Bad day

27th August 2008 is my bad day

The very bad thing happened
I lost my my own house...
Find it whole day already but still can't find it...

Sigh, somemore this Friday need to go for an interview.
Now I can't drive to Puchong myself and the only way is by bus.
But how to go by bus??
Figuring out soon...

Anyway, look at the bright side!!
I can change new IC (again) and my drive license...haha

Hope my bad luck end very soon!


cklim said…
so sad to hear tis bad news, anyway goes to sleep first, wake up it will appear infront of u.,,,haha,

anyway, like wat u mentioned, looks at the brightside, every prob will come wit tis solution eventually.:-)
Marccus said…
Don't be sad, everything happen have a good reason behind it. =)
Believe in your self on the bright, sunshine always sparkles after horrifying rain.
yeekai said…
walk across flame before entering door step house,then bath wit "kat zai" leaves..sure ONG after that..haha

care ya :)
永遇乐 said…

Thanks :)
I will sure look at the brightside.

Haha! Thanks for the idea
Aiks...wasn't able to take photo with you during convo that time

Hope we able to meet each other then

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