30 November 2010

New Rate for Traffic Ticket by Polis Diraja Malaysia

Polis Diraja Malaysia just announced on their Facebook Page that starting 1 Dec 2010 the new rate for Traffic Compoun/ Summons (Kadar Baru Kompaun Saman Trafik) will be applied.

New rules and rates for Traffic ticket in Malaysia:
- Traffic ticket that was paid in 15 days will be given 50% discount.
- Traffic ticket that was paid between 16-30 days after receive will be given 30% discount
- No discount will be given for people who pay the traffic ticket later than 30 days. He/she will be blacklisted for not paying it.

How to check if you have any summons (saman)? There are a few ways:

1. Through SMS 15888
By just using your mobile phone, you just need to type POLIS SAMAN [Car plate number] and send to 15888

Example : POLIS SAMAN WTF4896 and send to 15888
* Each SMS will be charged for RM 0.20

2. Through the Internet
Checking can be done through portals below:-
> MyEG Services -
> RILEK e-Services -
* No charges will be applied

3. Through Traffic COPS (Computer On-line Payment System) Counter that located at:
> Police Station Headquarters in every state
> Selected JPJ Counter
> Traffic COPS Counter at selected shopping complex.

How to pay the saman/summons?

With my experience of waiting for the queue, it is advisable that you pay your Traffic Tickets Online. You can pay online through using your Debit Card.
*Every transaction/payment through online will be charged for RM 2

If you prefer to spend your time waiting, you can pay at selected JPJ Counter and Traffic COPS(Computer On-line Payment System) Counter

Remember to clear your saman before PDRM Blacklist you starting 28 Feb 2011. If you have any question/enquiries, do contact them @

Nora Danish received her saman and took picture with the policeman.
Picture credits to

So when people asking you, " Macam mana nak settle?". You can answer, "I will settle online la".

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DiGi Pimp My Music - First iPhone App for Unlimited Music

DiGi Pimp My Music party was organized at Zouk Club. I was kinda late to arrive at the party. Blame the Malaysia's traffic + rainy day? It happen more often with this rainy season now, so everyone drive safe!

Was surprised to see Jessica (Lady Gaga) and Nicole(Sun Mi)'s out fit. Both wearing a wig~
Nicole doesn't look like Sun Mi? Check out this post

Daphne, Yatz and Natasha

The three doll-like ladies - Nicole, Rachel and RedButtockz

Nuffies were up on stage to dance. Spot the rockstar Michelle =)

Sha @ TehTarikMemoir come as Michael Buble and he sang.
I personally like Michael Buble's song because it is hard to learn his singing tempo
One of my favourite song = "Haven't Met You Yet"

First time captured Lionel@DustyHawk's cute side lol
Who come as Jason Mraz

Ickes @ Elvis with his guitar and the recognizable Elvis's shirt

Isroxck @ Marilyn Manson's face was red when he is rocking with the song

Took a picture with the four finalist. Simone is the other Lady Gaga

This picture idea come from Nicole
Like how it turns out =)

Simone the Lady Gaga won the best dressed with her hidden talent.
Congratz to her =)

I personally feel that although the contest stated that it is a "Best Dressed" contest, it is always better to prepare something extra in case you were asked to show your hidden talent right? I would say Simone's dressing wasn't the best among others but when combined with her dancing, she shine. She won with loudest cheers from the crowd.

However, all in all, I do think that the most thing that we can do with "Best Dressed" contest would be ask them to do a cat walk instead of PK who is better at dancing/singing. Cos that will be considered as "Best Singer/Dancer" contest already =)

Just my opinion~

I like to see people smiling or even laughing in the photo =)

This party is to announce the launch of DiGi Music iPhone apps, first in Malaysia for unlimited music download. For just RM5/month you are able to download and enjoy high audio quality songs.

Here is a picture of some bloggers who dressed up for the party.

This one is a candid shot that someone show the spirit of Johnny Walker - Keep Walking. I still can't forget the experience to be able to become a pit crew for racing car [Read it here].

