29 October 2008


The FBI (Farm Bureau of Investigation) is using various blog site to send out an APB to all readers - there are two fugitives wanted for crimes against duck-kind. You can help bring these criminals to justice. There will be rewards for finding the two outlaw ducks. Calling all duck hunters!


The two mug shots above show what the ducks look like. This APB (All Points Bulletin) is meant for all vigilante readers. Keep an eye out for the Super SMS and Super FnF Ducks.

The Super FnF Duck


Height: 9 cm
Weight: 0.2 kg
Skin Color: Yellow
Identifying marks: Tattoo on rear right flank - "FnF" in a brown circle.
Behavioral traits: Incessant quacking.
Known accomplices: The Super SMS Duck
Crime: Talking cock.
Last known address: The Super FnF Duck has recently been sighted together with the Super SMS Duck in various blogs on the net.

The Super SMS Duck


Height: 9 cm
Weight: 0.8 kg (with cell phone)
Skin Color: Yellow
Identifying marks: None
Behavioral traits: Constantly texting on a cell phone. Frequently seen with a glass receptacle with the label "SMS" on right wing flap.
Known accomplices: The Super FnF Duck
Crime: Excessive texting.
Last known address: The Super SMS Duck has recently been sighted together with the Super FnF Duck in various blogs on the net.

The FBI first noticed the Super FnF Duck dialed *112*1# and further investigations revealed that the Super FnF Duck has been talking a lot of cock at only 15 sen / minute to 15 friends on ALL networks.

This led to the discovery of the Super SMS Duck odd dialing pattern to *112*2# at the same time. Additional surveillance discovered that the Super SMS Duck has been texting so excessively due to free unlimited SMS with just RM 0.50 usage!

You can register as an official Duck Hunter at the DiGi Wanted Ducks website and start by getting a hint to decipher the first clue to track down the renegade ducks. The ducks are suspected to be hiding in various blogs on the net and you can bring them to justice by clicking on the ducks you see in the blog and pasting the code into the contest form.

There was a mass prison break at the farm so you'll have to do a headcount of the ducks left on the farm after bringing the ducks in. The Top 10 Duck Hunters will be rewarded by the FBI (Farm Bureau of Investigation) each week for your efforts:

Week 1 - 10 x Sony Ericsson W880i
Week 2 - 10 x iPod Nano
Week 3 - 10 x Sony PSP
Week 4 - 10 x iPod Touch
Week 5 - 10 x Sony Ericsson W850i
Bonus Week - 5 x Sony PS3

Come back to to check out the winners list. The winners will also receive an e-mail and a phone call.

Please play your role in bringing the fugitive ducks to justice! The FBI is counting on YOU!

Note: Retrieved from

It is easy to get the clues for the SMS and FnF code.
What you need to do is to spread the message to your friends.
According to what I have done, the more you told your friends, the more clues you get.
For example, if you inform 10 of your friends about this, you will get 10 clues, which are all unique blog site contain Nuffnang advertisement where ducky is hiding inside.
If you are lucky you will get the SMS + FnF code from just two blog site!

But I figured out there is a bug there, you can email to YOURSELF to get the clues.
Yeap! I got 10 clues for emailing myself ;p
Therefore it is easy for us to get the clues~
Nice thing are good to share ^@^

Hope I can win one of the prizes too ;p

23 October 2008

Self Limiting Thoughts

Do you have self limiting beliefs? Are there hopes and dreams tucked away inside your mind? Is that where they are going to stay?

Do you long to do things and yet don't take the next step to achieve your dream?

It's your own thoughts that limit you, although you might say that this isn't true, that you would live your dream but people have told you they don't think its a good idea, or that you probably wont be successful, and so you haven't bothered.

Don't blame other people! Don't let someone else's thoughts and ideas control what you want to do. When people say they don't want you to do something, and you choose to listen to them, it's your though ts that limit you, not the other people who gave their opinion.

Time and again we let our thoughts limit us. Sometimes because we can't be bothered, we can't get enthusiastic, or maybe we are in fear of failing. There are people who don't attempt new things in case they succeed, because then they have something to live up to, and their thoughts tell them that maybe they wont succeed a second time.

Sometimes life is not easy!

When you want to change and achieve your hopes and dreams, you have to change the belief you have about yourself. You need to change the "I can't do this" attitude to the "I can do this" attitude. You limit yourself by what you tell yourself, and the only way out of self limiting beliefs is to change your thoughts from negative to positive.

Once you decide you are not going to have self limiting beliefs and that you are no longer going to listen to what others say you are capable of, but decide yourself what it is you are going to do, you have to stay true to yourself, and trust in your decision.

When you hear that negative thought coming to mind, firmly push it away and replace it with a positive one. Only you know your ability, and when you put it to the test, you may just surprise yourself as to how confident and clever you turn out to be!

Why not give it a try? You have everything to gain!


This is why I always tell others to "Look at the brigfhtside"

But I think I need to told myself more about it too ;p

22 October 2008

Nuffnang Nokia Silent Halloween

[Message acquired from]

This Halloween, Nokia and us (Nuffnang) are bringing you Malaysia’s first ever Silent Halloween. What is a Silent Halloween you ask? Where do we begin!!!

