So Here I'm In Music Bash Blogging Live Now!!

So here I am blogging at 1 of the 6 provided laptop with Maxis Wireless Broadband equiped on!

Basically I met a lot of the blogger and I was late to the show...
(Mistaken go to Putrajaya Express way...)
Miss the performance from Andrew, Nigel Sia and more... =.="

BUT I didn't miss the Jai Ho~! ^@^

This will be a simple photoblog~!Me and Yeng Yeng just arrived at Maison

The tagging service for walk-in pass~

The free video making section to win awesome prize!

Cindy-The Britney Spear, Kellster and Tzia~

Free booze and soft drinks~

Hope my lovely partner enjoy it well XD

Andrew - the X-Japan

Nigel Sia always with his happy smile :)

Timothy - Boss Stewie

And yeah whenever Tim is there
Tim's Princess - FourFeetNine would be there too!

A photo shoot of me with Yeng yeng~

And the happening at Maison!!

Since only 6 laptop provided, gotta be short and let others have chance to participate~!
Some more I need to take more photo now!!

Full report will be out later~^@^

Sigh, only noticed that I didn't email the link to when I check my freebies at home.
Will this post elligible in the run for the Canon Digital Cam??
Learned my lesson =.="
"Always check what is given as there might have something you need to aware!"

*I accidentally deleted all the photo in this post, so replacing with my watermarked pictures...*
*Sorry for reading empty picture post*

Between, here is my "Full Report on Music Bash '09"!
Thanks for reading~


  1. I also wanted to do live post - but they shut down the laptops while I was trying! But I won a PS3!! Woohoo :-D

  2. I did live blogging
    BUT forgot to email them btw 6-10 PM....
    Hey I thought you were the Reggae Mascot when I first saw you la

    You really deserve the win :)

  3. Hey, nice meeting you! So fast blog! Haha.

  4. Haha Nigel you so fast visit my post too ;p
    This is my live blogging ma.
    But eventually I think it is not able to get in the run because forgot to email Nuffnang....

  5. Please forgive me ^@^"
    I am still new to blogsphere
    Hehe XD

    Will amend it in my detailed post~

  6. Oh shit.
    i knew that just wasn't a good idea. lol!!! =-O

  7. Aiks, the "live blogging" contest should be organize after the party

  8. nice blog posting. at least get to see various people's adventure at maison

  9. Don't worry, I found a better live post and it's not mine :(

  10. Hey..chill la.. I is no emo :)


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