋為賣點,每一款冰淇淋皆採用天然原料製作而成,更融合了本地飲食色彩於集中,製作出迎合大馬人口味的美味冰淇淋。

28 October 2015

[GIVEAWAY]《 平平安安 Find My Dad》 温馨亲情电影:一趟寻父之旅,一次寻子之行

《平平安安 Find My Dad》 电影 11月12日 全马感动上映

《平平安安 Find My Dad》 电影11月12日 全马感动上映

平安(迷你彬 饰)是一个天真无邪,人见人爱的一年级小孩。他成长于一个单亲家庭,家中只有妈妈- 平妈(欧萱 饰)和阿姨照顾他。一直以来,平妈都对平安隐瞒他爸爸的一切,从中也不让平安去探望他的祖父(夏雨 饰)。


听完祖父的辩解后,平安觉得是妈妈阻止他去见自己的爸爸。他开始对在妈妈周围的人起疑,包括金马伦(品冠 饰)。小平安不停地盼望有那么一天可以找到爸爸,于是他下定决心离家出走…

"Find My Dad" Movie Synopsis
Ping An (Mini Bin) is a cute and smart boy in Standard One. He grew up in a single parent family with his mother, Ping Ma (Jeanette Aw) and Aunty (Yise Loo Ee Ser). However, Ping Ma keeps the fact of his dads death in secret and therefore would not allow Ping An to visit his grandfather (Ha Yu).

Ping An was asked to draw “My Father” by teacher, that is when Ping An started to have doubts in his mind and started to wonder where his father went. Therefore, both Ping Ma and his aunt were speechless when Ping An started to question his father's whereabouts. Nevertheless, Ping An never gave up finding out the truth and Ping Ma got very annoyed. Ping An's aunt couldn’t reject her beloved niece’s wishes, hence, she brought him to visit his grandfather in the old folks home without her sister’s notice. That was when a series of events initiated.

From the stories that were told by his grandfather, Ping An assumed that Ping Ma stops him from seeing his own father. Therefore, he started to suspect and evaluates people around Ping Ma hoping to find his own father, especially Cameron (Victor Wong) who has a special meaning tattoo according to his grandfather’s stories…

Courtesy of Asia Tropical Films, I am giving out FIVE pairs of ticket to 《平平安安 Find My Dad》 Premiere screening on 11th Nov at Paradigm Mall. Check out the details below on how to win!!

27 October 2015

Chiu Kicks Off "OlaBola", The Biggest Football Movie In Malaysian Film History

Chiu Kicks Off "OlaBola", the biggest football movie in Malaysian film history
Chiu Kicks Off "OlaBola", the biggest football movie in Malaysian film history
1st row from left to right: Marianne Tan, Mr. Chew Keng Heng (General Manager, Marketing Innovation Dept. from PANASONIC), Chiu Keng Guan (Director) , Ms. Philomena Tan (Business Executive Manager from MILO), Mr. Tung Yow Kong ( Senior Manager, Distribution from Golden Screen Cinemas), Dato Steven Lim (Group Managing Director from Multimedia Entertainment) , Henry Tan (Chief Operating Officer, Astro), Najwa Abu Bakar (Head of Astro Shaw), Frankie Lee, Bernard Hiew. 2nd row front left: Luqman Hafidz, JC Chee, Saran Kumar, Bront Palarae

After the overwhelming response to The Journey and Polis Evo, Astro Shaw brings another Malaysian classic to the silver screen that aims to inspire and thrill all Malaysians. Titled OlaBola, the feature film tells the story of everyday heroes through the lives of a multi-cultural football team. Using the world’s biggest sport as its premise, OlaBola captures the trials and triumphs that keep the team together and affirms that success is a truly collective effort. Packed with action and emotion, OlaBola is set to take Malaysian audiences on a memorable journey that showcases Malaysia’s enduring spirit at its best.