*Robot dolly robot collic*

The Nuffies Celebrity. Spot Adam Lambert, Justin Timberlake, rockstar and maybe Wonder Girls? =)


Sky after rain was just awesome, can see KLCC super duper clear during that time

We went to Station 1 Cafe to have late dinner as I was late and there was no food anymore. This is Nicole with the big ribbon that she decided not to wear for this party. Why? Keep for Christmas =)

This post ended with RedButtockz's pict with the big ribbon~
"An Yeong Ha Se-Yo!"

If you are interested to get a big ribbon or other handmade item (head wear, bag, necklace, keychain) , visit DearBear3 Handmade and submit your enquiry.

What do I dress as? I dress as Tian Chad, myself. If want to see more photo click here to the FaceBook Album.

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Crocs X'mas Warehouse Sale Coming to Town!

Crocs X'mas Warehouse Sale is back! Yes you read it right =) It is the year end again and everyone hope for sales. If you are planning to get Christmas present for your parents and friends. Why not visit upcoming Crocs X'mas Warehouse sale?

Crocs X'mas Warehouse sale

Date: 2 Dec - 5 Dec 2010
Venue: 2nd Floor, Atria Shopping Centre, Damansara Jaya.
Time: 10am-7pm

What are the Crocs Shoes that will available on sale now? Below are just two of it:

Crocband Nation Brazil RM 179 RM 90

Crocband Nation Argentina RM 179 RM 90

Remember to visit Crocs X'Mas Warehouse Sale at coming 2 Dec - 5 Dec @ Atria Shopping Centre! Do go early for not missing out the discount up to 70%~!

PS: No shopping bags allowed.You are advised to bring small purse for security reasons.

Stay Tune On:
Twitter : @crocsmalaysia

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29 November 2010

Visit i-City Shah Alam @ Christmas Season

The weather is getting colder, and Christmas is coming! So I've changed my background to Christmas Theme~! First time use own pictures as wallpaper wei ;p [syiok sendiri]

I can see more people want to know what and how to go to i-City Shah Alam (some people call it ice-City Shah Alam).

What is i-City Shah Alam?
i-City is the intersection of technology, real estate and technopreneur development. They have finished the Phase 1 development and now starting the Phase 2 development. Rhythmic Light Show is part of i-City second pahse development.

How to go to i-City Shah Alam?
Here is the location map for iCity Shah Alam Malaysia =)
*Click to Enlarge*

My Selangor Story i-City Shah Alam|
A video that show you what you can see in iCity Shah Alam now. They say there will be new decoration/lighting installed. So I hope they have already installed for you guys to have a wonderful moment~

The opening hours of iCity Snow House:
Monday to Thursday: 7.00pm to 11.00pm
Friday to Sunday:7.00pm to 12.00am
*Opening hour may subject to change*

To control the crowd who is going to enter the cold room/ snow room, RM 2 will be charged per person. However Children below 5 years old can enter for free.

If you want to see how i-City looks like at night, read this blog post about my first visit to iCity Shah Alam. What's the feeling when you are able to have steamboat at the center of i-City Digital City? Read my second visit to iCity Shah Alam here. We wouldn't have chance to dinner there without My Selangor Story's special arrangement ;p

For more information about i-City Shah Alam, please visit

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28 November 2010

Stop Child Abuse...Stop Abandon Us

"I have no name, abandoned in a place where my parent hope I won't be found."

The first thing that appear in my thought about child abuse will be the dumping of babies/fetuses and they were treated like a rubbish.

There were cases of newborns abandoned in the streets or at rubbish dumps. Imagine a body of a baby boy who was left on the roadside was found by passers-by, with his left hand bitten off by wild dogs...

Some were abandoned, dump at toilet or even buried...

What happen to parents nowadays?
How could the parents just dump their babies without even have chance to see the world better. If you are not ready yet to be a responsible parent, stop the "reproduction process". There is always this thing call condom and it is even cheaper than the cigarettes. Don't be a selfish guy just to have short moment of "happiness".

I am sure some of you have watched the baby abortion video before. So do I. Sometimes a person can promise to take care of you forever, or even get engaged together to promise you it is safe to be with him. But some people just betray the trust given and dump the lady along with the children. I would say this somehow will leads to child abuse.

