30 September 2013

SONY NEX-5T Review & Price in Malaysia #SonyNEX5T

SONY NEX-5T Review and Price in Malaysia

Remember last week I had a chance to get hands on with Sony new cameras during Sony New Camera Launch 2013 featuring NEX-5T, QX10/QX100, Action Cam, A3000 and Music Video Cam?? Courtesy of Sony Malaysia I had a chance to review a brand new Sony NEX-5T as well. That's really cool you know? Especially when you love photography =DD

If you are looking for a light weight smart camera that can share photos to smartphone/PC with just a few steps. Sony NEX-5T is a very good camera for immediate update especially on social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) as the Wi-Fi and NFC is all built in in one same body; If you like to take self photos (selfie), the flippable screen on NEX-5T is very convenient for you to find the right angel and pose to match with the background as well and take awesome selfies! I am gonna share some photos with you soon =)

Okie so today I am gonna share what I think about Sony Cyber-shot NEX-5T after used it for around a week. I brought it to a few events and travel so hope you will enjoy reading my review below:

PS: Some photos went through basic crop only, and collage together to save space on this post. Watermark was added as well =) However, technology nowadays is so easy to use (Picasa3/Instagram) to increase the contrast/concentration/filter to make your picture looks even more awesome. 

Cute Puppies recorded using SONY NEX-5T 

Eason Chan “EASON’S LIFE” concert in KL| 陈奕迅 《EASON’S LIFE》演唱会

Eason Chan “EASON’S LIFE” concert in KL 陈奕迅 《EASON’S LIFE》演唱会

陈奕迅 《EASON’S LIFE》演唱会: 10月份吉隆坡登场10月19日, 星期六晚上8点, Stadium Merdeka 
Date: 19 October 2013, Saturday
Time: 8:00pm
Venue: Stadium Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur
Ticket Prices:  RM598,RM498,RM398,RM298,RM138 (Includes RM3.00 ticketing fee)

2013年 10月,香港巨星陈奕迅的《EASON’S LIFE》演唱会空降吉隆坡。 随着香港,悉尼和墨尔本,《EASON’S LIFE in Kuala Lumpur》是亚洲的首场《EASON’S LIFE 》演唱会。

位处香港乐坛的指标人物,陈奕迅无疑是后97香港音乐产业时代最具感染力的男歌手。他曾被美国 《时代杂志》誉为 “影响香港乐坛风格的人物”,并于2012年被香港TIME OUT 杂志加冕为 “亚洲流行音乐之王”。

将以全新概念的 《EASON’S LIFE in Kuala Lumpur》是由Celcom First 荣誉呈献。 《EASON’S LIFE in Kuala Lumpur》即将在10月19日星期六晚上8点Stadium Merdeka 隆重登场。这次的演唱会正是新概念《EASON’S LIFE 》的第一场户外演唱会,并且也会是第一场在亚洲 (香港以外)举办的《EASON’S LIFE 》演唱会。

从2013年7月6日,《EASON’S LIFE 》已回归香港红馆开唱,取得了巨大的成功。凭借超高的叫座力以及压倒性的售票数量, 为了满足众多粉丝的要求, 组办方不得不从最初的12场加至17场、20场、23场。。。最终以一个月内唱满25场圆满结束。



《EASON’S LIFE in Kuala Lumpur》是由 AMC Live Group及银河集团联合呈献。

Eason Chan 陳奕迅 《陀飛輪》MV

EASON’S LIFE in Kuala Lumpur
日期: 10月19日,星期六
地点: Stadium Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur
票价:  RM598,RM498,RM398,RM298,RM138 
售票网站/热线: /+603 9222 8811

Eason Chan to hold his “EASON’S LIFE” concert in Kuala Lumpur!

The Hong Kong megastar will be in Kuala Lumpur to hold his “EASON’S LIFE” concert come October this year—the very first outdoor leg of this show and the very first overseas Asian leg of this concert outside Hong Kong.

Eason Chan is on the threshold of major stardom in Hong Kong and undoubtedly one of the most dominant male singers in the post-1997 era of Hong Kong music industry. Praised by Time magazine as a forerunner of the next generation of Cantopop and considered as Hong Kong's third "god of song" after Sam Hui and Jacky Cheung, the star was crowned “King of Asian Pop” by Time Out Hong Kong in 2012.