Award-winning director of The Journey, Chiu Keng Guan returns to the field, captaining an enthusiastic cast and crew. Chiu, a football enthusiast, shares that he was “once a top striker in the school team”. He says his mission is “to tell a football story that will inspire my fellow Malaysians”.Chiu believes that football is a beautiful game because it truly displays sportsmanship, boldness and team spirit.”

Chiu displays his distinctive touch in the deft handling of every character, from the determined captain Tauke and his home grown team to the enthusiastic football commentator, Rahman. Owing to personal financial issues, Tauke is forced to leave the beleaguered team. Faced by a strong possibility of failure at their first tournament, the members rally together;putting asidepersonal differences to rise above professional and personal hardships to achieve an ultimately historic triumph. Chiu’s final word says it all, “OlaBolatells us, if you have a dream, pursue it, and fight for it. Believe in yourself.”

21 October 2015

Cute Minions at OD (On Demand) by Astro Launch #OnDemand

#TCSelfie with Minions at Astro OD Launch

The other day I was at OD (ON Demand) Entertainment by Astro Launch in Bukit Jalil. It was a really cool event as you see all sorts of cosplay from Minions, The Walking Dead, Captain America and many more characters from the movie and TV Series. Now you saw my selfie with the minions, let me share more photos taken during the OD launch!

20 October 2015

NOL1XON Streetwear Pop-Up Store @ Isetan KLCC #NOL1XONxELLUI

NOL1XON Streetwear Pop-Up Store @ Isetan KLCC #NOL1XONxELLUI   "We don't set the limit, we break through it"

NOL1XON Streetwear Pop-Up Store @ Isetan KLCC #NOL1XONxELLUI  "We don't set the limit, we break through it"

NOL1XON (which means "No Limit Zone" and pronounced as No-Li-Zon) is a fast-growing fashion and clothing brand founded in June this year. The founders includes personalities Rickman Chia 谢承伟Wind Lee李诗斌 and Kirk Lim 林暐程 (TV Director and Producer). 

NOL1XON is a clothing brand which incorporating Korean fashion style and mainly themed with monochrome colors. Their shirts usually has a long-line cutting, oversized and their latest collection has red color as the new element. NOL1XON's new collection was showcased at Isetan KLCC Pop-Up Store during #NOL1XONxELLUI launch event and you may check out the new designs below.

19 October 2015

[Photo] Sparkling Night at Yuna Live In Malaysia 2015 | KLCC Plenary Hall #yunaliveinmy


Close to 3,000 fans gathered at Plenary Hall, KL Convention Centre on 16 October to see Malaysia’s very own contemporary pop songbird, Yuna, perform live in an intimate homecoming show.
For one night only, internationally renowned singer and SK-II Malaysia’s ambassador, Yuna, enchanted Malaysia she returned home to perform her catchy music live at Plenary Hall KL, Convention Centre on October 16. Organized by The Livescape Group and presented by SK-II, the concert saw close to 3,000 fans of all ages coming together for a night of shared interest to watch the amazing soloist perform in homeground.

Yuna alongside her band performed to an enthusiastic crowd who were elated to see the talented vocalist as she returned home to perform in an hour and a half show. She performed her unforgettable international hits which had fans of all ages singing and humming along to every song on her set. 

Above photo is provided by Livescape Asia and scroll down below for some of the shots that I got by using my Samsung GALAXY Note 5 with a zoom lens. I am quite impressed with the zoom lens and how the photos turn out since I was sitting at the second last row, two level above.

18 October 2015

《TVB马来西亚星光薈萃颁奖典礼2015》拉票造势活动 : TVB Star Awards Malaysia 2015 @ Sunway Pyramid #TVBStarAwardsMY

《TVB马来西亚星光薈萃颁奖典礼2015》拉票造势活动 : TVB Star Awards Malaysia 2015 @ Sunway Pyramid #TVBStarAwardsMY
《TVB马来西亚星光薈萃颁奖典礼2015》拉票造势活动 : TVB Star Awards Malaysia 2015 @ Sunway Pyramid #TVBStarAwardsMY
《TVB马来西亚星光薈萃颁奖典礼2015》 TVB Star Awards Malaysia 2015今天在Sunway Pyramid除了召开记者会,也举办了小型的拉票活动给粉丝有机会近距离接触与赢取TVB马来西亚星光薈萃颁奖典礼2015的入门票 #TVBStarAwardsMY

除此之外,《TVB马来西亚星光荟萃颁奖典礼2015》各奖项完整版入围名单,点击此处。想投选给你的TVB男神女神的朋友们请注意,赶快去Google/Apple App Store下载 “TVB Star Awards Malaysia 2015”然后投票啦!!


