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Martell Cognac Testing Session | Newman Magazine

"A prestigious evening took place at the swanky Martell retail boutique on Pavilion KL recently, where twenty-four lucky readers were treated to an intimate event of fine cocktails and delectable canapes. Helmed by cognac connoisseur Lionel Lau, guests were educated on the finer art of cognac tasting where they had a chance to sample some of Martell's best range of mixes. The NewMan's Martell Tasting consequently ended on a high note - everyone left feeling a little bit happier and with a better appreciation of quality cognacs as a definitive way of living luxuriously."

Adapted from "NewMan Magazine April 2010"

Two months back, I was one of the fortunate readers selected to experience the Martell cognac. Yes, I do like to try new stuff and this is considered one of it. I have always heard about Martell but I never really tasted it before till that evening.

Martell retail boutique was located in Pavilion KL

It was Chinese New Year Season and spotted a family checking the picture taken. The baby looks O.o

Had a warm welcome once I reach there.

Served with three different Martell Mix - Lemon Ginger, Fruit Juice Mixed and Purely Martell Cognac

The boutique was decorated with lots of glasses hanging on top

LG Chocolate BL40 just looks as elegant as a bottle of Martell. That was the moment when I was still reviewing the LG phone.

They also have belles accompany us along the testing session.

The photographer is doing his job swiftly in capturing the best photo

Pure Martell Cognac which mixed only with ice cube are tasted bitter and burning after you take a sip. After all the percentage of alcohol is very high.

Martell Cordon Bleu which is in deep golden copper colour

Both Martell VSOP and Martell Cordon Bleu were used in mixing the drinks

And I prefer this one with taste of Lemon, Ginger with a mild taste of Martell

Lionel Lau has taught us some histories and facts about Martell cognac. He said that the first distillation removes the alcohol from the wine by heating it. The vapour of the spirit rises and travels thrugh the still's familiar swan's neck and condences into a iquid called "brouillis". The brouillis is then distilled a second time. Martell keeps the "heart" (or best part) of this second distillation.

After distillilation, only a long period of maturing in the Troncais oak wood casks allows an 'eau-de-vie' to become a Cognac. Now I understand what is a cognac.

Met Cammy Chooi during the cognac testing session

Cammy and "Klute" *not sure if I spelled it right*

And of course a blogger, Rachel Tan who working in advertising industry! At last you can see your picture here!

One last thing to share, this is the message from the Martell displayed in glass.

Thanks again to NewMan Magazine for giving us reader a different kind of tasting session and Lionel for teaching us about Martell Cognac!

PS: For more great stories do buy yourself a sheet of NewMan Magazine~!

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