Back with a new concept concert tour this year, 《EASON’S LIFE in Kuala Lumpur》is proudly presented by Celcom First and will take place on Saturday, 19th October, 8pm at Stadium Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur.  This is the very first outdoor leg of the《EASON’S LIFE 》concert tour, as well as the very first Asian leg of the concert tour following its launch at the Hong Kong Coliseum back in July 2013 and its subsequent stops in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia.

In fact, the show has received rousing success since its launch at the Hong Kong Coliseum on 6th July 2013, and unexpected and overwhelming ticket demand had led local Hong Kong promoter to answer fans’ call for more shows, increasing his show performances from the initial 12, to 17, to 20, to 23, and lastly to the final count of 25 shows held in Hong Kong alone over a month long period.

Even Eason himself was surprised at the huge demand his concert garnered and attributes his success to the immense support given by everyone. Eason points out that in today’s fast-paced society, everyone is so focused on their careers and the “big” things in life that they often neglect the many “small” things, “People of different age groups would have different life experiences.  I hope that through the concert, everyone can realize the importance and value of the “small” things in life and invest more in finding out different meanings and significances in life.”

Not only a powerful vocalist, Eason Chan also plays some of musical instruments including piano, guitar and drums and frequently showcases his musical talent by incorporating instruments into his live performances. The star is hard at work with practices and concert preparations, with the hopes of delivering a fantastic show for audiences and sharing his depiction of LIFE through his music.

《EASON’S LIFE in Kuala Lumpur》is proudly brought to you by AMC Live Group and Galaxy Group.

Eason Chan 陳奕迅 十年

EASON’S LIFE in Kuala Lumpur
Date: 19 October 2013, Saturday
Time: 8:00pm
Venue: Stadium Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur
Ticket Prices:  RM598,RM498,RM398,RM298,RM138 (Includes RM3.00 ticketing fee)

Get your tickets now to Eason Chan “EASON’S LIFE” concert in KL 陈奕迅 《EASON’S LIFE》演唱会 at or Hotline: +603 9222 8811.

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28 September 2013

The Wanted, All-American Rejects & Five for Fighting @ Arthur's Day Malaysia #arthursday2013

Press conference early this morning with The Wanted, AAR and Five for Fighting for #ArthursDay2013

Arthur's Day Malaysia featuring The Wanted, All-American Rejects & Five for Fighting @ Sepang International Circuit #ArthursDay2013 #toArthur

The Wanted did The Killers Music Cover @ #ArthursDay2013 

All right I am gonna share some photos that I shared on my Instagram today at here first. Since early in the morning I've departed to Traders Hotel for the press conference of Arthur's Day 2013 which helding at Sepang International Circuit. Thanks to a friend I get to go for Meet and Greet Session and manage to take photos with ALL the awesome guys from The Wanted, All-American Rejects and of course the kindest man Five For Fighting!!!

Although I feel really tired now after the concert, I have no regrets of attending it because they really did an awesome live performance with two different stages at one same place! The highlight of the night would be Five for Fighting lovely high pitch on his famous songs, All-American Rejects especially Tyson who manage to rock the crowd, used his torch-light-mic and swing like a rockstar. As for The Wanted, they made a series of song covers from The Killers. It is really good!!

Arthur's Day 2013 ended with The Wanted singing 'Glad You Came' and yeah splashing water to the crowd including one of their own members. I really appreciate I had a nice cold pint of finely brewed Guinness. So tonight, to Arthurs!! *fireworks yo*

Here's some photos shared on my Instagram @tianchad. If you wanna let them see the photos, tag their instagram at the comment section!!

All-Americans Reject  @ Arthur's Day Malaysia #arthursday2013

All the man for Guinness Arthur's Day 2013 @ Malaysia!!

The Wanted different sitting pose and expression @  Arthur's Day Malaysia  Press Conference#arthursday2013

Awesome man froom Five For Fighting!! Thanks for loving my fish-eye lens!!

Arnold Loh and Serena C are emcee of the night, DJ Joey G is the DJ of the night!!