《TVB馬來西亞星光薈萃頒獎典禮2015》TVB Star Awards Malaysia 2015 Artist Meet & Greet @ Sunway Pyramid 

15 October 2015

《TVB馬來西亞星光薈萃頒獎典禮2015》: 黃智賢, 敖嘉年, 唐詩詠, 麥長青, 姚子羚,黃翠如親赴大馬拉票造勢

【UPDATE】 照片: 《TVB马来西亚星光薈萃颁奖典礼2015》拉票造势活动 : TVB Star Awards Malaysia 2015 @ Sunway Pyramid #TVBStarAwardsMY


一年一度的《TVB馬來西亞星光薈萃頒獎典禮2015》將於11月28日(星期六)隆重舉行,是次頒獎禮會由TVB娛樂新聞台全力主辦,Astro为合作伙伴,MY FM及MELODY FM为媒体夥伴,並公開讓馬來西亞全民投選,讓觀眾選出他們心目中各個獎項的最佳得主。有見及此,TVB藝人黃智賢、敖嘉年、唐詩詠、麥長青、姚子羚及黃翠如將於10月16及17日親赴大馬宣傳造勢,為頒獎盛事揭開序幕!


此趟來馬,六位紅星將出席《TVB 馬來西亞星光薈萃頒獎典禮2015》一共四場藝人見面會(詳情請參閱下表),並呼籲粉絲們下載流動應用程式,讓他們即時為不同獎項投票,支持這次大型頒獎盛事!

12 October 2015

2015 Ready To Fly《远走高飞》 玩全 FREE 旅行: Vivienne 温慧茵和Yoke 曾洁钰接棒

2015 《远走高飞》 玩全 FREE 旅行: Vivienne 温慧茵和Yoke 曾洁钰接棒

2015 《远走高飞》 玩全 FREE 旅行: Vivienne 温慧茵和Yoke 曾洁钰接棒Astro 本地圈艺人 Geraldine 颜慧萍、Amy 文小菲、 Danny 许佳麟以及 My FM DJ Jym 庄靖毅捧场

2015 《远走高飞》 玩全FREE旅行,超过40万令吉奖金奖品和 100万 Astro Circle 积分等你来赢取!

Vivienne 温慧茵Yoke 曾洁钰接棒的2015年全新一季《远走高飞》将在10月10号开始,每周六晚间10点,Astro AECAEC HD现场直播。全新的主持阵容,全新游戏节目玩法,传统电视与应用程式现场连线的结合,让玩家无须来到节目录影现场,就可以参与节目录影。




除了莅临采访的媒体朋友,Astro 本地圈艺人 Geraldine 颜慧萍Amy 文小菲Danny 许佳麟以及 My FM DJ Jym 庄靖毅也受邀参与模拟游戏,与媒体朋友一较高低。

11 October 2015

[Photo] Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival 2015 @ Mid Valley Megamall #KLPF2015

Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival 2015 @ Mid Valley Megamall #KLPF2015

Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival 2015 @ Mid Valley Megamall #KLPF2015

Instead of keeping the photos taken at #KLPF2015 in my hard disk waiting to be processed, I choosed some photos and edited using VSCOCAM on #myGalaxyNote5 before I posted it on this blog post. Everything was pretty smooth when I drafting this post on my mobile phone, almost all the features and layout appear the same on Chrome Mobile. But when I almost complete drafting this post, I accidentally replaced the whole post with a just a phrase...I was like...WTF!!!

