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I’m Going Kame Hame Ha with Dragonball Evolution

Since creativity is required in this contest
I have took a long time to think out something

Few days ago when i am back from work
I saw my dear "little bro" wearing Dragonball's T-Shirt
*Bulb Lights Up*
He would be the poser instead of me ;p
Luckily he was in the mood to pose!
I pleased him to do a lot different poses to help me capture the best pose
Finally... here it is!!

A photo of 2009's Goku doing the "Kame Hame Ha!"
(Photo edited by Kwok Yeow, thanks! )

That's all? Not yet! This is what I would like to share too :)

(Press "Full Screen" for better resolution)

Somebody said it looks like Naruto's "Rasengan".
This is Dragonball Evolution what! ;p

Hope I can at least win a prize to pay him back :)
The Most Impressive Kame Hame Ha, The Funniest Kame Hame Ha or The Most Natural Kame Hame Ha ?

I found this post is interesting for me :)
Jing Jing's Kame Hame Ha!
Between, she is a big "Prizes Magnet" !

So, do you want to Kame Hame Ha with…

Maybank's Fraud eMail

According to this fraud mail, Maybank is notifying me that they have recently suffered a DDos-Attack on one of their Online Banking server. For security reasons I must complete the next steps to verify the integrity of my Maybank account. If I fail to complete the verification in the next 24 hours my account will be suspended.

It seems like at first you are logging in the true Maybank2U website to get the TAC (Transaction Authorization Code). Then you need to go to their so called "Secured Server" to submit the requested information.I was curious about it and check on their homepage but there isn't any announcement. So I choose to wait for my account to be "suspended" and this is what I found in my Mail Box later on.

Another email from Maybank! This time it mentioned that an increased number of merchants and ATMs in our country have experienced data compromises of payment cards used in their stores and at their ATMs, and that my funds may be at risk.В В To …

Renderuous Steak Garden @ 相见欢西餐

I need to go back Puchong on the day after Valentine's Day
So reluctant to do so...

I took the Melaka-KL bus and go back together with Jia Ling
Basically we were both tired and sleep all the way on the journey

After arrived Pudu I took STAR to Station Taman Cahaya
To get my car back which has been abandoned at Jean Han's aunt house for few dayS ;p

Luckily I still remember where i put my car and I called Jean Han where can we meet to do COD for my BIOMEDICS 55

It is actually a box of tinted contact lenses :)
Which provides UV blocking!!
(*Important for contact lens user!*)

At last I managed to contact with Guo Jian as Jean Han was busy. (ops)
I went to Jusco to meet him and we "lepak" at Starbuck for a long time
Talking about what I am doing and what he is planning to do
Thanks for the Starbuck treat :)

Later on, we go to find Jean Han as it was almost her time to punch the card.
I somehow become the "bulb" and went to
Renderuous Steak Garden @ 相见欢西餐

This is a place where y…

My 2009 Valentine in Melaka + SmashpOp's wish

14th February' 2009
Does it means Valentine's Day to you? :)
Well, not for single person like me ar

What can a single do with other singles?
Hang out around shopping center?
Perhaps go to watch a movie?
And eat together?

This is what I did with my friends ;p
Wen Jie, Ru FenandJialing
We went to GSC (Dataran Pahlawan Melaka) to watch "Bride War (2009)"
The movie was not bad as you can see two best friend fighting against each other because their wedding ceremony accidentally fall on the same day.
Wonder how they end their fight? Please watch the movie :)

After the movie, go to find foods and saw Xin Yu at the Focus Point
I still remember I "stole" a new pair of nosepad for my spectacles by greeting her at TESCo the other day ;p

And we eat at Station Kopitiam
A lot couples eating there and I saw this lovely aunty-uncle sharing their foods ;p
(top -right pict)
The food is so-so and the Bangladesh waiter is funny as we can't understand each other

Since Jia Xian invited me to…

Our Melaka+Muar outing at Valentine's Eve

First, I would like to say I am still single if the title misleading you ;p
(Eventhough this is my purpose, wakaka)

Why am I so free as Valentine's Eve should be working day?
Because I managed to get two days off from my supervisor.
I told him that I want to meet my friends before they go back to Taiwan again.
And he approved my leave application!!
Isn't it wonderful?!
Thanks again Kenny ;p

Basically, my friends planned to eat "Bak Kut Teh" @ 肉骨茶 in the morning but I overslept
Same thing happened today and I late for work...
I wake up late that day because I waiting for my friends to call me as he is fetching me.
Since he is not calling me, I will just lying on the bed.
Then after it is 11 AM, I felt something wrong and sms-ed him.