Feeling hot, have a pint of Guinness for #ArthursDay2013!! *ahhhh*

Five For Fighting playing piano and guitar while singing live  to the crowd. Love his song =D

Tyson from All-American Rejects is really cheeky but he manage to make the crowd hyped up!!

The Wanted amazing charisma that did a great job in getting us dancing around and....get wet in the end.
"I'm glad you came"

Kthxby I gotta take bath and sleep now Z.z Hope you like my live updates of #ArthursDay2013!! (Although it is not much hehe) Stay tuned for more photos update and share with your friends!

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27 September 2013

My New Cool Specs with HOYA BlueControl Lenses

HOYA BlueControl - The new lens that I am using now to protect my eyes =)

A selfie during the day I shoot for George Benson Concert
Eyes feel tired after wearing contact lenses for long hours

If you've already know, I am a heavy user either on PC/Smartphone. I've always busy processing photos using Adobe Lightroom and spent average 8 hours a day in front of the computer. Or I will search for inspiration through awesome people I follow on Instagram. Not to forget I am addicted to Pokopang (A Mobile Game). I just can't get my eyes off from the screen except when it is time for my darling XOXO hahaha. All the above actions made my eyes feel really tired and sometimes I will have sore shoulder too...

I usually visit the nearest optical shop to check my eyesight and see whether there is any deterioration or improvement on my short-sighted eyes. Surprisingly my Astigmatism will fluctuate but the total power degree including my Myopia(short-sighted) will remain the same.

Just recently I've decided to get a new spectacles as my current glasses and frame got 'scars' on it. Visited an optical shop located at SS2 and was surprised with the optical test equipments that they have to provide intensive eye test.

I  just love this eye-test equipment with neon green lights on it

I ended up chosen these three frames and guess which one is my final choice?

While waiting for my eye test results, I was introduced to TOM DAVIES BESPOKE, the brand that allows you to customize your frame so that it fits your personality and be the unique one that own it. Well, I don't have the budget for it now but I guess in future time it will be okay to own a few customized frames?? Perhaps a sunglasses that exist as one and only one around the world??

HOYA Experience Center

After finish choosing the frames, I was introduced to several lens and the new HOYA BlueControl Lenses. Since I am making a new specs, why not getting something new for the lens as well??

HOYA BlueControl Lenses
HOYA BlueControl Lenses

I've heard of HOYA brand as filter for DSLR, but yeah this is my first time knowing HOYA selling spectacle lenses as well. I never know that HOYA is the World’s best selling Japanese spectacle lenses. HOYA creates the very latest lens designs and applies them to the thinnest and most durable lens materials, enhancing visual comfort even further with the addition of one of their renowned treatments or anti-reflection coatings.

What's so special about HOYA BlueControl Lenses? Before that, let me share a bit about Blue Lights. Here's the question, is blue light dangerous? I will need to explain it in a more scientific way:

Yes and no. Blue light is necessary to keep us awake. It suppresses the creation of a hormone called melatonine. This hormone is also called the sleep hormone, as it is responsible for inducing sleep. Since blue light suppresses the production of melatonine, it helps us stay awake during the day, thus controlling our biological clock (or circadian rhythm).

However, not only the sun emits blue light. Blue light is emitted also by flat screen displays and energy efficient saving lights. As society spends more time indoors, quality of screens improves (containing stronger LED’s), usage moments increase, as well as duration of use (from early morning to late at night), overexposure to blue light is more likely. Overexposure has potential risks, such as eye strain and eye fatigue, general fatigue and sleeplessness.

I've learned that HOYA BlueControl lenses help in:
  • Reflect blue light, preventing eye strain and fatigue
  • Reduce glare for a more comfortable and relaxed vision
  • Enhance contrast perception offering a more natural colour experience
  • Protect your lenses against water, dirt, grease and dust, keeping them clean for longer
This means that HOYA BlueControl help reflect the blue light emitted by LCD and LED screens preventing eye fatigue and eye strain and even sleeplessness. This is really useful for me as I always starring at the screen to edit photos and blogging (some times play game). It will keeps the eyes in better condition, offering more comfortable and relaxed vision and a better contrast perception when using everyday digital devices.

