30 June 2010

Malaysia's First WiMAX-Inside 4G Laptops Launch | Sunway Resort Hotel and Spa

Yesterday(29th June 2010) was the launch of Malaysia's First WiMAX-Inside 4G Laptops at Sunway Resort Hotel and Spa. I would say the venue was nicely decorated and there are lots of people who drop by for the launch.

Saw the huge laptop in the ballroom?

The moment where VIP arrive

Debjani Ghosh, Southeast Asia Director of Intel Corporation made a talk sharing about the future of everything connected together.

Facebook can be the 3rd largest country =D

A photo specially for Deb's Facebook Profile Picture? Haha

Malaysia's first WiMAX-Inside 4G laptops has been launched with six PC OEMs (Asus, Acer, Dell, Lenovo, MSI and Toshiba) and all the laptops had Intel’s embedded WiMax + WiFi chip (Centrino Advanced-N + WiLax 6250).

With 4G Laptop you can move further to other place for wireless internet connection. However first of all the WiMax coverage must be enough to cover all area and enough for all the user in that area. I am sure P1WiMax is always doing their best to increase the coverage and stability. Without them, StreamyX won't improve also right? Haha!

Michael Lai from P1

This is the little chip that will be inserted to the laptop. The ratio between the chip and laptop is almost the same as real life.

3,2,1 Tada! Malaysia's First WiMAX-Inside 4G Laptops were launched and you can now buy it at LowYat and other shop already~!

ASUS one out of 6 participating OEMs

A group photo for all the partners who cooperate to launch Malaysia's new WiMAX-Inside 4G laptops.

Some of the familiar face =)
Mike Campton, ChrisTock and Kenny Wong

Gary and Shaz

Went to the Press Conference also for Q&A Session with the media.

This is how small the WiMAX Chip that will be incorporated into laptop

Last but not least, congratz Intel and P1 for the successful launch of Malaysia's First WiMAX-Inside 4G Laptops. I hope in future whole Malaysia can have wireless connection so I can have fast speed broadband. Wireless~!

PS: Thanks for the awesome laptop accessories that was given by P1 and Intel. Now all I need is a 4G laptop~! =D

26 June 2010

NichKhun Hottest CABI WallPaper Free Download

After sharing about TaecYeon Cabi and YoonA's Cabi Wallpaper it is time to share NichKhun's Cabi wallpaper. Hope all the Cabi fans like this ya =)

NichKhun Hottest Cabi Wallpaper 1280 x 1024

NichKhun Hottest Cabi Wallpaper 1024 x 768

Dear all K-pop fans! here are more pictures and wallpapers of other hot CABI member =) Now you all can drool on all of them!!

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24 June 2010

Hair Model at TONI&GUY Hair Saloon & Academy

Today I went to Tony&Guy Hair Saloon in Patent House (beside Lot 10) for a hair cut because I need a hair cut, and it is free because I am lucky to be their hair model. Patent House have strong security for the lift because you can't get up without an access key or somebody pressed for you.

Saw the fake monk (not sure if he is a real one) asking for donation from other people. It could be a fast money for him if there are a lot people who donate US dollar~!

PS: My first time using this Photoshop skill. Now I know it is that easy to create this effect~! =D

This is how Toni & Guy Saloon looks like on the top floor

This is how TianChad look before he had his hair cut

Usually the hair stylist train their cutting+blowing+dyeing skills using a model head on a "tripod". I name the "patung" Lady Gaga. But sooner or later they need real person to practice their haircut. That's why I was there =)

Billy(Left) is the hair stylist that practice with my hair and Lex(right) is the senior who guide him all the way. First thing that Billy do is to know my name and profession so that he know what kind of hair style suits me. Not something too funky or colourful of course. Then he analyze my hair texture, nature growth (straight/wavy) and write all stuff on the mirror.

The moment when Lex and Billy are discussing on how to cut my hair and give a balance hairstyle because my head is not perfectly round in nature. One side is more protrude than the other side. Haha...I am a challenging hair model yo!

Me with Billy before I go to wash my hair. Okay starting from now on the camera is either hold by Lex or Zoe. Sometimes it is good to let people play with your camera you know? ;p

Didn't notice they are snapping the photo because I am sleeping resting. Yeap, Zoe working there =)

Would you like to have this photo as one of your wallpaper?

Or this one? Nice looking eye ar. Haha

Billy was cutting my hair very gently, slowly and attentive. This is my first time listen to the hairstylists' theory about how they cut hair using different technique. Cut my hair at 90 degree, separate my hair to several parts, cut each other and match all of them into one. See his serious look and my barbie-stunt look. No emotion one. O.O

This is the most challenging part for him. No play play ar. it is a swift cut by the way =)

After all, he has successfully help me get a new fresh look by keeping the fringe. It is fun to see how Billy style my hair too. Freestyle with texturizer.

We tried to do funny pose and yeah Billy become the monkey already. =D

All thanks to Toni & Guy and Zoe for invite me to be a hair model. It is fun for the first time and I would like to be hair model again! Maybe can play with colour/dye next time? =D

If you want to have a nice hair cut or learn how to cut hair, do visit Toni & Guy Hair Saloon & Academy. I can feel their professionalism in doing both stuff nicely =)

So what do you feel about my new hair cut? I want your comment~!

23 June 2010

YoonA Hottest CABI Wallpaper Download

Last time I've share TaecYeon Hottest CABI Wallpaper for you guys to download and this time is Yoona's turn to be the hottest CABI.

YoonA CABI Wallpaper Download 1920 x 1200

A cleaner version of YoonA's Wallpaper:
YoonA CABI Wallpaper Download 1200 x 750

Hope you enjoy the wallpaper by right click on the link and save it. Sharing a CABI MV BTS about TaecYeon and YoonA:

CABI MV BTS about TaecYeon and YoonA

Dear all K-pop fans! here are more pictures and wallpapers of other hot CABI member =) Now you all can drool on all of them!!

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Funniest Slurpee Video Contest | 3rd Prize Winner

End of May me and YiWern went to 7-11 Office to redeem prizes that we won through My Funniest Slurpee Video Contest. 7Eleven's office located in the Berjaya Plaza, kinda old inside and not much shop let too. Kinda scary if without people inside.

This is YiWern the female cast of the funny video

We won the 3rd prize with our "The Amazing Disgrace"
Thanks to Nicole and ZJ for take part in the video too

Feel free to watch our production - The Amazing Disgrace!

Was asked by Wern to post with the lucky number 7
*Poser phailed*

Nikki presenting the prize to Wern

"The Gaga story of me, Monkey, and Slurpee" [A stop motion video]
This is the first video that we made starring Nicole (MsXeroz)

My turn to receive prizes from Nikki

Slurpee has a nice goodie bag ar. Very colourful too =D
*With the T-Shirt, goodie bag and the cheque*

I personally like this keychain very much =D

3rd prize winner of My Funniest Slurpee Video ~! =D

Let see what are the prizes given~

We got 2D/1N Spa Package stay in Superior room for 2 person @ Colmar Tropicale Berjaya Hills. Comes with 150 minutes In-room massage, breakfast and dinner at Le Blason. With complimentary passes to visit the Japanese Village, Botanical Garden, Rabbit park and more~!

RM500 Cash Cheque because won the Weekly Prize courtesy of many people's vote =D

Let's look forward for our traveling post after we visit the place? =D

One of the big elements that help us win is support from all friends who had voted for our video~! Thanks guys for the supportand I am sure we will return you guys a favor in any way =D Stay tune for another giveaway~!

PS: Do you know where did I snap the "Elements" photo? =D

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