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A rushing day

On 11A.M., after having the mid-term test for "Fermentation" subject.
Feel tired but relaxed as another small test passed.
After eating the delicious Chicken Rice, feel sleepy but can't rest.
Started doing the group report, combining everyparts from different people.
Sometimes it is hard to read and reorganize others' people work.
But not too hard this time ;p
Resting a while by listening and learning how to sing "Build to Last" + "Love Song"
Then continued and lastly finished the group report.
Feel tired, go and take a nap
It is 5 something already, reluctant to wake up but I must!
Why? To finish another lab report which is individual this time.
Dinner was the only time-out for me
Finished at 11 P.M. and here I am now writing a rushing diary ;p
Thanks for those who help me in finishing the lab reportS
I really appreciate I got the opportunity for getting helps from my friends ;p
I'm sure if you need help I will help you back~
(P.S.: The pictures I stil havent finish organize, be patient...)
Better stop at here, study Medical Microbiology lo....
Tomorrow woud be a rushing day again.
Nevermind, Saturday and Sunday is coming! ^@^~

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Look at the brightside!! You are going to speak out! Thanks for dropping by :)