To whom BlueControl benefits the most?
  • Young (stay at home) mothers
  • Students:  86% of students use the internet on a daily basis. Popular devices they work with include laptops, smartphones and TVs, which they use on average 6 hours or more per day.
  • Young professionals and office workers
  • Pensioners (silver surfers): digital media consumption among 55+ is increasing rapidly
  • Children and teenagers grow up with screens. 
  • Gamers, using TV’s and flat screen PC’s for long periods on end, resulting quickly in eye fatigue and eye strain. 

Since HOYA BlueControl Lenses will only available in all optical outlets starting in October. I am quite lucky to be offered to enjoy this new awesome lenses with my new spectacles. Need to wait for a few weeks before my lenses was done, but it totally worth the waiting as my new spectacles looks really awesome!!

Before that I would like to share some tips and tricks for healthy eyes:

You might have recognised one or more symptoms caused by using digital devices. It is important you know how to prevent them. Here are some practical tips to help you to keep your eyes healthy.

  • Make sure you keep enough distance between your eyes and the screen. For computers and laptops it is best to position your screen at arm’s length (30cm). This medium range helps prevent unnecessary fatigue caused by squinting or continuously repositioning the head and neck to accommodate prescription glasses.
  • Hand-held devices should be kept a safe distance from your eyes and just below eye level. While you may be able to read better at a short distance, it can cause irritated eyes, strain and pain.
  • When it comes to height, a computer or television screen should always be placed directly in front of your face, and slightly below eye level so that the viewing angle does not exceed 35 degrees.


Can you see the blue reflections from my new spectacles? *selfie mode on*
At first I thought wanna choose dark frame as my specs to cover my eye bags but yeah their marketing skill very good that convinced me to get this transparent and super flexible frame for my new specs. I can actually flip the frame and it is super flexible. That's the time I say, "OK, I WANT THIS FRAME"

I never know that it turn out even better when match with HOYA BlueControl Lenses as I can see the blue coating reflection on it. Looks really cool right?!

A close up of the HOYA BlueControl Lenses with that blueish coating

Another selfie of me with the new spectacles =D
So whenever I don't need to go out and attend events (except geeky event haha), I will definitely wear my new spectacles as the Hoya BlueControl Lenses really help ease my sore eyes especially when I do photo editing with my laptop. I feel that my eyes don't easily get tired and I can edit more photos at one go too. Besides that, the frame that I wearing now is so light that I don't feel pressured at the nose wing. Remember to wear what's comfortable for you.

Besides that, don't I look more gentleman and cooler with that blue tint on my spectacles? HAHAHA. All right, if you want to learn more about HOYA BlueControl lenses, remember to visit HOYA covers whole Malaysia’s Optical Shops and blue control lenses will be  available starting on mid of October nationwide.

Here's some more photo of me with the new specs =)

Picture with Evan Siau, winner of MIM 2012 who is now busy with acting in TV Drama and modeling
Together with James Ng

Together with Lisa Surihani and Zizan Raja Lawak
More photos with my new spectacles at this space, stay tuned!!
PS: Do you prefer me with/without specs? ;p

'This is a sponsored post by HOYA' 

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My Access to Coach Fall 2013 Footwear Collection. Wow!

My first time access to Coach Fall 2013 Footwear and Handbag Collection

Before I really get into Coach, I agree that Coach is a sophisticated and luxurious brand that selling fine leather craftsmanship handbags, but I never know that they have shoes as well. Courtesy of Coach International & Malaysia, I have the access to Coach Fall 2013 Footwear Collection (God knows why but they said they like my photography) and know what are the designs that will be available for Fall season 2013. For now, only certain models are available at Coach stores in Malaysia and the other designs will be released constitutively. The good things is you will able to see what's coming up for Coach Fall 2013 exclusively on!

This Fall season 2013 Coach use the combination of mixed materials and colorblocking with exceptional attention to detail. Printed fabrics, velvety suede, bicolor patent and python-embossed leathers add depth and dimension to these fashion-forward designs, which range from sleek flats to refined pumps.

All right lets check out some of the Coach shoes and try to figure out which one is your favourite for this year's Fall season series:

Jocelyn - Coach Fall 2013 Footwear Collection
Jocelyn - Coach Fall 2013 Footwear Collection
I personally think that Jocelyn looks unisex and that Silver & Gold shining features will make your footwear stand out among the crowd.