Usually I can just press Ctrl+Z (Undo) button to recover it but I don't think any smartphone have this feature... Hence I recovered the photos that has been uploaded here and decided to type the story on my laptop.

KLPF is a photography event that if no model photoshoot/contest being held by the exhibitor/organiser, it won't be that interesting anymore hahaha. Saw a big group of photographers who brought their best camera gears, climbed on the mini ladder to capture the best moments of the model on stage for a contest. Salute you guys =)

09 October 2015

The Fastest Way To Own An iPhone 6S

The fastest way to own an iPhone by Maxis
The fastest way to own an iPhone by Maxis

In anticipation of the launch of the iPhone 6s and 6 Plus on Friday, 16 October, Maxis is offering customers the opportunity get their hands on their phones as fast as possible. Customers can pre-order their device from midnight tonight (9 Oct) at

Once customers pre-order, they can choose between Maxis 24 Hour Express Delivery or 24 Hour Express Collection at any of 40 Maxis Centers nationwide – guaranteed. Those who choose 24 Hour Express Delivery can even choose to have their phone delivered anywhere in Malaysia – home, office, restaurant or (as THIS VIDEO suggests) somewhere more unusual.  

30 September 2015

Street Photography Using Lenovo Vibe Shot @ Little India Brickfields KL

Street Photography Using Lenovo Vibe Shot @ Little India Brickfields KL

Street Photography Using Lenovo Vibe Shot @ Little India Brickfields KL

Early in September, Lenovo Malaysia organized a special hangout session with National Geographic Photographer Hannah Reyes. In collaboration between Lenovo and National Geographic, Hannah is the current brand ambassador for Lenovo Vibe Shot and you may check out her beautiful shots taken during her travel to 5 Southeast Asian countries and India.

Being able to shoot photos for National Geographic Creative is definitely something that I am looking forward to. Therefore I went for the hangout thinking that it was just a casual session chit-chat with Hannah Reyes and to learn a few photography tips from the awesome photographer herself. Little did I know that Lenovo Malaysia loan each of us a Lenovo Vibe Shot to take photos on the street of Little India Brickfields Kuala Lumpur.

As what I understand about Indian's culture, they are always colorful in terms of food, sarees and so many other stuff. Hence the theme of my street photograph was focusing on the colorful thing that I can find at Little India Brickfields. Below are some photos taken during the short photography session and I hope no matter you like/dislike it, leave a comment and tell me what do you think kay?

At least I there's someone reading what I wrote haha!!

29 September 2015

Le Pont Boulangerie et Café @ Old Klang Road Bedford Business Park

Le Pont Boulangerie et Café @ Old Klang Road Bedford Business Park

Le Pont Boulangerie et Café @ Old Klang Road Bedford Business Park

On 20 September 2015, Le Pont Boulangerie et Café has officially opened its stately doors in Old Klang Road with a three-storey French European boulangerie-patisserie-café offering wholesome cafe cuisine, traditionally artisanal yet innovative breads and pastry, custom-roasted house blend coffee and specially-crafted drinks.

The inspiration behind the name Le Pont (French for ‘The Bridge’) comes from the desire to capture the vision of a unique space where people can come together and forge new friendships and the aspiration to create a food and beverage concept where food and drink connect seamlessly. Thus was born a French European boulangerie-patisserie-cafe that strives to connect cultures, link great food with memorable moments and showcase culinary expertise and gastronomic innovations.

After reading the post from EatDrinkKL,  I was really interested to check out their interior, especially that beautiful stairs. Thankfully Le Pont invited me for their official Grand Launch so I can check out this place with gf. They have actually operated for quite some time before this launch though. Let's check out the interior shall we??

27 September 2015

An Experience Helping People In Need #ProjectNourish

An Experience Helping People In Need Project Nourish
An Experience Helping People In Need
Today I would like to share something I did in mid of July. It was a meaningful evening with friends from Maxis team.Working with two local NGOs – Pertiwi Soup Kitchen and Kechara Food Bank – over 150 Maxis volunteers took to homes and the streets during Ramadan to distribute food and essential supplies to the urban poor and homeless in and around the Klang Valley.

