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A Complaint Letter Written to UTAR. Looking forJob?

As an Alumni of UTAR, I would like to share an e-mail with my friends and juniors who are looking for job. Below is an e-mail that I received.

Dear graduands and alumni, especially those who are still looking for jobs,

This email may be important to you, please read on this letter written to UTAR by a "Group Manager from a chain of companies". Although his comments might not be true about the majority of you, but would definitely jeopardise career opportunity of a lot of our garduates.

"I am writing to you in response to the several interview I conducted with your former students for various position within our group of companies. I have never come across such ?interesting grooming? that set a very bad first impression to the interviewers. I wonder if you have any specific guidelines on student attire during interview as well as in your campus? I am sorry to have questioned both of you on this matter but let me relate my "wonderful" and "eye washing" experience with you.

We have received 18 applications from your former students for an interview and eight of them came for the interview from last week until yesterday but all of them have been rejected in the first 15 minutes. They do not know what and how to wear in showing respect to the interviewers. Among some of the fashion faux pas includes blonde or colourful hairs, short sleeves or raised collar shirt, messy jeans, ?pants, slippers/sandals, chunky necklaces and bracelets. One of them even came for the interview as though she is going "clubbing". This is office work and in executive position. How can they wear like these to an interview?

I further went to your campus in Setapak this morning to personally look at your students attire and I got a shock of my life. Your students did wore singlet, ?pants, sandals and messy jeans to class. When I approached few of your students, they simply said its allowable in the campus. In fact, one of them said the lecturers like it so much?

May I advise you that students MUST respect the University, the lecturers and other co-students by wearing appropriate attire in the campus at all times. We cannot allow students who bore part of their flesh and body hairs in the campus. What had becoming to this generation's students attitude and behavior? Where are their discipline? Being an educator, shouldn't it be our responsibility to ensure students' characteristics are well formed here?

I sincerely hope UTAR can look into this matter seriously and come out with a more stringent guideline with regards to student attire. Obviously, we want to avoid any possible incidence that could have happened as a result of baring too much of our flesh in the campus. I understand that UTAR students are very much sought after in the labour market but this record can become history if the newest generation continues to wear inappropriately in the campus and carry the same mindset when they look for jobs in the market.

For your information, after such incidence, we have decided not to proceed with interviewing the balance ten applicants. UTAR students may be good academically but it's their character and well being that counts during the first interview."

Last but not least, some advice from UTAR: You can be as fashionable as you wish during social interactions, but for formal occassions, especially like attending interviews, it would be advantageous to be vigilant about your attire, gesture and hair style, ie. formal office attire is preferred.

Thank you for your attention.

Best regards,
Mr. "S"


First, I agree that during interview we should dress formal, without those fancy colour stuff on hair or "baring" too much of the body part. Why? To show respect, especially the executive office work. Interviewer who met you for the first time sure look at the surface and that's why first impression is important!

So, yes.
For those who interview job that require formal wear. Do dress up formally without giving them the wrong impression and jeopardise the career opportunity of friends who graduate from same university.(Unless you are going for "I wanna be a Model" or "Superstar" job interview ;p)

Where as for the dress code at campus. I won't agree if we are required to dressed formal everytime we go to uni. Wearing black shoes, black pants, everyday the same long sleeve attire, cover hand and leg, cover every bodypart like an Arabian(no offense). The campus will look so dull and boring! What worse is you still need to wear a coat even it is a hot weather...

But still, dress smart if you are attending interviews that required formal dress code.

Anyway, I think he/she did enjoy the "wonderful" and "eye washing" experience as he/she interview for 15 minutes. I wonder if he/she will kindly reminded the next person who came for interview or just let it be...~

So, what do you think??

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Look at the brightside!! You are going to speak out! Thanks for dropping by :)