Francine, Neena and Sylvie - Coach Fall 2013 Footwear Collection
Francine, Neena and Sylvie - Coach Fall 2013 Footwear Collection
For me, Francine, Neena and Sylvie looks very suitable for elegant office lady. The material that was used reflects certain light and it is that tiny ribbon element that makes you look cute and young although you are a superwoman in the company.
Malika Print, Wesley,  Fiona - Coach Fall 2013 Footwear Collection

If you've always feel wonderful about life and wanna capture people's attention, Malika Print, Wesley and Fiona is the Coach shoes wear that you should have as its poppy color really makes you stand out.
Shea series - Coach Fall 2013 Footwear Collection

I personally quite like Shea series Coach Shoes as the flower prints on simple pink, black, blue and white color nicely combined to create this nice piece of footwear. I think my girlfriend will like it as well if I get her a pair. Or maybe more than one =D

Cathaleen,  Catrin, Joanna, Melora, Sabrine and Unna - Coach Fall 2013 Footwear Collection
The casual Hattie and Melora booties (bottom left) are year-round staples, with chunky and wedge heels that look great with jeans or a summer dress.  I am not sure about you, I personally think that Cathaleen, Catrin, Joanna footwear are for mature woman who want to bring out their personalities through their footwear. For me, Unna looks universal and fit for any party =)

Fayth, Lilac, Leona, Udell - Coach Fall 2013 Footwear Collection
 I would like to specifically mention that Leona is a convertible riding boot that can be worn as either booties or boots. However since Malaysia's weather is so moist and rainy,  I am not sure if you will like to wear long boots. BUT, I think it is quite cool if you are going oversea for travelling and get me to do photoshoot =D

Opelia, Hanna and Nala - Coach Fall 2013 Footwear Collection
   Opelia, Hanna and Nala seems like using the same leather material that provide that unique texture. Love how simple is Opelia yet it will stand out among all with that big chunk behind. Nala has that tiny little glowing Coach branding logo that surely makes people walking behind you notice your footwear.
Tabitha, Hollie Wedge, Frankie, Shawna, Flo - Coach Fall 2013 Footwear Collection
I personally consider Tabitha, Hollie Wedge, Frankie, Shawna and Flo are all in one same series with the characteristic that they have on the design. The combination of silver, black, white and brown wood color makes them look different enough to show that you have that hidden character within yourself. Err... I call it wildness. Just like Katy Perry's new song - Roar.

Zevon and Tyisha - Coach Fall 2013 Footwear Collection
Zevon and Tyisha - Coach Fall 2013 Footwear Collection

The menswear-inspired Zevon is a fashion-forward, pointy-toe shoe that works for any social occasion. It is also offered in a flat version called the Tyisha, in chic, fun metallic leathers available in shades of Pewter and Blush.

Daylan Heels - Coach Fall 2013 Footwear Collection
Daylan Heels - Coach Fall 2013 Footwear Collection

Finally, Coach’s new evening collection will add just the right touch to any party outfit. For an elegant, sophisticated look, the Heather in satin or sparkled dusted leather or the Hollis in suede with stones are the perfect choices. For a chic party look, go for the Ludlow or Daylan.

Laila and Daylan are first few pairs of shoes that I got for photoshoot. I am gonna feature some of the Fall 2013 Footwear design in my next blogpost. We travelled to Penang and Ipoh for the photoshoot and travelling at the same time too. Hopefully you'll be amazed with the photos and ideas that I incorporated into the photoshoot.

TianChad Lookbook photo with coach bag for men
A little Lookbook style photo taken by my lovely bubu

PS: I personally like Makayla Sneaker so much that I will only reveal it in my next blogpost, so stay tuned!!

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26 September 2013

SONY NEW CAMERA LAUNCH 2013 - NEX-5T, QX10/QX100, Action Cam, A3000, Music Video Cam


Cyber-shot QX100 and QX10, NEX-5T, A3000, 4K Camcorder,Action Cam, MV1 Music Video Recorder
On 17 Sep 2013, I've attended the launch of SONY Malaysia 2013 Camera Launch Event as I always wanna know the new technology especially when it is related to the smart cameras =D Among all new camera revealed at the event, I am most interested on QX 100 and QX10, the Action Camera with waterproof case and of course the SONY NEX-5T smart camera with WiFi and NFC enabled function. I am already immune to DSLR because the heavy weight on it makes me tends to go for smart camera nowadays.