Well first and foremost it’s a Halloween celebration. And this year’s theme is Halloween celebrities. So come dressed as anyone famous and give it a scary twist. Spiders, pumpkins, webs and spells… Whatever scares you (or anyone else), wear it!

Next, we need you to head to Borneo Baruk Club and bring your mobile phone and headphones. Why? Because what makes this Halloween silent is Malaysia’s first (EVER!) Silent Dance Party! To take part, you need to get invited so read the section below for info on that. Where were we? Oh yes. If you’re selected, you’ll be sent an invitation email along with a link to download music tracks for the Silent Dance Party onto your phone or any other mobile music devices. We’ll tell you the rest when you get to the party. That’s if you’re invited. So hurry up and sign up already!

And of course not everything will be silent. Especially not when Kenny Sia and Cheeserland are expected to come by and move to the beats of Nokia IAC (Independent Artists Club) bands.

But that’s all we’re telling you for now. Really! Our lips are sealed because in the spirit of Halloween, we want you to expect the unexpected. So read the info below and we’ll scare you later!


For those who interested, please visit Nuffnang Nokia Silent Halloween :)

17 October 2008

ING Seminar @ BonTon Restaurant

On 12th of October, Me + Marccus + Pei Ying was invited by Nicole to attend an ING seminar.
Thanks to Nicole for inviting us ;p
The seminar talk was located at Bon Ton Restaurant which is kind classy and a good place to go at night.

ING Annual Income Climate Structured Fund

Marccus is doing the BMI + BodyFat + Body Age test.
Look how happy he is ;p
Because his body age is 19~

Whereas for me my body is older than my real age...Sigh

After the seminar talk, we did our blood test using microscope and this is the Dr. who operate the microscope and do the test.
He is always starting his talk with this before doing test for the person.
"You know? Your blood is the river of your life!"

The funniest thing happened is that the Dr. scare the girl will feel pain when he poke her finger for blood. So he adjust the "finger poker" to the lowest and safe level which kindly "touch" her finger.

As a result, the girl was poked three times then only able to get a little blood ;p
Hope she doesn't feel any pain la, haha!

These are the example of live-blood conditions.
The example of conditions are Protein linkage, Rouleaux(Stacking), Aggregation, Uric Acid Crystals, Cholesterol Crystal and Black Crystals the worst.

Unfortunately I am facing the rouleaux(stacking) condition and really need to take care of my health especially my diet.
Atleast fortunately I am not facing the Black Crystal condition.
This is how I look at the brightside. Wahaha

There we are, a group photo as usual ;p

This is a slice of hot chocolate cake with a scoop of cold vanilla ice-cream .

It taste very good and very expensive too!
If I am not wrong, it is RM 20++ per slice!

After the seminar end, we all went to SAKAE to have our dinner and this is the special dish we had.
Forgot what is the name of the dish already...

Last but not least, would you like to try COHIBA SIGLO 6??
If yes, go and get it at BonTon Restaurant ;p
But first, please make sure you are over 18 and got enough money for it

15 October 2008

Bio Malaysia 2008

Due to bandwidth problem, I am sorry for not blogging for a long time since picture cannot be uploaded. But luckily today the IP. Address I am using now is fine! ;p
On 8th October 2008, Me, PeiYing and Norul went to KLCC for the 2008 Bio Malaysia exhibition. As usual, registration need to be done before going in.
Compared to last year, the name tag provided looks better and higher quality.

Since we are using working day to explore the exhibition, we need to get something useful for our company besides spending half day wondering in KLCC. Haha ;p

These are the oil palm fruit which growing nicely. They are HUGE!

And these are different types of capsule to encapsulate fishoil, medicine or other types of supplement.

Whereas this is the TIMO Cordyceps. (冬虫夏草)

Tissue culture technique was used to produce it and it is the subtitute for people who like to consume the "real" and expensive Cordyceps.

This product is higher in nutrition value and more affordable to us.

This is the fermenter selling at a lot cheaper price compared to other company in Taiwan.
Therefore, the market for fermenter has changed.

Along the exhibition, we met Ange working in there.
Happy to see her there :)

When we are leaving the exhibition, we saw Kohila and Amreet and happy to see them too ^@^
I can't find a camera man so I am not in there...Aiks

At the end, what we get from the exhibition are
Alot of catalog from new supplier, brochure of competitor of our company which also produce fertilizer +product sample from FIRST-BASE which I have no idea what are they. The only thing I know is for PCR. Now we got a lot of things to show to boss ;p

Ohya, I bought something from the exhibition.
It is the MyGreenOil
According to them it can save more fuel and improve the mileage, power and performance, etc.
Since it is only RM 10 for a bottle, I will just give it a try and see if it works for my car.

Maybe you should get it a try too ;p

02 October 2008

First time

There is always alot of first time for everything This is my first time balik kampung for only 2 days because start working oledi
And this is my first time receive my salary for my first full time job
This is my first time knowing how hard our parents earn money and raise us up
First time know what it feel staying "alone" and miss my home sweet home
And first time writing this in blog...~

Looking forward to doing more new things for the first time !!

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to everyone especially for those who had puasa for 1 month ;p
My advice, don't eat too much even it is one year once ;p

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