No answer, so I just called him and only know my DIGI's line not working that morning...
But look at the brightside :)
I have slept more because of DIGI's faulty ;p

So, I enjoyed my meal at home and prepared to go DreamBox @ Dataran Pahlawan

Back to Melaka before Valentine's Day

On 11th of Feb, I was going back to Melaka with my two pretty friends :)
One is East beauty while another one is West's beauty ;p

We only manage to reach Melaka @ 12 AM ++ midnight
And go to theSri Tasik Utama Mamaka.s.a.p. because we have friends waiting there~

Most of them are going back Taiwan soon. So this is the last gathering before I manage to see them next year, or next++ years.
We chat we drink we joke we eat
I still remember the "Pipette's Joke" that Jing Hong and Zhao Jing innovated ;p
Which is something that Yong Kuan don't like.

Without notice, we chat till it was going to be morning.
So we went back and took a rest for the next day's event

I wish all my fellow friends in Taiwan study hard !!
And coming back next year kay? :)


An eighteen-year-old from the slums of Mumbai finds himself competing on the game show "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire," where the questions he must answer offer a look back at his earlier life. The show's host, however, insists that he must be cheating and takes steps to force young Jamal to admit that a boy from such an impoverished background could not possibly possess the knowledge necessary to win the show's top prize.
Nominations (10)Achievement in CinematographyAchievement in DirectingAchievement in Film EditingAchievement in Music Written for Motion Pictures (Original Score)Achievement in Music Written for Motion Pictures (Original Song)Achievement in Music Written for Motion Pictures (Original Song)Best Motion Picture of the YearAchievement in Sound EditingAchievement in Sound MixingAdapted Screenplay~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~Q: Jamal Malik is one question away from winning 20 million rupees. How did he do it?A. He cheated
B. He…

"Her Morning Elegance" - by Oren Lavie

Directed byOren Lavie, Yuval and Merav Nathan
Featuring Shir Shomron
Photography byEyal Landesman
Color Todd Iorio / Resolution

Oren Lavie is a songwriter of curly brown hair, whisperish voice, green eyes and suspiciously cold feet. He was born in 1976, two minutes behind schedule, and has been trying to catch up ever since.

In 2007 Oren's debut album, THE OPPOSITE SIDE OF THE SEA, was released in Europe. If you happen to live in that particular continent - buy it around the corner, behind the bakery and next to the flower shop.

In January 2008 Oren has started his own label in the US, named it, then renamed it, changed it again and finally decided to call it A Quarter Past Wonderful. He then released the album on i-tunes US.

Later in the month the album has been featured on the i-tunes Singer/Songwriter Spotlight, after which it auspiciously climbed to No. 30 on the charts.
Shortly after that, the album track 'Her Morning Elegance' was chosen to feature on a US Chevrolet TV comm…

Tian Chad's CNY Chu Shi Yi "初十一" @ Rest. Shabu Shabu 强强滚

I gotta finish up my CNY post A.S.A.P.
If not I would only able to blog about things that happen today after two months or more!!
Even smashpOp have a lot of posts due until May ~ ;p

Kay kay, let's talk about Chu Shi Yi :)
After work I went to Restaurant Shabu Shabu @ 强强滚
It is time to meet my fellow UTAR Buddies :)

Long time ago was Rm 25 for buffet/person , but now become Rm 26.50 ~

What is so unique about Shabu Shabu?
You will have your own bowl and don't need to "eat" saliva among your friends.
And a few buttons beside the table for you to control the fire.
Actually I don't care about sharing the same pot as I already used to eat
theSatay Celup @ Melaka
(Don't even know how many people's saliva already inside the bowl)

P.S.: Please make sure you have been Hepatitis A/B/Cvaccinated before sharing foods with your friends.I still wonder what should I do with the "sauce" provided with the chili
Should/shouldn't I pour it into the soup?
As in the end I did…

Tian Chad's CNY Chu Liu "初六" @ Yellow Cab

On the 6th day of CNY
I was back to work on the so-called "company's lucky open ceremony" day.
Which means “吉日” in Chinese :)

Even the best time to open the office is set to 9.30 am
So a lots of colleagues who don't know already reach there since 8.30 am (Including me...)
We manage to have a morning tea at Mamak Stall nearby to spend the waiting time.

This is my first time joining a company's open ceremony and first time receiving Angpows from my boss and supervisors :)

We then go in the office after 9.30 am and saw those CNY + Christmas's Card all around the floor.
Can you see a "$" sign at the blank area ? ;p
This means our company will "Huat La"! Haha

Basically there is nothing to do on Saturday
And I learnt new tradition that even there is nothing to do on the "Lucky open ceremony day"
You should print out something using the printer.
As a meaning of you are contributing to company and you will be hardworking for whole year?
I guess~


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