Lisa Surihani Ambassador of SONY Camera sharing her photos and how she use the NEX series cam

Lisa Surihani @ SONY Camera Launch 2013 Malaysia
Do you know when you cross your leg you will look much slimmer? *modeling tips*

Basically what Lisa Surihani shared is on how she capture beautiful photos by simply press on the shutter button

Zizan Razak @ Zizan Raja Lawak sharing his experience using Sony NEX camera as well

Check out the star trail photo Zizan manage to snap using his Sony cam =)

Zizan Raja Lawak is truly humor without forgetting to make us laugh during the sharing session haha
Of course, must introduce the pretty emcee Julie Woon

Now it's time to let the SONY Professional to introduce all the new Sony cameras

First one the new Sony Action Camera HDR-AS30V
The main features of this SONY Action Camera HDR-AS30V is that you can shoot smooth, blur-free Full HD video and still photos with Exmor R CMOS sensor and wide-angle lens with Steady Shot. Besides that you can do easy sharing with the Wi-Fi and NFC One-touch remote. You can always check your shots and control "hands-off" recording using their wristwatch-style Live-View Remote (RM-LVR1). Can it beat GoPro? I am not sure yet but surely something good to be on the market. When there's competitors, there is improvement for both products and price.

Sony Action Cam HDR-AS30V
One thing that I like about Sony Action Cam is their Universal Head Mount Kit (BLT-UHM1) as it can be attached to headband, goggles or helmet. Since it is waterproof as well, it is good for snorkeling, diving, hiking, cycling, skiing and snowboarding.

The SONY Action Cam HDR-AS30v will be available from October 2013 and price is still unknown.

SONY 4K Camcorder 
 All right, talking about this Sony 4K Handycam FDR-AX1, it definitely looks good on a muscular guy. This little monster can capture 4K content (3840x2160) and HD movies in the XAVC S format at 60 fps data stream. Since the video file size will be large, FDR-AX1 camcorder uses an XQD media card (N series QN-N32/QN-N64 and S series QN- S32E/QN-S64E) for smooth, high speed reading and writing of 4K video. The Handycam FDR-AX1 will be available in Malaysia from November 2013. VEGAS PRO 12 EDIT software and a 32GB XQD media card is included as free offer in the box.

For me, I still prefer lighter weight DSLR that can change lens for my desired images and video footage, however, I guess this 4K Handycam Sony G Lens (aperture range F1.6 - F3.4) will be doing very well in night videoshoot too. If you wanna look professional and muscular, get this handycam haha

Sony HDR-MV1 Music Video Recorder, Sony 4K Handycam FDR-AX1 and Sony RX series compact cam
When all the models came out, everyone got a gadget on their hands but I wonder why SONY Music Video Recorder (HDR-MV1) wasn't holding by the model. Anyway the Music Video Recorder is for you to shoot and share every performance with crisp, punchy pictures and studio-quality sound to match. It has the 120-degree X-Y stereo microphone guaranteeing superb depth and separation. Only musician will able to know how good it is on capturing the sound and video footage. This Music Video Recorder will be available in December 2013.

The model showcasing Sony Lens-Style Camera QX100/QX10

Sony Lens-Style Camera QX100/QX10
 Sony Lens-Style Camera QX100 and QX10 is the new kind of smart camera that can improve yourdigital photographs shot on smartphones. You can now shoot fabulous photos and HD video using your phone. Definitely a great upgrade for your smartphone and it is easily connected vis WiFi and the latest version of Sony's PlayMemories Mobile Application. Linkage is simple for NFC smartphone owners too.

The Sony Cyber-shot DSC-QX10 weighing just 105g (with battery and memory card) is equipped with an 18.2 effective megapixel Exmor R CMOS sensor with high quality Sony G Lens. Together with a powerful 10x optical zoom range, this camera is great for fun-filled event like concert and distance landmarks. The Built-in Optical SteadyShot combats camera shake, keeping handheld pictures and videos steady and blur-free, even in low-light conditions.

