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My Favourite Sport

If you guys don't know yet, my favourite sport would be swimming. When I was 3 years old my father already brings me to practice at swimming pool every weekend. I was trained from nothing to something, drank lots of water in the pool, slowly get rid of myself from the floating bubbles. I've learned how to swim with frog style as it is the easiest swim move. Later then is Free Style and I wish I can learn the Butterfly in future. It just look so nice but a lot harder to learn that!!

"Mom, I wanna get into the BIG pool!"

Why do I choose swimming as my favourite sport? First, when you are in the water your body has less impact by the gravity, so you'll feel relax when swimming in the water. Besides, your joint won't be hurt inside the water too. You also can get a more even sun tan instead of having lines on your arms and neck only. If you want to have total silence, try dip yourself in the swimming pool and hear nothing except the water flowing sound.

I wanna thanks my dad for throwing me into the swimming pool teaching me how to swim as that's how I can snorkeling and diving in the sea now. Woot can't wait for the coming Phuket trip with buddy =)

PS: After a swim it is a must to take a bath as when there was a big bunch of people sharing the same swimming pool, you might caught yourself some skin infection if didn't clean yourself properly. Shower gel would helps to clean yourself.

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