#ProjectNourish was more than just about helping the needy. It gave us the opportunity to go down to the ground to see for ourselves the reality of urban poverty, have a sense of gratitude and do something meaningful. It was certainly an eye opening experience to be able to directly interact with and help those in need.

Below are some photos taken when we visited two of the family:

21 September 2015

[Photo] Japanese Film Festival 2015 x GSC Malaysia @ Pavilion KL

Japanese Film Festival 2015 x GSC Malaysia @ Pavilion KL

Japanese Film Festival 2015 x GSC Malaysia @ Pavilion KL

It was an honour that GSC Malaysia decided to hire me for my photography service again after their grand winning in Putra Brand Awards 2015. They like the photos so I was there to shoot for their Japanese Film Festival 2015 at GSC Pavilion KL the other day. It was my first Japanese Film Festival and I gotta say I really love the movie Kakekomi directed by Masato Harada. Always good to meet talented people who can create creative motion images =)

It was good to see Ms Koh Mei Lee and Linora Low in Kimono too. I heard it took them at least 30-45 minutes to wear it well and the color/design represent different age group. I really can't wait to visit Japan this coming November!!

Below are some event photos that I thought would like to share with you guys. If you love my style of event photography, call me up! 

Sky Arts Production - "Capture Precious Moments"

15 September 2015

Most Surreal Dinner In The Sky @ KL Tower, Malaysia #dinnerinthesky

#TCSelfie with Zlwin Chew magician buddy in the mid air during Dinner In The Sky @ KL Tower Carpark
#TCSelfie with Zlwin Chew magician buddy in the mid air during Dinner In The Sky @ KL Tower Carpark
Malaysia was the FIRST country in South East Asia to host Dinner In The Sky, in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, promising an amazing view of the iconic KL Tower and Petronas Twin Towers.  (that's what they said). This dining experience is definitely unique but come with a price.

I was thinking of sharing my dinner in the sky experience right after I tried it but last minute works do come in last minute!! So I've just finished processing a few wedding/event photos and told myself I must share about this adventurous dinner tonight!! I will answer the questions that I've been asked by friends at the post below. More photos including the fine-dine 5 courses and the surrounding when you are hanging mid-air. The scenery wasn't that astonishing because of haze but I still able to see KL Tower and Petronas Twin Towers in a distance. Now read my detailed experience below!!

Or you may watch my vlog instead =) Thanks for watching!

VLOG: Dinner In The Sky @ Malaysia - KL Tower #dinnerinthesky #ditsmalaysia

13 September 2015


Apink performing at MTV World Stage Malaysia 2015 on 12 Sep Pic 2 (Credit - MTV Asia & Kristian Dowling)
Apink performing at MTV World Stage Malaysia 2015 on 12 Sep Pic 2 (Credit - MTV Asia & Kristian Dowling)

MTV World Stage Malaysia 2015 , one of the biggest Southeast Asian music nights of the year, was punctuated with amazing MTV moments for fans. The stellar line-up of performers Jason Derulo, Carly Rae Jepsen, Apink, SEKAI NO OWARI and Malaysia’s #MostWanted local act, Stacy, delivered explosive performances to a live audience of nearly 20,000 fans gathered at Surf Beach, Sunway Lagoon on Saturday night, 12 September 2015.

Recorded live for global telecast, the one-night only outdoor event, which is in its seventh year, brings multi-genre talents from around the world onto a single stage. The event hashtag #worldstagemy top trended in Malaysia and trended in Singapore, with an estimate of over 100 million social impressions within a day (Sysomos).

Below are photos taken by the awesome photographers working with MTV Asia. I've added some elements in by edited/cropped some of the photos. Hope you like it!! Featuring SEKAI NO OWARI​, Apink (Apink 에이핑크)​,  Carly Rae Jepsen​, Jason Derulo​, Stacy Angie​.