Here is a video that I saw through Twitter sharing:

'Like Toy Dolls' by Chen Yih Wen
Watch this video to see what could happen to the "dolls"

Child abuse doesn't stop at an age. What are the ways to stop child abuse?

Recognising abuse: Signs and symptoms
The first step to helping abused children is learning about the signs and symptoms of: (i) physical abuse, (ii) emotional abuse, (iii) sexual abuse, (iv) neglect.

When looking out for signs of child abuse, don’t just think bruises and broken bones. There may also be behavioural or emotional signs, or a combination of several signs. For example, unexplained injuries accompanied by a change in the child’s behaviour could be a sign that something is wrong.

Having one or two bruises does not necessarily mean that the child is being abused. But when signs appear repeatedly or in combination with other symptoms, we should be concerned.

Learning more about the signs and symptoms of abuse, and knowing how to seek advice or assistance, is the best way you can help.

United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) ‘Get On Board’ campaign

What is UNICEF 'Get On Board' Campaign?

The adage that ignorance is bliss could not be farther from the truth, particularly in the context of child abuse. Knowledge is the key to our success. It gives us the power to govern ourselves, our households, and ultimately our communities.

Get on Board is a "peoples' campaign" by UNICEF to provide the Malaysian public with the knowledge, insights and resources to stop child abuse. The digitally-driven campaign, a first by UNICEF in the region, aims to unite 100,000 supporters to raise their hand in support of children. We hope the Malaysian public will embrace this campaign as their own, and support and promote it in their own unique ways to ensure a safe and protected childhood for every child in Malaysia.

Do the right thing. Get on board. Stop child abuse!

So I decided to raise a hand to stop child abuse. This is my hand:

"Don't hesitate to lend out the hands of love. The world can become better and colourful with your love! - TianChad"

Preventing child abuse is a shared commitment. The responsibility starts with each one of us. You can show your support by design a hand too @

For information on prevention counselling, family counselling, parenting responsibility and childcare, you may wish to contact: Lembaga Penduduk dan Pembangunan Keluarga Negara – LPPKN (The National Population and Family Development Board) OR the LPPKN office in your city.

Don't Leave Me Alone (UNICEF Child Abuse PSA)

Suspect or know of a child being abused or neglected?
Please call 15999 with the following information:
- address or location where the child is being abused or
- neglected type of abuse or facts of the case
- identity of the abuser or any information related to the abuser

All reports of child abuse are CONFIDENTIAL and names of anyone informing the authorities will not be made public. Or if you choose to, you may remain anonymousby report to MCTF ChildLine and KPWKM .

Courtesy of SONY Malaysia, Nuffnang is giving out 3 units of the SONY Cybershot W190 camera for those of you who want to help out more with sharing this campaign with your readers!

Start by getting on board with UNICEF at and together let's make a difference for the children in Malaysia. Get latest updates and campaign on UNICEF Malaysia Facebook page.

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27 November 2010

Celcom Launch with LG Optimus 7 and Early Bird Promotion!

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Celcom has selected and offered to seven of its loyal windows customers this latest Windows Phone 7 -LG Optimus 7 device from LG, retailing at RM 2,099, for FREE! These lucky subscribers are Abdullah Nordin, Azalee Abu Hassan, Dzuraidah Nordin, Saw Leng Ghee, Tan Hock Yee, Tan Teck Meng and Wern Poh Fah.

In conjunction with the launch, Celcom is offering special price of RM777 to first 150 customers who register online via Celcom's website ( from 24th November onwards. So better act now if you wanna get this phone at RM777 instead of RM 2,099.

PS: You can scroll down to bottom for more Celcom deals if you missed this one.

Arrived just in time for this event and there are already people hands on LG Optimus 7.
Not only you can try the LG Optimus 7, but also LG Optimus One too~!

There is a briefing about LG Optimus 7 Windows Phone by Eu Jin

Windows Phone 7 with Live Tiles:
- Metro UI
- Dynamic, real time updates
- Integration with Facebook, Twitter and Windows Live
- Integration with Xbox Live, Zune and Bing Services
- LG Play To & Scan Search

Breathtaking entertainment capability

Creating Powerful Digital Content
LG Optimus 7 immerses users in the entertainment experience with the ability to create powerful digital content. The 720p HD video resolution offers recording and playback of stunning visual quality and is ideal for sharing online through social media and offline on a TV through Play To. The LG Optimus 7 also offers 16:9 aspect capture and playback for shooting and viewing movies in cinematic style.

