Old Taste @ 古味道

This would be last week's event ( 9th of Nov.)
As usual free at weekend, wake up in the morning to eat my breakfast and wash my mountain clothes. At noon, Marccus called me and ask me to go out eat lunch with our coursemate
Hui Pei
at Old Taste Cafe.

If I am not mistaken, this is Beh + Marccus
Saw how desperate the customer behind Marccus? ~~

Desperate customer: "Where is my Kopi-O?!..."

Here she is, Hui Pei!!

And Marccus with Hui pei~

As a proof of being at Old Taste Cafe, Marccus snapped this down
What we doing there is actually using the Wifi there and updating each other's news.
And surprisingly there are 15++ labour working there and only 1 Chinese boss.
Maybe that's why their toast doesn't look so nice~

After spending few hours there, we going back and Hui Pei wanna stay there to use the Wifi.
This is because her wireless broadband was stolen and being "e-bay"ing now (possible)
People now can't live without internet.
So do I...

Tick-tock, times fly to 7 PM!
We go to Subang Parade to meet Leslie as we can't ask her out just now in the noon.

This is Tian Chad + and the friendly DIGI Leslie ;p
Now you can call to DIGI helpline to look for Leslie
016-221 1800
If you are lucky you will able to get her on the phone!

Marccus + Leslie

On the way back from dinner, we saw another course mate there! Meei Tserm the girl.
Marccus + Leslie + Meei Tserm
And not forgetting myself in the pict ;p

After saying goodbye, me and Marccus explore the Subang Parade and it looks different from other shopping centre, it is actually combination of three different building. Therefore will have a lot different stairs connecting them.

At the highest floor there is a "zhap-lap-ing" fish foot spa. All their fish's mouth are red...
And this is the lonely shark which keep turning around in the aquarium by itself...
Hope he get a company soon~
Shark: "Where am I...I don't know what else I can do beside making circle..."


susanchu said…
The girl named meei tserm not mei tserm...haha...
MsXeRoZ Nicole said…
Cant believed it..

I always dinner with u, u din snap my pics! GO OUT with other girls..full with their pics..

u fler din treat me as girl ah

TianChad田七 said…
Do u mean I didn't upload to blog?
I got alot of your pict. Especially in my Handphone o
Just wait me upload then ;p

Somemore I always dinner with you + Marccus, it is not a very special event oledi ar ;p

Remember I only see Hui Pei + Leslie+ Meei Tserm for the first time since graduation~
The M said…
wakaka, my friend name is Beh.
And orang jahat emo cos din Jio her liao, keke
TianChad田七 said…
Beh? Okay ;p
Hope the orang jahat wont emo after her toe recover ~
Mun2 said…
Oh man, its been so long i never see lesley already. So how is she going?

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