Photos credit to Aloysius Lim, Aloysius Lim, Lucas Lau, Alec Wong & Aizat Ady Ikram. Hopefully next year I can join the awesome team and deliver awesome images!

11 September 2015

New PETRONAS Primax 97 now with Euro 4M #‎PrimaxAcceleration‬

New PETRONAS Primax 97 now with Euro 4M #‎PrimaxAcceleration‬

New PETRONAS Primax 97 now with Euro 4M #‎PrimaxAcceleration‬

If you didn't already know, PETRONAS has brought in the new PETRONAS PRIMAX 97 to your nearest PETRONAS petrol station. This new PETRONAS PRIMAX 97 comes with Advanced Energy Formula that was designed specially to improve car acceleration and performance. The new RON 97 also meet the specification of Euro 4M and has been launched earlier than the suggested launching date 1 Sep 2015.

To know what's the difference of the new PETRONAS PRIMAX 97 if compared with the previous one (or to check out my new car), read more below =) 

‘Taste of Malaysia’ Travel & Cooking Programme with Martin Yan

‘Taste of Malaysia’ Travel & Cooking Programme with Martin Yan on both ntv7 & 8TV
‘Taste of Malaysia’ Travel & Cooking Programme with Martin Yan on both ntv7 & 8TV

This month, foodies will be treated to the rich authentic Malaysian flavours whipped up by world-renowned American Chinese chef, Martin Yan, in ‘Taste of Malaysia’, a brand new cooking programme. 

The series which was officially launched at the The Place @ One City will focus on how the diversity of food and culture in the country instills a sense of togetherness among Malaysians. The series was shot in several locations across Malaysia such as Klang, Penang, Ipoh, Malacca, Terengganu, Johor, Sabah and Sarawak.

09 September 2015

Clean Water with Cleansui Water Purifier CB Series from Japan

Clean Water with Cleansui Water Filter System

Clean Water with Cleansui Water Filter System

Water filter has already become a must in every household to ensure that we are drinking filtered water and feel safe. However, different quality of water filter does come in different price too. It can range from hundreds to thousands depends on which feature you required. Not every household can afford that expensive  water filter system at home, and some are bulky to install in the kitchen/house. 

I've been using this simple-to-install CLEANSUI Water Filter at the kitchen for almost two months now and I will share my verdicts about it below. 

Kisah Budak PTPTN Duit Banyak

Kisah Budak PTPTN Duit Banyak - "Trend baru skarang orang isap vape, dulu dia isap Dunhill 20"
"Trend baru skarang orang isap vape, dulu dia isap Dunhill 20"

"Setelah saya melihat gelagat pelajar IPTA yang menerima wang PTPTN via Friends of BN - Barisan Nasional, ini satu lagi senario yang sentiasa berlaku. Bahasa pasar digalakkan supaya feel dia lebih sikit...

Si Abu ni dapat tau dari member-member duit PTPTN baru masuk. Amboi melonjak tinggi kalah basketball player.

Trend baru skarang orang isap vape, dulu dia isap Dunhill 20. Dia nak quit smoking tu so dah lama dah mengidam Vape IPV4s. Terus dia ke kedai vape nak beli siap nak beli tank triple coil SMOK. Sebelum tu dia dah singgah ATM tekan RM1000 standby. Katanya nak beli buku dan bayar sewa bilik. Katanya la..."

07 September 2015

What To Do When Your Image Is Stolen or Misused ??

My photo being misused on phone case. What can I do?

My photo being misused on phone case. What should I do?

What happen if you found out someone misused your photo? Do you take an action or you just leave it?? I guess this is the question that many people would have asked especially in Malaysia. Most people choose to ignore as they not sure what they can do with it. If it is on Facebook when someone impersonate you, you can report the profile. But what if your picture has been printed on a product instead?? Sometimes you can see your photos suddenly appear on the website without any credit and sometimes they are making money using it. Above photo is not the only case...

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