Sony Cyber-shot QX100
The Cyber-shot DSC-QX100 features a large 1.0-type Exmor R CMOS sensor with 20.2 effective megapixels, giving you ultra-low noise images even indoor or at dusk. The DSC-QX100 also teamed with a wide-aperture Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T lens with 3.6x optical zoom with Optical SteadyShot giving stable photos too.

QX10 or QX100. Which one is better?
So, QX10 or QX100 is better?? If you like to zoom from far of course QX10 is better with its 10x zoom lens. But if for low light photography, QX100 can do better with its F1.8  Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T lens. You can use manual focus on QX100 too, more flexible control on what to focus. If compare with weight, QX10 (105g) weight lighter than QX100 (179g). Both gadget can be controlled by detached it from the mobile but make sure you are in the coverage or else the LiveView will look laggy. I wonder if this will evolve become a spy cam in future.

This new Cyber-shot DSC-QX100 and DSC-QX10 will be available in Malaysia from October 2013 onwards.

Sony Alpha A3000 DSMR Camera
Sony Alpha A3000 DSLR is a camera with 20.1 effective megapixels for quality pictures and Full HD video. The frame scenes accurately through the electronic Tru-Finder. You can pick from 18 interchangeable E-mount lenses for limitless creative possibilities. It has 25 focus points and now selling at RM1,299 only at authorized Sony outlets nationwide.

SONY NEX-5T Smartcamera
I personally looking for light weight smart camera that can snap DSLR quality photos and of course with WiFi and NFC sharing features. It seems like Sony NEX-5T is a very suitable camera for people nowadays as it is not that heavy when compared to DSLR. Most importantly it has flippable screen that we all like for selfie and vlog. Youngster (including me) will love it a lot to take selfie and record videos.

Sony NEX-5T is equipped with APS-C sensor with 16.1 effective megapixels. The Advanced Fast Hybrid AFcombines phase-detection autofocus to track fast-moving subjects with contrast-detection AF for absolute precision. It's definitely a winning combination that delivers speedy, accurate focusing in any scene and counter back the long start-up time. (If for DSLR we can switch on the camera within split second, for smart cam like this it require a few seconds to switch on/off)

Interesting features for Sony NEX-5T
 Most importanly, Sony NEX-5T has both WiFi and NFC sharing capabilities. We can now share high quality photo directly to smartphone and then upload to your favourite social network channel. I will definitely use this to share photos on my Facebook and Instagram. You can remote control this camera with the PlayMemories Camera Apps too, just that I hope the apps can be smarter by letting us touching on the smartphone's screen to refocus or even record video. That would be fun =)

The only thing that I worry about is the battery life for whole day photoshoot when we always share using WiFi and NFC. These function will definitely consume battery power at the speed of light. But yeah, you can always prepare spare batteries to enjoy all the smart function of Sony NEX-5T.
Zizan Razak and Lisa Surihani together with Sony VIP doing a selfie with Sony NEX-5T

Imagine you are a Sony camera ambassador who has access to ALL Sony camera gear and lens!!

Woot grabbed a chance to take selfie with Lisa Surihani in front of all the Sony camera gears and lenses

Product hands-on session for you to try out all the new Sony camera mentioned in this post.
The water-proof case for Sony Action Cam. I wanna bring it for diving at my future diving trip~

You can link your Action Cam to your smartphone for remote control and LiveView

Ashraff, a photographer snapping the new kind of smartcamera - Sony DSC-QX100
Okie another selfie with Lisa Surihani AND Zizan Razak. Both are Sony Camera ambassadors yo. Are they going to find a blogger as ambassador as well? ;p
Picture with Kikuo Okura, Managing Director of Sony Malaysia. He look so kind =)
"Oh, it's a fish eye", he said

Happy to bump into good friend Alvin from YL Camera too!
I can now play with the brand new Sony-NEX5T. Buzz me question for this gadget!!

Courtesy of Sony Malaysia, I was one of the selected blogger to review Sony NEX-5T for a week and I hope it will meet my requirement as a smart camera =D If you have any question regarding this camera, feel free to let me know so that I can test it out for you. Be quick before I need to return it back yo!!

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