The advanced 5MP camera offers a host of technological enhancements from LG such as Intelligent Shot, which lets users take the perfect photo without having to adjust camera settings, and Panoramic Mode for stitching together a full 360-degree landscape scene.

Offering New Forms of Interaction
Windows Phone 7 introduces a new approach to the Start screen experience through Live Tiles that offer easier access to information and services from the Web and applications that are important to users. The six Hubs of the OS - People, Pictures, Games, Music + Video, Marketplace and Office - organize information on the phones in a whole new way, bringing together all related applications, services and content.

A Form Factor That Just Works
LG Optimus 7 comes with an expansive 3.8 inch WVGA LCD display that can capture every details on a photo with its 800x480 pixels. The screen size makes the Optimus 7 large enough for convenient web surfing but svelte enough to fit in any back pocket. The generous 16GB of internal memory is enough to store hundreds of MP3 files, hours of video and hundreds of applications. What's more, the extra large 1500mAh removable battery is good for hurs of Internet browsing, e-book reading or game playing. Or for simply talking.

LG Optimus 7 is the perfect companion for those who want to get full value from the Windows 7 Office experience with Microsoft World Mobile, Microsoft PowerPoint Mobile, OneNote Moble and Excel mbile functions built-in.

The brand new LG Optimus 7, retailing at RM2,099, will be available from early December 2010 onwrds at selected Blue Cube outlets and Celcom's Authorised Dealers nationwide. For more information on attractive LG Optimus 7 packages, plase visit

LG Optimus 7 Windows Phone with one of the model

Francis Wong, Assistant General Manager (Mobile Communications) with LG Optimus 7 and 4 models

Had hands on experience with LG Optimus 7 and I can say the graphic is super smooth =) I guess it will perform well with good 3G coverage data plan for smooth surfing experience.

The back view LG Optimus 7 with its elegant looks 5MP camera

Wanna get a Windows Phone 7 now? =)


[Sponsored Post]
SPECIAL DEAL for the first 150 customers who sign up via Celcom Online Promo!

Celcom Exec Postpaid Plans (CE50 + 38 / CE250) for LG Optimus 7

Celcom Biz P148 Plans for LG Optimus 7

Afraid not if you missed the first 150 promotion, as Celcom also comes out with other promo. You can still get LG Optimus 7 phone at great affordable prices by signing up for the Normal Package Plan below (12 or 18 Months Contract)! Available by early December~!

Details as below:

The longer your contract the cheaper you can get your LG Optimus 7 =)
Choose the one that suit you most! [CE50 + 28, CE50 +38, CE50 + 68. CE250]

This is the offer for Celcom Biz Plans (P148) inclusive of Celcom Broadband mPro

Why Celcom Exec 50?
- Get connected with Celcom from as low as RM50/month!
- The plan with automatic discount up to 30% every month!
- The more you use; the more you save. It's as simple as that. If you find that prospect appealing, then the Celcom Exec 50 plan is definitely the plan for you.

More reasons why you should choose Celcom Exec 50:
- 15sen call rate to any number. Nothing complicated; just a simple rate to all numbers
- Automatic discounts every month.
- Talk more, save more. The more you use, the more discounts of up to 30% every month
- Low monthly commitment of only RM50.
- FREE Celcom Broadband Basic Plan for 1 month with speeds of up to 384 Kbps
- Be part of the BEST with the fastest, widest, clearest mobile network in the country

Why Celcom Biz P148?
- Enjoys FREE and unlimited internet access with speed of up to 3.5GX, to enhance your mobility
- Only 10sen/min for call to any network
- FREE and unlimited email usage
- FREE 50 hours Executive pax voice and video calls
- 2sen/ SMS within network with SMS pack option
- FREE monthly itemized bill

Register online now with Celcom Exec or Celcom Biz at the following sites:

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Danlel Wellington Watch Promotion

15% off on Daniel Wellington Watch